.021 #AskPJBraun Podcast // Alcohol and DHEAs



On this episode of #AskPJBraun, Josh and PJ answer questions regarding Alcohol and DHEAs

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What Makes You Love Fast Cars (Cause They’re Cool) – 00:45

Greetings fellas-
I’m passionate about racing and all things fast. You have some very nice vehicles. Was it a childhood dream to own those cars or something else that made those cars appeal to you?
Have you guys considered doing any of the gumball challenges? You should look into road racing. Once you do a track day, I think you guys will be hooked.
Thank you for your time!

Alcohol And DHEAs – 7:10

Hey PJ, got a couple of questions.
From what I understand all of your pro hormones are non methylated and not liver toxic. Does this mean that having a drink while using the supps will not affect the liver or kidneys anymore than what alcohol alone does? I’ve used other methylated pro hormones that put a hurting on me with just a couple of drinks.
Second question, I’ve heard y’all talk about doubling the dose on chosen1 and metha quad. Can this be done with Brutal 4ce, abnormal and eradicate? I’m considering running the elite DHEA stack and would like to get the most out of it.
Thanks for putting out kick ass products. Keep killin it.

Alkaline Water – 10:31

Can you talk more about alkaline water and its uses/benefits. Second question, I noticed on the bottle it lists sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) as the only ingredient. Is it possible to just add baking soda to spring water and make your own?

Cycling Lighting Round – 12:30

Which of these products must be cycled and which ones can you take indefinitely.
Gear Support-With Hrt
Eradicate-With Hrt
Trojan Horse
Chosen 1
Metha Quad

How Size Effects Test And Vis Versa – 15:22

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your schedule to give the people what they want. I’m an ambassador for another company that shall remain unnamed at this time (unless you really want to know), they give me a killer discount so I don’t wanna bash them, but who else in the industry is giving the people what they want like Lord Braun? I have a question regarding the efficacy of the DHEA supplements based on body size and weight. I’m 6’5 235 at about 13% body fat. My question is, does weight and overall size of a person have an effect of the results of the DHEA’s. I’m trying to crack that elusive 10% BF threshold. I would do a stack of Trojan Horse, Paraburn, Chosen 1, and MethaQuad. I respond very well to carb cycling so I’ll stick with that.
Side note: I just turned 28 and have noticed a pretty huge decline in my libido. I had blood work done about 6 months ago and everything was well within normal levels except for liver enzymes (stupid genetics). Should I be worried about things other than natural aging for the rapid decrease in my drive? I’m assuming my free test is just declining with age?

Non-Muscle Questions To The Rescue – 19:50

Hello Coaths PJ 💞 and Josh! I heard last episode you cried out for The Girlman 🌸🌼 because you only got muscle questions. No worries, I see you as more than just a muscular stud bull husband 🐂!!

I think that creativity is erroneously attributed only to artists. See, just like a musical composer brings many instruments together in a new way that creates a beautiful melody,, a NASA scientist brings various tools together mixed in a different way which put together takes us to the moon.

This question was originally for Lady Salvagna 🍝 because she’s composed novels. But because of what I wrote, I’d really like your experience on this too. Is there something you’ve done when getting good (business) ideas, some noticeable pattern? Do you do something when you want to open your mind? Where do you think good ideas come from? I think I’m just a radio that translates invisible vibes into a concrete idea: so not my ideas.

Also, what are your spiritual/religious beliefs? Has any particular experience changed your beliefs? I believe that just like a kid can’t grasp the concept of 1+1=2 so has to be taught with apples 🍎+🍏=🍎🍏,, my little mind can’t fully understand the grandioseness of the Universe/God so I understand it through apple equivalents which are angels and stuff. And by “God” I mean God Emperor Trump huehuehue 🤗 it jus a funi jok.

I love you both, thank you very much for taking your CEO time to respond to our silly questions (and for agreeing to collab!).