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PJ Braun answers your questions on Carnitine, The Arnold, Way Too Many Questions That Are Way Too Long, and more. To get your answers questioned for free send an email to [email protected], and include your Instagram or name.

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“JerkFaces Cycle” – 3:57-10:40
Morning PJ,
First off- I appreciate you giving a crap about me and my health. I know you’re infinitely busy, I hear you on the Cardio Q&A and podcast recounting everything you’re up to and the fact that you can take real time for ANYBODY is pretty amazing.
I’m gonna list my questions first, then if you want to read my relatively brief blast/cruise experiences below for background you can, if you don’t need to, no prob.
Just started my cruise at 125mg Test C e3d. E2 is at 18. I’m at 0.25mg arimidex e4d trying to bring it up, and get bloods every 15 days. Can I just stop armimidex for 2 weeks or 4 weeks while monitoring until the number gets back up? Everyone says no, but I’m not sure if that’s just out of their own fear of gyno. I will be monitoring my bloods like a nun monitors a catholic school dance and will hop back on adex as soon as I approach the sweet spot (35-ish), maybe 0.25mg e3d and see what that does in 2 weeks. Thoughts?
Next or current blast/cruise protocol and lengths for each.. I’m not a competitor, but I do understand and appreciate aesthetics, I want to stay relevant in the world Yvette travels, and I want to see results for my day in day out work. I’ll take any recommendations you’ve got if you’re willing. Mostly I don’t want to shell out for a blast and see absolutely nothing for it. I want to know how this works and get it right.
Anything else I should be paying attention to on my bloods? There’s a link to my current and past results below if it helps.
Oh, one more.. they say PCT is not for blast cruise, but whats the remedy for ‘small balls’ syndrome on blast/cruise? Erection starting to look like a refrigerator dolly. Speaking of which, thanks for the Entice HIM. Even with the low E, my libido is back where it ought to be. Hoping getting the E2 on track will get the function back to 120% where it generally sits, been a little off for sure.
Thanks again for your time, I really do appreciate you. I couldn’t be happier that Yvette found a family that is so interactive, appreciates her personality along with her “talents” 😉 and is as loyal as she is. Can’t wait to watch you guys grow together!
-your friendly neighborhood Jerkface

Arnold Results – 13:16
Hope the Arnold went well. Being backstage, and seeing the athletes in person, and even being right next to Roelly, did you agree with the top 6 in the open division? Thanks again for helping people and spreading motivation

Carnitine – 18:47
Hey PJ,
I’ve seen conflicting information online and would appreciate some confirmation and clarity regarding L-carnitine and Acetyl L-carnitine. To my understanding, ALCAR is primarily for focus and cognitive functions while L-carnitine aids the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria. So L-carnitine is the better fat loss aid in that it helps cells utilize fat for energy? I can figure out that both would be good to take pre workout (for both mental focus and increased ATP), but when would you take these at other times the day and what doses? I’ve also heard there is a correlation between taking any type of carnitine and free testosterone. Could you explain that relationship? Thanks.
Your podcasts and cardio Q&A’s are my favorite thing to listen to while doing cardio. Love the products and what Blackstone Labs stands for.

Posts: Quantity vs Quality – 20:50
Hi Lord Peejai Brohn 💞💕💖, this is your favorite person in the world 🌎🌍.
In the episode where Chris Errands was substituted, you both implied that lack of posts was lack of interest from athletes.
The Beatles put out more music in 10 years than Michael Jackson did in 40. He went on to become more known around the world than the presidents of USA 🇺🇸. Isn’t it better to have, say an athlete post herself snorting preworkout while showing off her cleavage once a month which will cause high engagement, people thinking about it all week, share with friends etc etc,, rather than someone making daily unremarkable selfie posts with all the right hashtags that people (except broke white knights) will swipe through?
I’m not talking about athletes who don’t even put you in bio etc, and I’m not saying that the Beatles way is wrong but I’m more of a Michael Jackson kind of Girlman 🌸🌼. Which is why I try and make every yootoob upload unique even if it takes forever, not because of lack of interest.
Thank you both I hope you have a great day

Posing – 24:09
PJ, shout out to the LEGION WOOOOOOoooooo, was wondering how you went about making a posing routine and if you had any tips on how to nail the poses, I just started to really practice doin poses and want to get way better at them, thanks!
BREAK – 25:45

Final 2 Weeks of Prep – 26:14
Hey PJ!!!
First off, thanks for taking the time to answer so many questions from your fans and legion members both here and during cardio q&a. I appreciate the honesty and openness.
My questions concern the last couple weeks leading up to a show or photo shoot, in this case the #beatpj final photos. You mentioned in a previous podcast that diet the week before the final prep week is the most grueling for you, up to the Wed before the show.
-What does that final 10 days before carbing up look like as far as macros go?
-And concerning training, how much cardio and lifting do you do the final week?
Thanks in advance!!

