.018 #AskPJBraun Podcast // Keto, Being A Bull, Muscle In The Military and More



On this episode of #AskPJBraun, Josh and PJ answer questions regarding Keto, Being A Bull, Muscle In The Military and More!

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Haridad At it again – 8:16

Question for the stud bull husband,🐂 from the one and only Girlman 🌸🌼.

Hi stud bull husband 🐂, I hope that by now you’ve been able to see my email/PM regarding collab, please keep theme, visuals, etc of video a hobbi secret.

My question is, do you think you’d be as successful and physically outstanding if your dad hadn’t failed you as a kid?

If/when you have children, how would you make them have that driving inner fire without sucking as a parent?

Show me a strong bodybuilder, a hard working businessman/woman, a creative artist, ,, and I will show you a fucked up childhood.

Thank you very much stud bull husband 🐂, pology assepted for the nagging emails, please give my best to the dominant alpha goddess. Kpeaceoutbye 💅🏻

Trying To Put On More Size – 35:30

Hey PJ, My Names William. I met you at the Arnold and I wanted to say thank you for taking some time to talk to me! It really meant a lot! My question is, I’m 17 I am not making a lot of gains and I don’t know why. I think it could be a few things. I have suffered a eating disorder and a nasty rebound from it. I screwed up my metabolism I think so I don’t need a lot of calories to maintain my weight. I’m trying to slowly add calories back in. I’m also short only about 5’ 7”. So I never have really had a chance to try and pack of size. I’m tired of being small and not really seeing progression. I’m asking you if there is anything you think I should do, from supplements to SARMS. I just wanna be muscular and look like I lift in a shirt. My lifting career has been about 2 1/2 years.  It’s consisted of dropping a 100lbs in the first 1 and then a gain of a lot of fat for 1/2 a year. Then trying to lose the fat I gained from my rebound for almost another 7 months and the rest was kind of maintaining a super lean physique and a chubby physique. So does my genetics just suck or have I not really had a chance to put on anything? My waist is around a 26-30” at 118-150 lbs wider shoulders, decently big biceps, but never really had abs yet. Sorry this is kind of everywhere. 

Thanks from a huge friend and supporter- Willdavisfitness😈

Keto Condiments – 36:46

Hey PJ

I’m back on track with my diet, but the same flavors can get old.  I use flavor god on turkey and such but just kind of want to change it up.  Looking for suggestions for fish, steak, poultry, and veggies.
What are good condiments that are keto friendly? (I already know Sriracha, yellow mustard, and blackening seasoning)
What else would you recommend that can be used if carb cycling that you might not want to use on keto?

Leaning Up – 39:00

Hey pj I recently just purchase Epicat,Chosen1, and Anogenin. I just started my cut about 3 weeks ago is there anything else I should add with this stack to get as lean and ripped as I can? I’m not competing or doing any shows I just want to be ripped for the summer. Thank you for taking the time out to read my question and hopefully you can answer it.

Sucralose and Keto – 39:55

Hey PJ its RDVargas from IG….again love your products and it try to make the QandA but lately been busy with work.  I have a question about KETO. I have people telling to stay away from Sucralose and BCAA while on KETO because they are telling me that they can kick you out of ketosis.  On the Q and A today you said Sucralose does kick you out of ketosis. Can you go into further detail on why this does not kick you out of Ketosis and why are people telling me it does. Can you also break down BCAA and its effects on KETO.  One more what about the Maltodextrin in Sugar Free Metamucil can you explain if that also kick you out of ketosis?

What To Take On Keto – 41:10

First off , I appreciate the information and knowledge gained thus far from the podcast .

Currently ( previous  2 months ) I’ve started  a keto regimine .I am Curious about the effectiveness   of cycling while one this diet . I’m currently In taking 2500-2700 cals, staying in the 320 range of protein . I’ve ran test E  and tren A previously but that was on a managed carb diet .

Any Suggestions on cycles and/or what type of growth I can expect on this current diet.

The purpose of the current diet is to lean out a bit and hit 8-9% bf. Currently I’m 224 , 6’3″ and at 12%BF.

Currently only  using dust extreme (curious if more will be available soon ) , redcon1 big noise , creatine ,bcaas , fish oils. L carnatine ,etc (basics )

Thanks, kc

Arimadex Question – 45:40

With increasing my test cypionate to 400mg. What’s the best way to take 1mg arimadex tabs. 


Military Muscle – 46:45

Hey PJ,

I’m a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps currently forward deployed in Okinawa, Japan and my dream is to get into the body building industry. You’ve been a big inspiration when it comes to putting in work at the gym and keeping my diet on point. Unfortunately, my dream doesn’t agree with the Marine Corps when it comes to my size and the amount of muscle I put on, do you have any tips when it comes to diet and incorporations in routines? The objective is to keep my waist small and my neck thick. That’s how the measuring tape option works in the military.  I’ve been trying many different types of routines. Mostly my diet consists of chicken and rice with a cheat meal here and there every 2-3 weeks but I don’t seem to be slimming down and it’s kind of frustrating.  Mostly I put chow last and work first. I know I may not be eating enough. Mission is the priority! Do you have any tips on how to keep my size low enough to continue with my career while chasing my bodybuilding dream in the Marine Corps?

– Mathew

DNP – 48:50

What’s the longest you could do a cycle of dnp for at a low dose around 200 mg a day? is 30 to 45 days too much at a low dose? and what should you supplement while doing it.

Is the contest being pushed out? And if so what is the final date?

Thanks , Z