.019 #AskPJBraun Podcast // Getting Rid of GYNO, Short and Long Esters, Getting Rid of Loose Skin and More



On this episode of #AskPJBraun, Josh and PJ answer questions regarding Getting Rid of GYNO, Short and Long Esters, Getting Rid of Loose Skin and More, this time in front of our first ever live audience!

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First Show Cut – 5:15

Hey I have a question ? Please help because I think he’s just googling and taking anything he finds.  

What’s the best to use for a cut for my boyfriend? Its his first show. I guess he’s doing ruby.  . He’s going to be on tren and masteron for 12 weeks but to cut I suggested Winnie Clen and T3. idk if that’s what a guy should be doing that’s just what I would do.  You’re knowledgeable on your stuff so I thought to ask you.

For prep he is going to be using Ipamorelin also.

🤦🏻‍♀️ pls help !!

Also I was thinking about not working with Muscletech anymore. When I met you at the Olympia I didn’t really get to explain to you what we do for Muscletech but I have a team of people that set up demos at the Gym and give out samples and in return the clients leave reviews on some of the websites that sell Muscletech products and we give them free bars or cookies.  

Because of the reviews we collect (around 50-100 per demo average) Muscletech comes up very high on the list of most rated products on sites like bodybuilding.com and Amazon.  

It’s basically a marketing bribe. They pay my reps two dollars per review and free products and I was curious if you wanted something like that one day for Blackstone. Just a thought. throwing that out there. I’ve had Grayson working for me for a while and he kills it!

Anyway that wasn’t the purpose of the letter it’s basically the first paragraph that’s important right now. Lol

Thanks and I hope to see you in person one day again soon!

Getting Rid of GYNO Without Surgery – 11:24

Hello PJ and fellow Blackstone labs crew. Thank you for all your valuable information and awesome content you provide for your followers. You are a big Inspiration.

I am currently 26 years old and have ran 3 cycles of Test-E,Dbol, and Tren-E. My last cycle was roughly 1 year to 1-1/2 years ago and have been off since. about 4-5 months ago i started to notice my right breast itching and bothering me a little. Went to the doctor recently and was honest about my cycles. He concluded that it was GYNO. Is there a natural way i can get rid of it without having to turn to surgery.

Finding The Right Business Partner – 12:24

Hey PJ and Josh!

I wanted to ask a business related question – I own a marketing agency in Northwest Indiana that’s grown to the point where I’m thinking about bringing on a full partner to help handle a lot of the workload and continue to grow everything that I’ve been doing so far. I’ve had a few conversations with people who might be interested, but nothing where I’m sprinting off to my lawyer to get paperwork drawn up.

What did you look for as you added and removed business partners over the years? Is it personal chemistry, business acumen, or a mixture of both that helped you decide? Any tips?

Thank you so much for doing the podcast, and huge props to Josh for killing it with the Legion. Hoping to join the ranks soon.

Short and Long Esters – 20:00

Greetings Pj and Josh-
I find the podcast very entertaining and informative. Blackstone Labs puts out amazing products! Thank you for all that you do.
My first question is, Does Blackstone Labs have a forum? I’ve noticed similar questions being asked on the podcast several times. It would be nice if you guys had a forum where some of the o.g. Blackstone followers could answer these questions. It would also be nice for referencing topics that have been covered.
I need a little clarification from some information and research I’ve done. Certain compounds have short esters while others have long esters. What is the recommended cycle for Abnormal, to really get the most out of it?
If and when Equalizer becomes available, what would be the recommended cycle for that product?

Heridad Is Back – 22:10

Hi Josh and Drew! This is the one and only Girlman 🌸🌼, aka HeridaV 😇.

Lord Braun, as a very sexual person, wouldn’t you say that sex is potentially very counterproductive? Pls allow me to essplain, I see this aylot as a guy problemo: they mold a big part of their life in order to get sex. Investing time, resources, creativity, etc,, to impress a girl,, instead of investing all these resources to impress a client that will bring business etc etc 🤷. Having sex gives you great feeling of accomplishment, success and importance,, but after it passes the guys are left as they were.

