.012 #AskPJBraun Podcast // Cialis as a Pre-Workout?



Phillip – 10:26

Hey Pj

I am a swimmer and have real difficulties Training my Shoulder. You often tell that you wish you would have trained your Shoulders differently back in the days. Any recommendations on how to train your Shoulders without ruining them long Term. Thanks for all the q and as. They are much appreciated. Sincerely Philipp

Jasmin – 12:15

I’ve been suffering for the last 3 weeks on the ketogenic diet.I broke keto one day out of three weeks.I’ve seen a tremendous weight loss in these 3 weeks however my long-distance running training performance has been suffering. I’ve Incorporated after a long distance run Monday through Friday eating steak for my recovery meal however my digestive system hasn’t been able to process it well. I suffer from severe IBS and have food allergy to Dairy. I know for Recovery previously on 90-minute runs or more with a 175 or more beats per minute not low-intensity I’ve needed some sort of carbohydrate recovery also non fibrous because I tend to get Runners trot. Is it even possible to keep a keto diet as a long-distance Runner? Can you still stay on a keto diet and have a quarter cup to a half a cup of jasmine rice immediately after a run of 90 minutes or more? On the weekends my runs tend to be an hour long of recovery run so keeping keto on the weekends is not hard. Need guidance lolol

Jonathan – 14:42

I just turned 18 this month and have decided to start going to the gym and working out. My main goal is to gain muscle. Do you have any tips for someone who is just starting out, anything I should or shouldn’t be doing? Also are there any supplements that are good to start taking so I can start gaining muscle mass? Should I take creatine? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Tyler – 18:53

Hey PJ, could you discuss your time at UCONN as it relates to your training and nutrition and what you were doing at school? I remember you talking about having a mentor at UCONN who showed you certain things and you guys studied similar things. I also went to Uconn for three years and that really hit home for me. In my experience, no one really was serious about nutrition and training. I never really made any connections like how you did and the school gym was horrible. Thanks for everything PJ and also thanks for introducing me to Minas Carne from your instagram I am in Danbury area. Best of everything to you, and the blackstone labs team!

Sway – 21:53

What’s up Lord Braun!?  Want to say thanks for your guidance so far during the beatpj contest. I’ve lost just over 10 lbs so far. I don’t want to lose too much weight but I want to strip as much body fat as possible. I plan on dropping another 3-5lbs or so and then switching over to adding good quality size as cleanly as possible for the rest of the contest. How do you reccomend I tailor my training/diet to making these changes as successful as possible?

Thanks PJ!

And Josh glad to see your feeling better! #LegionStrong

James – 22:53

Hey. Love the podcast!
I’ve been wanting to stop the stim preworkouts due to high blood pressure and I love the pump more and have been thinking about trying Citrulline/Cialis preworkout combo. Is it safe to take Cialis if you are on a blood pressure medication? I’m on a ARB Inhibitor (generic version of Benicar – 40mg).


Ruben – 24:44

Hey my name is Ruben this is the second time i have emailed some questions …thanks for responding to my first set of questions. Love all your products..

If you are on a HRT Dose of Test which is 200mg of test Cyp and 200mg of deca could i add Chosen 1 or just bump the test to 400mg and why?

I been binge watching all of your videos the past month and in one of your videos last year you said you switched your keto diet to a diet where you would have 300 grams of carbs 1 day and then the rest of the week you would pull all the fats and have only 25g of carbs along with about 200 grams of protein.  Can you explain this diet in detail and on that day of 300 grams of carbs did u you have any fats?

My final question for the fat loss diet would it be better to add creatine or recomp and why?

THANKS again bro!

