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On this episode of #AskPJBraun, Josh and PJ answer questions regarding getting your older relatives into the gym, Evaporate, balancing time as a business person and More!

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Getting Dad In The Gym – 6:09

To start out, you can skip the whole first paragraph to save time, just some backstory and me thanking Pj. Also I discovered the podcast last week and am binging it like PJ binged game of thrones. Up to episode 12 today, so if any of these questions were already answered feel free to skip, I’ll get to the podcast with the answer in the next day or two I’m sure. With that out of the way, thanks PJ for this contest. Wife and I had our first child 18 months ago, and between working 60 hour weeks and trying to spend as much time as possible with my family I had fully embraced the dad bod and lifestyle that leads to it. I discovered Blackstone right at the kick off of beat pj (Congratulations, your facebook dollars are working) and it was just the motivation I needed to stop being a bitch. I want to be the positive healthy role model for my son that I never had and this has helped greatly. Now instead of coming home, cracking a beer and sitting on the couch, thinking about how sore and tired I am from the day, I come home throw on some music, shotgun some dust&hype and start training. Wasn’t long before my son was running back there with me to rock out and trying to lift all my dumbbells. Since buying the beatpj hardcore muscle stack, my health, fitness and mood have improved, which I believe have made me a better father, husband and provider for my family. I’ve now ordered and tried virtually every Blackstone product with the exception of the always out of stock Fast Food and have not been disappointed.

Enough dickriding, on to actual questions. Over the last couple years, and especially after the birth of his grandson, my relationship with my father has improved greatly. I’d kinda like the grumpy old guy to stick around for a while. I believe that lifting is one of the biggest ways to improve health there is, strengthening your body just makes every thing feel better. If I can motivate him to come lift with me, what are some good lifts for a novice in his mid 50’s to start getting him a good base? Saw the blog on 5×5’s and thought that might be a good place to start. Also pro-hormones probably a bit too hardcore for him so any supps you would recommend just to help him feel better? I was thinking Apex, juiced up, and orthobolic to get those phytonutrients and natural test flowing and take care of his joints. Anything you’d add? Oh yeah, he’s about 5’7, probably 220 and and somewhere around 30% body fat.

Now for myself, you mentioned in a previous podcast a big difference in training for size vs training for strength and that high volume and attacking the muscles from multiple angles was the way to go for size. Personally I don’t really care about being the biggest guy in the gym I just want to be lean, strong and feel good. I’m 5’10 and went from 240lbs of roly poly squishyness down to 145lbs through diet and loads of cardio. As stated in the opening paragraph I went into dad mode and climbed back up to 180lbs and am now trying to get that healthy medium of strength and conditioning. So, what are the best lifts for building strength and power? If high volume relatively low weight is good for size does that mean the opposite is true and low rep/high weight is best for power and strength?

Lastly settle an argument, which is better terminator 1 or terminator 2? Thanks for your time and what you do, peace out bye

Evaporate – 9:15

Realizing everybody is different im 185 lbs men’s physique. What is your best recommendation for using the new evaporate, water intake and sodium intake a week out from the show?

Eating For Bigger Workouts – 14:00

Whats up pj. How would you go about eating to train a big body part like back or legs? Would you go high on carbs the day before or that day? I usually wake up around 6am and train around 3pm if that helps. Thanks

So Many Questions – 14:53

Hey guys wanted to touch base about hype extreme ! Mixes better , pump is better and tastes better than redcon big noise . I also noticed I need much less hype , than I’d been taking of what I’ll now call ” the less than mediocre brand ” haha . Thanks for the gesture PJ , I’ll be picking up hype frequently now.

Now on to the questions and thoughts .

Running a 16 week cycle as briefly mentioned before . Test C (500mg a week ) for all 16 and decca (125mg a week ) for 14 . Dbol oral first 6 weeks (30mg ed)Tren a week 5-9 (75-100mg EOD) ,anavar (25-30mg) from (week 9-13 .) Then pct and nolva as needed thoughout. General ideas or thoughts/ tips for my cycle ?

I keep up with blackstone promoters as much as possible but was just curious if you’re still in touch with Seth or Tristen these days ? Miss those old YouTube videos .

When is the best time to visit headquarters ? I’m from New Mexico but head to Pensacola typically every 4 -5 months . A trip to boca is something I’ve been wanting to do and a commute I’d be glad to partake in .