Same with exercise, I see a lot of fitness guys who lose themselves into the feeling of success that gyming brings, but lead a rotting life.

I’m not counting relationships because they can be a partnership that pushes each other to conquer life. Please remember to check email or PM from my secret IG, the moment you say yes to collab I’ll check in with Salvagna 🍝 to ask for seconds worth of video I’d need 🤓😙🙏🏻🙏🏻. Thank you lots of love to ya 💞💕💖.

Low T – 27:00

hello and good day to you pj and team blackstone lab, i hope you guys are doing well,

i have been following ask pj braun eps on youtube and i thank you for giving us your precious time to answer our questions.

my question is : im 39, i have been suffering from low energy, sex drive and mood swings for more than a year. i went to see a endocrinologist and he ordered some blood tests(cbc, lipid, sugar, vit profile, sperm analysis, prolactin, cortisol, thyroid, lh, fsh, estradiol, free and total T). all came good except for prolactin, estradiol total test and free test.

prolactin was 15.42 ng/ml normal range for male is between (2.64 – 13.13) ng/ml

estradiol was 94.33 pg/ml normal range for male is ND -39 pg/ml

free T was 11.36 pg/ml normal range for male is between (13.0 – 40) pg/ml

total T was 1.02 ng/ml normal range for male is between(2.41 – 8.27) ng/ml

FSH was 4.26 miu/ml normal range for male is between(1.27 – 19.26) miu/ml

LH WAS 2.53 miu/ml normal range for male is between (1.24- 8.63) miu/ml

now this blood test I did after 4 weeks on rad 140/30mg ED. a year ago I did the same blood tests, estrogen and prolactin was in the normal range, total and free T was a tad better than now but still not in the normal range. the endocrinologist put me on test depot 1g/4ml( testosterone undecanoate) every 2 months for six months than visit him again . i asked him to put me on test E or cyp instead but he refused he said test is test and i shouldn’t be picky. i had my first shot 3 days ago was painful and still hurting .

my question is for my next shot can i replace test depot 1g/4ml with test e 250mg or cyp every 10 days or two weeks ? what do you think is better long acting test for TRT with large amount vs same amount but small frequent doses? what is the right amount of TRT to gain muscles for 170 pound, 17% bf with a few years of weight training.

Leaning Out – 30:22

Hey PJ,

What do you the last two weeks before a contest in terms of diet and workout? Since I’ve started the beat pj contest I’ve lost 12 lbs and actually look bigger. I’m doing HIIT cardio, intermittent fasting, weight training 6 days a week, and eating only Whole Foods. Any tips would be appreciated! All the best to you man!
P.S. I wrote a jingle for Blackstone Labs on instagram: Paulofattraction. I Tagged you in it. Check it out!

Continuing DHEA Question – 34:32

Hey PJ and Josh

This is a continuing question from my last question on DHEA.  I am finishing my 8 week cycle and transitioning into PCT. I realized that PCTV contains Arimistane just like Eradicate.  Does that mean Eradicate (or Arimistane) does not need to be cycled out? In other words, once the 4 weeks of PCT is over, is there a recommended waiting period before going back on DHEA and Eradicate?  

Also, is there a science behind why PCTV has 37.5 mg Arimistane versus Eradicate has 25mg?

I would’ve texted you but seemed more like an info that other people may want to know too.  

Thank you always for everything.

Getting Rid of Loose Skin – 42:05

PJ, shout out to LEGION, got any tips for tightening up loose skin on the stomach area? I’ve heard about prep H and right now Im using MPA ab gel, it’s been workin pretty good along with wearing an ab belt, any more tips would be appreciated. – HAVE PJ do this – (Can I getta WOOOOOOOOO.)  

Banned Substances In Sports – 53:35

Good day Mr. Braun, This is Jeremy Creason from podcast episode 3. I first want to say that the advice you gave me worked out very well for my unique medical condition. And I just want to first before anything else, say thank you.

What I was hoping to hear you thoughts about with this email is banned substances in sports and then secondly, just in general.

