.023 #AskPJBraun Podcast // Industry Terms, Anogenin, Sustanon, Tells Some Raunchy Stories, and More!



On this episode of #AskPJBraun, Josh and PJ answer questions regarding

Industry Terms, Anogenin, Sustanon, Tells Some Raunchy Stories, and More!

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Lots of TRT Questions – 0:20

What’s up PJ holy shit I can’t believe the Lord himself is listening to my question and hopefully about to answer it. Man you’re a badass thank you for being you. My question is about getting put on TRT. Im 29 years old my weight is 182 I’m 5’7 and probably like 16%bf. I started feeling symptoms of low T a couple years ago but this year recently was where it got to the point that I can’t take it anymore and the hopes of my natty test levels coming back are out of the question I feel tired as fuck all the time and I’m not in a good state of mind I feel negative all the time mostly moody and I can’t get hard for shit and have lost all interest in sexual pleasure I am fully content with my recent break up and not at all interested in jumping back in a new one…thats how fucked up I am, never have I ever thought like this I guess all the years of using prohormones did a number on me to be exact I did about 2 to 3 cycles each year since i was 22 and out of those years in between i did 2 actual test cycles where my first cycle at 24 was test e500mg/wk and tren e 200mg/wk for 12 wks and my 2nd steroid cycle at 27 and just did test e at 500mg/wk for 12wks. So with me feeling the way i do like the life has been sucked out of me im tired moody negative cant fuck dont want to even try my strength in the gym declining with each workout i do i feel weaker and weaker and for all that I’ve been diagnosed with depression the Dr tried to prescribe me anti depressants and Viagra and I gave that a try bc the dr is supposed to be right right? Tried it and the anti depressants didn’t do shit still the same symptoms and got tired of feeling sick and tired and feeling so hopeless all the damn time and came to a conclusion that im depressed bc my Test levels are so low it’s making me feel depressed so with this year being the worst and the symptoms outweighing the well being of my life i got bloods done about 2 weeks ago and got a call from my doctor saying they are referring me to an endocrinologist bc i am low i don’t understand the lab work on the paper except for the words Testosterone, Serum which is 125 out of 264-916 and Free Testosterone which is 1.3 out of 9.3-26.5 and T4, Free which is 1.24 out of 0.82-1.77 and my TSH which is 0.431 out of 0.450-4.500. Ill try to attach my labs in a photo so you can see the numbers for yourself and let me know if im for sure going to need to get put on TRT I have a few questions starting here. My QUESTION Is does this prove I have low t and does this mean I’m going to get put on TRT? And my other QUESTION is instead of going to see an endocrinologist i made the decision to go see a urologist instead i made an appt with him next week and feel they would be more open-minded and likely to help me instead of trying out 100 things before they put me on TRT…im sorry but i dont have anymore extra time ive been dealing with this long enough and tired of my life sucking and never wanting to get out of bed. My other QUESTION what if they try to put me on nolva or clomid to try and get me levels up? I don’t want that I know I want to just get put on TRT bc I know it’s what’s going to work and fix the problem and stop these horrible symptoms. My last QUESTION probably the most important one should I be all open about my prohormone and test e and tren cycle use with my doctor? Or do you think I should not disclose that info bc that will open up another can of worms that will make him be more untrusting and unlikely to prescribe me TRT bc hes going to think im just there to get steroids and therefore ruining my chances and adding of getting prescribed and have to add a couple more years of feeling like shit? Thank you PJ! I know this was long as shit but you taking the time out of your day to do this for me means alot especially with the way I’ve been feeling i know you’ve been there before and can kind of feel what I’ve been going through. Have a good rest of your day.

Looking Over Some Blood Work (We Are Not Doctors) – 4:10

hello pj and blackstone lab team,

hope you guys are doing well. my question to pj is i started trt  2 months ago,

the doctor put on nebido (test depot 1g/4ml)  than a booster shot a month after i took a blood test 3 weeks after the second injection and compared both results as you see below:


my question is why my free test isn’t high above average? is it too soon  to judge?

is there something  else im missing? dont feel any deference in the gym, sex is a tad better than before mood and energy too . should i ask the doctor to decrease the injection time between injections, my next injection is after 10 weeks what should be done to improve the free T?

thanks a lot pj

Cant Swollow Pills – 5:46

Hi PJ,

I have a hard time swallowing pills and I was just wondering if it would be ok to break open my pills and mix them in a protein shake. One example would be the Recomp Rx or Orthobolic. Would it be ok to break that one open and mix it in a shake?

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question,


Questions On Industry Terms – 6:10

In speaking of contest evaluation:
What do people mean when they say “conditioning”, “flat”, “separation”, etc?

