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PJ Braun answers your questions on People Using PJ For Fame, Carb Cycling, How To Start A Gym, and More! To get your answers questioned for free send an email to [email protected], and include your Instagram or name.

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People Using You For Fame – 3:48

Hello! This is PJ’s favorite person in the whole wide world 🌎🌏💞💕💖.

PJ, you’ve been typical brokebro who starts a business in a pink room with his roomate,, and you’re also now president of an inc100 company, driving cars that are life goals for most kids, etc etc.

Looking back, is there a way you’d be able to tell who was going to remain a loyal friend/partner/SO no matter what in your brokebro days? Certain traits, actions, signs? Is there a way to know who in your present life only plays the part of a friend because of how they can benefit from you (even when you’re relatively down because they know you will bump up and benefit them)?

I’m asking because I’m a hyuge yootoob celery and am afraid people around me use me for my fame and power! Thank you!! I hope you and Lady Salvagna 🍝🍝 are feeling much healthier today!

Counting Carbs – 6:55

What’s up PJ my name is Steven F, and on instagram my name is El_stevo_. I have been watching your cardio Q&A and absolutely love it. (I also talk to the god Tristen here and there and he helps me out) You always answer my questions and it’s always full of insight.
Now to business, i am currently 21 5’9 265lbs. I use to play football in high school and let myself go over the last two years. I want to get into shape, i don’t know if i see myself as a body builder but i need to get into shape. I still have the grit and love for pushing myself in the gym that i got training for football but that was different than body building. Recently I’ve figured out the muscle to mind connection where you focus on tearing your muscle fibers and i love it.
I’ve been looking into counting carbs and think i have it down. I’ve been taking L-cartnite 1850& Trojan horse from Black Stone labs as well as Anogenin. What would be your advice when it comes to eating, training, and supplement advice to get down to a SOILD 225lbs. I want to be healthier and feel better about myself as i recently got out of a nasty breakup and turned to drinking and eating horribly. It’s for myself so i can be in great shape and feel better all around.
Thanks for your time and keep inspiring, I’ll keep submitting my question until you answer and keep working as i have the drive to become healthier. I want your advice and knowledge as you have a PHD in health and fitness.
Thanks again, Steven F IG; El_stevo_

Going Non Dairy – 8:50
Can I get a WOOOOoooo PJ (Have PJ do the WOOooooo) Shout out to THE LEGION PJ, since I started the BEATPJ contest I’ve gone dairyless, it’s part of the diet my coach has me on. I used to be a cheeseHOUND, don’t even crave it or miss it now, I have noticed digestion is way better, have you ever gone with no dairy and if so what benefits did you personally notice?

Product Advice: Epicat and Recomp – 11:50
What’s up PJ,

My names Dwane. I got into fitness back in 2015 and put on about 20 pounds since then. But for basically the entire year of 2017 I wasn’t very healthy mentally and didn’t work out at all. I’m getting back now and I decided to make my own stack with your products. Paraburn & Glycolog for preworkout. Epicat & recomp Rd for post workout and growth before bed. Along with protein & creatine. Do you think using all of these at once is safe or should I cycle between them? Is this a good stack to put on as much dry, natural muscle as possible with my 5 weekly training sessions ?

Myths About Cholesterol and Fat – 12:39
Watsup PJ,
So today I wanted to talk about the cholesterol and saturated fats myth. From the reading I have conducted, I have come to the conclusion that dietary cholesterol has absolutely no effect on blood cholesterol, like many still believe. Coming from a person who has consistently run keto, have you ever worried about LDL’s, saturated fats, and the fatty acids that some believe can form in your arteries? Or do you also believe that there is no correlation between dietary levels and blood levels?
I also know that testosterone is made from cholesterol. I am kind of reaching with this question, but do you think their is any way to manipulate your HDL and LDL levels in order to raise your test level?
Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, and I hope the iguana eggs are doing well.
All the best,

PCT After Chosen 1? – 16:19
Your sales rep informed me to take chosen 1 in a cycle then follow up with Appex Male with PCT 5. Is this correct? I though Chosen 1 didn’t require any PCT…please explain thanks.
Anthony from Philly

How To Become an Athlete – 16:50

Hello sir how u doin
This is Mohammed from jax ,fl
I have a question ,if i want to be your athlete what should I do for it ,,
Thanks and regards

Starting My Own Gym – 17:45

Whats up Josh and PJ!?
I have been using Blackstone products for several years now, and lifting for over 10 years.
I have always been a huge fitness enthusiast. I used to do some personal training. One dream I have always had is to start my own gym, and small supplement shop. Also, possibly have an online store. What sort of advice would you have for someone wanting to do this? And how do your whole sale customers work? Im sure in the whole process I would have a million questions, but where would you start?
Thanks again for everything, and Im sorry I missed the Arnold. Little baby Fiona took precedence over it this year. Whats your smallest Blackstone shirt? Shes weighing about 7 lbs J
Take care fellas!

Carb Cycling – 21:45

Hey PJ. Going to transition from the beatpj keto plan to a carb cycle. I went down from just under 160lbs to currently being about 135lbs. I’m 5’3 and I feel really happy with the results I’ve made so far. My question is: how should I set up my carb cycle to best maximize nice steady gains? If you want some background: I’m eating about 7 oz of protein mainly steak and steelhead trout at 3 of my 5 meals with a cup of veggies. The other 2 meals are shakes with added fats(peanut butter) as you suggested on the keto fat loss plan. I’m pretty much following the fat loss plan but changed the serving size on the protein. What macro/ serving size of carbs would you recommend someone of my size incorporate on a high/low/moderate carb day(s)?
Thanks again for all of the help and motivation! You and your products helped with this transformation thus far!

Your boy Swayzilla!

Size Where It Matters – 25:15

Hello PJ, I’m a long time listener of the podcast, and a big fan of you and blackstone. I’ve had a question on here that you answered once, and was thrilled to hear it on air. Thanks for all you do for listeners and fans. Due to the type of question I’m bout to get into, I want to keep my identity to myself.
About 2 1/2 to 3 years ago I purchased about 3-4 bottles of test e and c from this dude who had a prescription and would sell it 100 bucks a bottle with needles and what not. I was a big idiot who was blinded to the fact I had some gear. Did no research on how to take it or just anything. I went in blind. I would just pull about half a syringe 3 times a week. While I was most likely doing it wrong, I got strong like a ox and tightened up everything. I felt awesome, Til I started getting bitch tits, with a lean body. Looked bad! Not to mention my nuts were like no existent. I immediately stopped taking and just went on with every day life.
Well now, my balls never really got back to normal size, and I still have bitch tits. It’s been roughly 3 years. Did I fuck myself up? Is there a possible way to fix myself? Any recommendations?
I’ve thought of just jumping on some of your eradicate. Just finished 2 months of chosen 1 with decent gains. Now am on epicat, viper, Trojan horse, pct v, and boomstick by redcon 1(only cause apex male has been out for awhile) I just want my normal ball size back or hell, bigger is better, lean looking chest, and overall lean appearance.