Electric Bicyclist Returns! – 28:40
Hey PJ,
I really appreciate the time you took to answer my email and questions for this bike trip. It is a pedal assisted bike so I will be pedaling the whole time and if I need extra assistance I can activate the battery. My buddy invented the bike (BeachFlyer) and advertises it as a 20mile one way bike to the beach and back. He is trying to get the city of Los Angeles more active and eco friendly. Once I reach Los Angeles I plan to switch the bike to a regular speed bike and pedal 4000 miles across the country to Washington DC.
I am kicking myself for not making it out to the Arnold this weekend. Things got crazy busy around here and I am leaving Wednesday to prepare for the trip. No excuses, and I missed a great opportunity to meet you and the #Legion. The world records I plant to break are longest electric bike ride in 12 and 24 hours. I plan to ride 260miles from San Simeon to Los Angeles, CA March 30th in 24 hours. I will stay in LA for a few days and going to the price is right show on April 2nd! I will put a 5 gallon drum on the back of the bike and advertise BlackStone Labs! Haha but for real. I will be repping the gear on the ride and taking the supplements.
It would be great if you could be in LA 1st of April watching me complete the feat. If you have any questions please feel free to call me a [REDACTED] or shoot me an email! I am not joking about the Price Is Right either! You can see the ticket attached! The plus one is your seat!

Diabetic Test Plan – 30:45
Hay pj my Lord it Eli williams aka legion thakingkong the expo was great had fun can’t wait for next year showed me that if I wanna really do powerbuilding gotta work super hard anyways my question was as I’ve stated before I’m a type 1 diabetic that doesn’t wanna fight with low t problems I did blood work and I have Testorone levels of 490 ng/dl
testorone free ser qn of 94 pg/ml
Testorone%free of 1.9%
What path should I take cause I have a diet set workout schedule set just wanna make sure I can dominate bodybuilding and powerlifting but I feel my T-levels are really low and spending 4-6 hours in the gym and an hour of that being cardio and I don’t feel progress is happening just wanna be the best I can be

Beat PJ Stack Followup – 32:15
I am almost done with the stack of Chosen1, Quad-Extreme, Growth.
Is there anything else I should take to follow up with?
I am planning on submitting my beatpj results on 4/15.
Thank you!

Flab – 33:00
pj what can I do to get rid of a flabby chest

Bulking Up – 33:20
I am 5′ 10″ 145 pounds, 27 years old. I am wondering which products i could use to aid in me putting on some size. I haven’t been in the gym in a long time but i plan to get a membership in the near future. I know diet has a big part in it but what could you recommend from your products to help. Also, i cannot consume anything fish related including fish oils due to allergies. Thank you for your time.

Hairy Situation – 34:35
Hey PJ, for about a 3-4 years now I’ve been using a chemical relaxer in my hair at the salon to help straighten my naturally thick hair. I really enjoy the way it looks. My barber recently told me that I had some thinning toward the ends of my hairline. I can barely notice it but he insisted that I use topical minoxidil. When he told me this I started to panic and every other day I get paranoid that my hair is falling out. I’m 27 and all sides of my family have kept their hair except for my uncle on my dad’s side who has thinning hair who is in his 50s. I also ordered 1 mg finasteride, a 3 month supply, but haven’t used anything yet. I’ve heard of topical finasteride as well but am not sure if that would work. I don’t take any steroids or prohormones. I have taken brutal force, chosen 1, abnormal stack last year. What is your best recommendation that you think would help my problem? Thanks!

Upping the Game – 35:39
Hey Pj loving listening to your podcasts really learning a lot! Recently i was put on TRT due to my levels being very low. However i am very very young. I have always noticed that i have been really tired, lethargic, and got depressed easily, so i decided it was time to get blood work done. My levels came back very low which was a suprise because i have always been able to lift a lot of weight and others always claimed that i took gear even though i have not. The gains have been pretty nice with the test as i finally have energy again. Recently my doctor wanted to test my IGF-1 levels as well and am still waiting on the results. My dream is to compete in bodybuilding shows and eventually get my pro card. I recently started an ostarine cycle and am gonna bridge into a more hardcore pro hormone. I guess my question is now that im on TRT as well as HCG what do you recommend i do in terms of supplements to try to get to that next level physique? I am really looking for that perfect recomp. Thank you Pj big fan and mad respect for you as a bodybuilder and a businessman.