Beau – 27:32

Hey PJ, first I just want to say thanks for the contest!  It’s the extra motivation I needed to get back in shape after having a baby and making excuses about being exhausted.  I think the concert is driving me harder than the cash!
My question is with Anavar and optimal timing for doses. I have pharm grade oxandrolone at 50mg/cap.  This is my first real oral, I’ve been reading about the half-life and it’s reported at 8-9 hours.  If I’m taking 1 cap (50mg per day) will I be better off using pre-workout or at night before bed to maximize the peak blood volume in the first 9 hours?  Or am I just totally over thinking this?  Or optionally, say fuck it and do 100mgs/day to keep blood volumes higher?
Also, i just wanted to let you know I’m definitely digging the Paraburn!  It gets me through the mornings with only a protein shake.  
Thanks for any advice you may have,

Mike – 29:42

Hey Pj,

My names Mike, I’m from lake worth Florida, but recently just got deployed to Puerto Rico again to help with the disaster relief of the island. I’ll be here for the next 2-4 months or so and have a personal mission. I’m not in the military but am out here doing private executive transportation security contract with homeland security and fema as a paramedic and armed guard. I don’t usually reach out to people for questions, but I’ve always appreciated your honesty, openness, and willingness to always give great advise. I recently DM’d you (suazz02) after your amazing transformation that you made public along with the podcast. I was able to get some great tips but wanted to ask you 2 things if possible. I’m 31 years old and currently 5’9 and about 207. I’ve never been this out of shape and have put on all the extra weight in my abdominal region. Last year i went through some hard times personally and let myself go like never before. And now because I’m out here and away from all the distractions back home, I want to get back into the best shape possible. There is a GNC down the street and a planet fitness near by. I was wondering how much you’d charge for a simple outline of everything I can do to get loose 20-25lbs. My work schedule is 7 days a week working 9-10hrs a day. I am open to all of your ideas; 2 a days, Keto, 16 hr carb cycling, whatever. I’ve done a little research and just wanted to get your outlook. The place that my crew goes to lunch everyday is a super fresh taco stand that is exactly structured like chipotle with fresh chicken, steak, rice, Ect. I just want to do whatever it takes to get back into feeling and being healthy again. Any advice would be truly appreciated. Thank you for your time!!! Keep the podcasts and product creations coming

Martin – 31:40

Hello PJ , thanks for the great information you provide.

I am currently on HRT, using 200mg of testosterone enanthate ( split in 3 shots a week) and   0,25 mg of arimidex EOD.

I have the option from my doctor to up the dose of testosterone to 400 mg / week  for 6 weeks  2 times a year .

Do you feel i would benefit more from that or adding a product like Chosen1  to my regular HRT protocol?

last year i bumped my testosterone to 400mg / week for 2 months while upping  my arimidex to 0,5 mg EOD and had very little gains.

I also have access to pharma grade Winstrol tabs or injections but i’m worried of it’s effects on my lipids.

I am 45 years old 5ft11 185 pounds 8% BF

Thanks and have a great day

Dragon Izumi – 34:16

Hello PJ and Josh,

You already know it but I always appreciate all the motivation and support you both give me.  I couldn’t thank BSL enough for what it is and the gains it’s helped me achieve.

Here is my question.

Regarding the DHEA Elite Stack that you had been so kind to hook me up with:  It contains all 3 Hardcore supp; Brutal 4ce, AbNormal, and Chosen1 along with Gear Support and Eradicate. However, it also contains Metha-Quad Extreme.

Currently this cycle: I am taking Hardcore supps twice (morning/night), Gear Support/Eradicate three times (morning, lunch, night), Metha-Quad once (pre-workout with the other nightly dose).  This is on top of DustV2, Hype, Juiced Up, Glycolog, sometimes Euphoria, Resurgence, Formula 19, and Trojan Horse that I am taking already.

I believe you said Metha-Quad is an all-in-one pill.  It does also contain the same amount of Armistaine as Eradicate.  In the last askPJ podcast episode 9, you and Josh mentioned it’s okay to double or triple-dose Metha-Quad, but would it be okay to do so while taking the other 3 Hardcore Stack supps?  Also, I’m taking Eradicate with Gear Support three times a day as it says on the BSL website, but with Metha-Quad in my diet, should I cut back on Eradicate?

Thank you both for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions.



Santiago –

So I started the contest once announced I got my Supps on the 13th of Jan (Hardcore stack, Lean stack) I want to say the progress being made is Fukcing amazing, Ive been noticing amazing gains along with the leaning out.
the supps are great and the podcasts are phenomenal.
my question is when they say someone looks flat (Muscularity wise) what is the best way to help with that. Does one need to eat more of something or do we need to drink more water or how can this be fixed.
Thanks again for the cardio Q&A, Along with the Podcast.