Anogenin Concerns – 8:40

I’ve seen articles come across my news feed stating the “harmful” effects of laxogenin supplements because they convert to Anavar in the body and lead to dangerous side effects. The only side effect I’ve heard of from laxogenin is a headache if you take too much.

So since you’re a supplement wizard, or should I say supplement lord, can you shed any info on this? Does laxogenin convert to Anavar in the body? Are there potentially any harmful sides? If so, at what dose? And since actual Anavar is regarded as one of the better “cutting drugs” would it be advantageous to use laxogenin long term while dieting down?

As always, you are a generous lord above men and we are grateful for your dissemination of information to us down here in the masses.

Colabs With Harridad – 10:41

Hi Josh and PJ 💞

PJ pls don’t get angry huehuehue 🤗, I simply noticed the “your/than” for some time and mentioned it, but as I said I think you have a rich juicy mind and kind heart. No one behind HeridaV 🌸🌼 persona has English as first language, it was my third language so I try to speak it as good as possible, even when speaking in Genovavese, which is why our English is very imperfect.

Thank you for constant compliments on my intelligence, coming from you it means aylot. My question is, what do you perceive as traits of intelligence? What do you think intelligence is? Do you think intelligence and/or it’s traits can be improved? If so, how? 🤓🤓🤓 Might sound like a silly question but you have brought up comedic ability as big sign of intelligence. I think there are dumb people with doctorates, and dumb people who think they’re artists but they’re just unemployed lol.

Question for Coath Josh:

PJ and Lady Salvagna 🍝 as well as Coath K 💞 said yes to collab. Would you be interested in making a cameo as well? If any of your active passionate Legion athletes ever could benefit from the engagement that being in a HeridaV 🌸🌼 video can bring them, please let me know. I’ve been blessed by collabs from people like Lobliner, Jerry Ward, Martina Markota, Elgintensity,, PJ, and now  even a sitting Senator is interested so I’m always looking to try and pay back the universe’s blessings.

Lots of love to ya 💞💕💖🍀🙏🏻, thank you very much all these answers are gold to the mind.

Sustanon – 16:41

What’s your opinion on Sustanon for hrt? What dose would you run?
If not what is a good sustanon cycle for leaning?

Brother Needs A Talking To – 20:30

Hey Pj

I need your help I have a little brother that is 16 and has been working out for a couple years Plays football is active looks good for his age. I know he is an idiot for starting to take HGH he really thinks it will help him grow taller and build more lean muscle. He does not listen to me on how stupid it is for him to take that at such a young age. He knows I’ve taken some gear off and on but I always explain that I didn’t start any cycles until I was 22. He will not listen to me at all. I feel if it comes from someone like you that he will listen. Big fan have followed you for years man love all the free information you give freely and how real you are.

Moving On From SARMS – 25:49

Hi guys

I’m 40  5”11 never work out much before

I almost one year goin to the gym now, here in Boston.

I started at 163lb and for the last 3 I started on sarms and I’m on last month and going to start pct.

I’ve been watching some of your videos and definitely going to work with your products

I was on the chatting with one of you guys and they recommend  *. Those two I saw at the videos and I was answering if the combine with the other a

*brutal 4ce


Those two ⬇️I saw at the videos and I was answering if the combine with the others⬆️

Gear support.  –

Evaporate        –

Pct V for after

I’m very comfortable with my weight and I just need to loose some abdominal fat and get more resistance when comes to Bench press.

If anything that you guys can help.

Post Comp Hydration – 27:08

What’s up boss man?! One of the legion members here, Austin (@austin0983).

First off, I just wanna say thank you so much for letting me be a part of the team. It’s truly an incredible feeling being a part of a supplement company whose products I truly believe in. I’ve been a part of two other companies and can honestly say I like how they’re managed MUCH more, and I feel like I’m valued as part of the team. So thanks for that!

Now for the question! I saw your post you recently did with Alex about the post comp IV hydration. My next show isn’t until October 20th (classic physique), but I’m curious what you might recommend for a post comp hydration? I know a place up here in Charlotte that does them, but I’ve got absolutely no clue where to start. I’ve combed through IG posts as well as podcasts and I’m sure I might have missed an answer to this question, hopefully I can get your take on it. Thanks man! Peace out bye

Keto Supplements And Handling Stress – 29:00

M’lord Peejay,

2 questions:

For someone following a Ketogenic diet for weight loss, is there any benefit to using any kind of creatine product or even a laxogenin product like Anogenin (Anogenin20) for losing fat and building muscle?

Also, being the president/ceo of BSL has to come with all kinds of stress, how do you effectively manage stress and the cortisol rise that comes with it? Or do you? Haha. I’m just not looking to do bong rips or “feed the geese” every time I feel stressed.

Let’s Tell Some Raunchy Stories – 32:45