HCG – 37:55
Hey PJ
I’ve been running gear heavy for the last 3 years. Started when I was 22 and I’m now 25. I know, really stupid considering my age and at the time had no clue what HCG was and therefore didn’t utilize it. Saw a post recently by guerrilla chemist about triptorelin and that it could be extremely useful in kick starting natural test production. I understand that if dosed improperly the results could be disastrous, but was wondering if you had an experience you could speak to of its effects when dosed correctly. I understand that I’m more than likely a slave to the needle for life, which I don’t mind, but was just curious about having this on hand in case of emergencies. Any insight would be appreciated.

This Is a Really Long Question – 39:12
Hey guys,
Loving the podcast and so appreciative of all the information you’re sharing! My wife and I are both avid Blackstone supporters and can’t say enough great things about your products. Let’s dive in. I’ve always stayed in pretty decent shape between kickboxing, lifting, and running, but my wife started competing in bikini in 2014, and it inspired me to get on plan and focus more on lifting with cardio to supplement it. I also started adding some SARMS and pro-hormones in around 2015. I’ll list all of my supplement use at the end of the email so you have reference.
In the past year and a half to two years I’ve been feeling extremely lethargic throughout the day. I’ve maintained a pretty solid diet and workout regimen, but it’s been harder and harder to stay interested in my workouts, especially cardio. I used to have zero issues hitting the streets for a 4-5 mile jog just because the weather was nice, and never had any issues with 30-40 minutes of cardio after a big lift, but now you couldn’t pay me to stay on a stair climber for more than 10 minutes. I have found it harder and harder to lose fat around my waist area and I feel like I should have been putting on more muscle than I have. To shake off the last slump I was in, about a year ago, I did 16 weeks with a prep coach to add some muscle and eventually lean out a little. I got great results from it and I didn’t stray one bit from the plan, but I still feel I should have gotten more from it. At that point, I new something was going on that was limiting my results and making me feel pretty shitty when I wasn’t on supplements.
Fast forward about 6 months, which puts us at about 4 weeks from March 2018, my wife encouraged me to go get my Test levels checked and holy shit was I low. My last round of supplements were about 4 months ago capped off with a 4 week PCT. My test levels came back at 67. This was around 9am after I had taught a kickboxing class. My doctor and I were both shocked and we agreed that I should come back the next day and do another one. I didn’t teach or workout that morning, just had a normal breakfast of oats, eggs, and a banana around 7:00am, then did another blood test around 9:00am. This one came back at 125. At this point I agreed to start doing Test C shots once per week as they dialed things in and developed a TRT plan moving forward.
My first shot was 200mg of Test C and they sent my 2nd blood test off for a more detailed panel which I received the next week. My Test levels came back at 117.5 with a free test level of 1.87. The doc ordered an MRI to check pituitary issues, and everything came back fine.
I’m now on my 4th week of TRT and all of my doses, besides my first shot of 200mg, are now at 180mg once per week. I started to feel SO much better immediately, but that may have been some placebo effect. I’m in middle of week 4 and I’m feeling ok, but nothing special yet. My energy seems up for a couple of days, but I feel like I’m crashing pretty hard about 3 days after my shot. My next blood test isn’t for a couple of weeks and I’m very curious to see where my Test levels are compared to everything else. Now to my questions:
1) I took in some good info on one of the past podcasts about TRT and chosen 1 and I’d like to venture back into the sup world after some significant time on TRT. How can I expect Chosen1 to affect my blood tests and is this something I should speak with my doc about? I don’t want to do anything that set off any red flags with my doc and want to be fully transparent if necessary.
2) Considering there are no signs of pituitary issues, do you think my body never fully recovered after any of the supplement use? Or is it possible that maybe I’ve always had low Test? Even if that were the case, I just don’t feel like it should have ever been this low, even at 36 years old.
3) What do you recommend for prostate health? I piss about 275 times per day and only drink about a gallon of water. I should probably get an exam, but not sure if you have any good supplement recommendations in the interim.
4) How the fuck can we get some of the ISO-CREAM! We will seriously burn all of the Halo Top currently in our freezer.
5) Question from my wife @brittmims (she uses about 17 BSL products per day lol) Can you give a brief explanation of how Recomp works?
I genuinely appreciate your time and I’m so grateful that you share all of this knowledge with us. My wife and I eat breakfast and listen to the podcast together every time it drops and it makes for fucking dope morning.