Lastly , is it just me or is the 212 lb division (Olympia /Arnold ) more entertaining than the heavies these days ?

thanks for your time

No Kill Like Overkill – 22:30

I do not believe I have seen this question in the past. I am a 50 yr old male, 5’6″ 235lb @ 20%. Here is a list of supplements and meds I am taking. Test cyp 200mg per week, TNA (test no ester) chokies 150 mg daily, 25mg cytomel, .15 Synthroid, 2 i.u. Serostim, Ubiquinol, Krill oil, Vitamin C, Gear Support, Orthobolic, Eradicate and Thyroid Support. I also use Hype pre workout and Resurgence intra. I have recently, in the past 30 days added Glycolog, Recomp, Trojan Horse and Paraburn. Like you I am not sure what my goals are; I want to be big, I want to be lean and I want to be healthy lol.
My questions are:
1. Is this overkill?
2. My diet has not been great at all recently and I have not lost any pounds but do look leaner. If I wasnt using the Recomp, Paraburn and Trojan Horse would I be fatter and softer with a sub par diet or am I wasting these products by not having a good diet with them?
Thank you for everything you do.

Balancing Time As A Business Person – 24:10
Hey PJ and Josh!

This is Claudia, you favorite Spaniard 🤪

I was listening to episode 18 and laughed so much about the sock on the dick when you guys get your tan for a show!

Here in Europe everybody usually gets tanned naked and don’t care about that, specially when you’re so tired, with no water and that’s the last thing to think about. Even at te Arnold Classic Europe, where people from the expo can see the backstage because it’s only separated with a rope!
Also, we usually self tan a lot with products like Pro Tan and TopTan instead of getting the spray tan. In my own experience is way better and looks fenomenal!
Just wanted to share with you and other Americans who are listening, if you compete in Europe and you come with a pink sock in your dick, people will laugh at you more than if you were naked. Be prepared 🤣

Anyway here is my question: I’m an entrepreneur and fitness coach and I’m busier than ever. Since you’re a busy man, what do you recommend to not be thinking or talking about work when you wanna spend quality time with your loved ones?

Thank you so much! Love hearing the podcast, I’m a big fan!! Hugs from Spain 🤗

Metamucil – 29:25

Been watching since you started the youtube channel .Great mix of information and laughs .
why the metamucil and L carnitine tartrate during cardio

Ubiquinol, Beat PJ – 31:10

PJ / Josh,

Hope all is going well guys, here are a few questions.

1. PJ when did you feel the best or thought you looked the best? Was it at a certain weight? Certain age? Or certain stack/sups/steroids/workout?

2. 5′ 11″ and about 300lbs no doubt I’m way over weight, when I had a good regimen going years ago I was around 175-185lbs at my best. Your company/you sparked me to get my fitness life back so thank you for that! Now on to my question, I’ve been taking Trojan Horse, ParaBurn, Eradicate, Gear Support, PE Science Ergonine, D3 vitamin, VSL#3, PE science high volume (move to hype after I’m out) and have but not taken Chosen 1 and PCT5. Do you think it is wise to wait until around 220-230 for the Chosen 1 or would you think it would be ok now, given the fact I’m overweight by a good deal? I will have to say I’m noticing Eradicate x3 a day helping with veins showing up and peeling back some fat.

3. Would you recommend any type of multi vitamin or is Juiced up your choice to fill in those gaps of vitamin deficiencies.

4. Business Question: What are the key components that you think make your call center successful? I’ve thought about implementing one for my aftermarket car part business, but have a problem with training so many products to the employees. I wanted to hear your take on it.

As always thank you guys for doing this. Have a great weekend.

Let’s Get Serious About Supps – 40:00

I’ve finally hit a point in my fitness goals where I want mass gains, major bodybuilding. I started by purchasing Walmart brands supplements and slowly moved into more reputable brands…now I’m looking at getting into proper stacking and spending the necessary money for authentic quality!
Do you have recommendations for preworkout, postworkout, recovery, protein, thermogenics, collagen peptides, etc?

Getting Under 10% – 41:05

I’ve made good progress since 2012 being over 330 lbs. I’ve gotten a lot more muscular and leaner for the beat pj. My problem is then I get fat again up to 275ish and i yoyo, then hit the diet and gym hard again.

I need to make this the year of sub 10% body fat. Whats the best way for me to continue to make progress? (obviously besides My own self control)

Currently around 2200 calories on keto diet with a refeed once a week. Still making progress but I feel my calories are getting in the low range I started at 3000 cals. Whats my next best step?

Blasting as of right now npp, test, winny. Will be cruising starting next week and staying trt a little bit to let my body rest.