.022 #AskPJBraun Podcast // B12 deficiencies, HRT protocol, and horror movies.



On this episode of #AskPJBraun, Josh and PJ answer questions regarding B12 deficiencies, HRT protocol, and horror movies.

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Whats going on with methaquad? – 3:35

Whats going on with methaquad?  Ordered over 3 weeks ago and customer service says its still not in. Any idea when its going to be ready to ship?

Blackstone Labs vs eBay – 9:39

I have noticed a big difference in pricing between the Blackstone Labs website and Ebay. For example Recomp Rx on the BSL website is $74.99 and on Ebay it is $33.95. Why is that?

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I love Blackstone Labs and the Blackstone Labs supplements. Hopefully someday I will be a member of the BSL team.

Where’s Jason? – 13:13

Hi I hope everyone listening is having a nice day .

PJ thank you for answering everyone’s questions. You might incorrectly use “then” and “your” but I believe you have a brilliant beautiful strong and kind mind, working in unexpected ways like creativity through comedy. I feel privileged to be able to ask said mind questions.

I wanted to re-ask last week’s question regarding belief in God etc, but there’s a question I think needs to be asked. After asking about my upcoming videos, everyone aaaalways asks me what I know about you and Jason situation. I don’t know what is a hobbi sith secret and what isn’t, so I don’t know what to say. So in short, Where’s Jason?

If Jason subject is not to be addressed pls delete that part and leave God question. Lots of love to ya , sickening shoutout to Fitmisc fanbuddies.

What’s your HRT Protocol? – 24:25

Hello Pj , curious to now what is your current HRT protocol and what is your expert opinion on taking GH every other day.

Nolvadex – 26:46

Hi pj. Do you think nolvadex is a bad option pct for men. Do you think arimidex will stimulate LH the same. Thanks 

B12 Deficiency – 27:46
I have a b12 deficiency called pernicious anemia, a decrease in red blood cells because my body doesn’t absorb b12 on it’s own. All my life I’ve had GI issues, lethargy, pain in my joints, migraines, fatigue, depression, etc. (all of the effects of pernicious anemia). I’ve been to multiple GI doctors, neurologists, allergists, Rheumatologist’s, orthopedics all who told me they couldn’t find anything wrong but they still put me on tons of different meds to help with the joint pain, fatigue, depression, and migraines. After multiple scans, tests, and blood work over the span of about 3 years they found that my b12 was 117 when the average is between 400-900. I was put on b12 pills and went up to 147 after 10 months. They stopped the pills and put me on b12 sublingual drops along with a shot every 4 weeks. THE SHOT BEING ADMINISTERED BY MY DOCTOR. After a year and a half and increasing my shot to every three weeks I plateaued at 367. To add, while getting this shot I would be in excruciating pain for 2 weeks post injection and horrible bruising just to get my shot again a week later. I moved to Florida from New Jersey in August. Found a new doctor and got my b12 done here ADMINISTERED BY A DOCTOR again every 3 weeks. From August to November I went from 367 to 373. Still having post injection pain for about 2 weeks and terrible bruising. I then decided to have Vulcan give it to me at home. From the end of November until the beginning of April I went from 373 to 767! 4 MONTHS!! VULCAN ADMINISTERING MY SHOT. After 6 years I am off all meds besides my shot and I feel better than I have felt in 18 years. I have none of the issues I’ve had for the last 18 years. On top of that I have no post injection pain, no bruising and we are able to spread out my shot to 5 weeks instead of 3. 

Going through all of this dealing with the amount of pain I went through for 6 years all because the NURSES AND DOCTORS skipped my b12 levels for the first 3 years and then gave me the shot fresh out of the fridge at 50 degrees and Sub Q when the packaging says “intramuscular” infuriates me. I don’t trust any doctors at all anymore. 

So my question to you PJ is how do you know who to trust when it comes to doctors especially in the sport of body building? What do you look for in a doctor? 

Thank you so much for giving the legion and I all of your time and knowledge. Blackstone Labs has opened my eyes to so many different avenues in my life that I never thought would be possible and I will forever be grateful!

Chosen1 – 34:50

I’m 46 go to gym 6 days a week. Weigh 185 pounds. Only take preworkout Dust v2 , Bcaa, free test boaster,(just ordered Apex Male) and whey protein. Will Chosen 1 or abnormal hurt me in long run. I have good health. Don’t want to have negative affect.

Horror Movies! – 35:43

As a longtime customer for over 2 years and now a Legion member, it was great to finally meet you at the Arnold and chat for a few minutes, and thank you for the quick picture afterward. You posted on Instagram a few weeks ago about watching a new horror film by a friend of yours, which brings me to my question… if you were only allowed to have 5 horror movies in your Blu-ray or DVD collection, what would they be and why? Which one is your absolute favorite? 

Sponsors and Affiliates – 46:50

Can you explain how sponsors and affiliates work? How do you determine what to pay them? Do you offer a standard percentage of profit based off discount code use? Or do you match it? How do you be transparent with the bookings to prove they are getting paid what they earned? What does it cost to get a contract like that setup for sponsorship?

What’s your move? – 56:10

How’s it going guys? Just wanted to say real quick the on-air chemistry between you guys is perfect. I usually listen during Friday night cardio and I can’t tell you how many times I end up laughing to myself or quoting bits and pieces via text to Yvette when I see her across the gym laughing at the same part.

Ok, enough dick sucking, if there is  such a thing.  Well, I wanted to pitch some non-supplement related questions this time around.. as you know (in part) I am getting certified as a sex counselor and sex educator. I feel like its pretty safe to say you’ve been around the block more than the average Joe (not slut shaming here), but my question is this: Although I’m sure anyone who has had a significant amount of partners will agree that all women are different and respond differently to different stimulation- in your experience, what do YOU think is the most important thing a guy can have in his sexual catalog and why?

Whether its bodily control, knowing how to go down, knowing which angle hits the g-spot or keeping the mental/emotional arousal game firing on all cylinders- what do you think is THE THING a guy needs to get right to help his lady get right?

Thanks for sharing.

Your friendly neighborhood Jerkface