The in jeopardy GGG – Alvarez fight in May is what mainly pushed me to write to you. The public waits 8 months for a decent boxing match and it might not go down because of 0.6 NG of Clenbuterol that was found in Alvarez’s system two maybe three months before the fight.

So my first question would be, can we hear your thoughts about “performance enhancing” drugs in sports just in general?

Second question would be, if you could remove one banned substance from that list in sports, what would it be?

My third question comes from hearing you talk about being raided a podcast or two ago. I can only speak for myself as customer, but I feel that not only did they hurt you, but they hurt all of us as well. With that being my context, if Mr. Braun had the ear of President Democrat or President Republican, not trying to divide the audience, and he or she only had time for you to give him or her a sales pitch for one thing they can do for you, what would it be? Is there a substance that is banned you would like unbanned? Or maybe a medical device or treatment that isn’t approved here but is used elsewhere? Just anything within the area of supplements, diet and fitness was I hoping to hear you thoughts on.

Packing On Muscle – 1:02:10

Hello PJ so im doing anabolic diet all meat and carbs on weekends whats the way to get muscles mass on .

Ps im on testosterone cycle

What To Cycle – 1:05:35

Yoooooo what is going on guys,

It’s Benny again with a pretty personal and intensive question. Thank you so much for what you guys do and taking this hour or so out of your week to help out the fans. It truly speaks volumes of the kind of person you both are!
Ok so looking into the future for me I’m going to be working on the road this summer and won’t be able to make it to the gym. To make a long story short my plan is to get back into shape during the fall and then take a good cycle after New Years.
To get some background information. I usually hover around 200 lbs and am 6 foot.  I am a hard gainer. Also I’m 26 if that matters. My goal is to grow but stay lean as well as to improve athleticism and strength. My goal weight is 225.
As far as diet goes I will be eating around 3,350 calories; 300 grams of protein; 506 carbs; 90 grams of fat.

Q 1: would you change anything for these numbers?

As far as stack options I am very open to anything and everything. This will be my first cycle with the strong stuff. I’ve been trying to figure out what and how much to take. I’m open to take one and a half or double the normal dose. Also it should go without saying that I’m going to do an 8 week cycle or 12, if you think that’s necessary. I’m down for taking Metha-quad, chosen, brutal, abnormal and even equalizer (even though I don’t know what that does yet) in any combination you think is best.    

Q 2: what stack would you do and what doses?

Finally as a pct. I will obviously do PctV and apex male. I was also thinking about adding extra anogenin to make it an even 100 mg. Also I wanted to add recompX and epicat!

Q 3: would you change anything about that?

Thank you so much for answering this. I was going to wait until it got closer to me doing it and till equalizer came out but I’m really anxious and excited to do this and set myself up for success. You guys are amazing and I will be a loyal fan for as long as this is around. Blackstone for life!

Should I Copyright – 1:11:40

Hey PJ,

Just wanted to start off by saying thank you for this podcast. I love your products and your knowledge on gear and supplements, it’s been a real help over all, especially when the person owning the company cares about the results of their products. Thanks for everything you do. I just wanted an opinion on what or how to kind of finish a product line my fiancé and I started, and if it’s a good industry to stay in. I have a lot of shirt ideas, from funny to facts about gym related topics.
Ex. “Here for Dumbbells, not Dumb boys”“Peach Booty Certified”*we added a peach with a thong on it lol for this one
And I guess being new to this, I’m not sure if it’s worth copyrighting this or not, or even how to distribute online. I know you’ve mentioned paying people but I guess I’m worried that it might be simple to distribute online and not worth hiring someone for it. I’ve seen the way amazon markets products and I’ve seen the website designs to make my own but I guess I’m still unsure if it’s worth it, the overall goal being we want to fully start the company by making statements with our clothing line. Especially when I see people doing abs and I just want to tell them to focus on their diet and stop doing crunches because they all have that desperation like spot reduction is real, overall I have an idea where I want to go with this, and I would greatly like to hear your opinion on the pros and cons of a clothing line and a profit margin on what to expect. Especially seeing how most times everyone has a discount on their sites to attract customer.