.024 #AskPJBraun Podcast // More Raunchy Stories, Talk About Scouting A New Blackstone Athlete



On this episode of #AskPJBraun, Josh and PJ Tell Some More Raunchy Stories, Talk About Scouting A New Blackstone Athlete, and More!


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Let’s Tell (More) Some Raunchy Stories – 00:15

Further Responses to last week’s final question. (VERY NSFW)

Body PH – 18:30

What’s up PJ?! I was listening to the podcast from last week and realized I made a typo. In my question, I said, “I’ve been a part of two other companies and can honestly say I like how they’re managed MUCH more..,” which is NOT what I meant, definitely meant to say that I like how BSL is managed much more. Hopefully you guys caught that and knew what I meant haha.

Anyways, on to my question. I’ve heard you talk a couple of times about how the body thrives in a pH balanced environment. With all these energy drinks out there (namely Bang), one of their top ingredients is citric acid. Do you think BSL would ever consider making something similar to Bang, but step it up a notch by making it a pH balanced energy drink? Why or why not?

Sudden Test Drop Off – 21:37

Hey fellas,
Thanks for taking my question! I see a doc for HRT and he had me on 240mg of Test C weekly. This had my trough levels at 581, estradiol at 31, SHBG at 38, and I was feeling awesome.
Fast forward a month, I add in 25mg of Ostarine per day as I’m trying to add on some size. I’m not sure if it was a coincidence, but I started feeling like shit, libido went down, mood swings, lethargy, and 2 weeks after adding Osta, my Test levels drop to 393, estradiol at 28, and SHBG at 12.5.
Do you think that the Ostarine is out binding the Test C, which is causing my Test and SHBG levels to drop, making me feel like shit? Or could it be I am metabolizing things much faster considering I’ve added on 8 pounds (eating much bigger for muscle gain) since I started TRT over 3 months ago.
If the Ostarine is to blame, I’ll gladly quit asap, but hoping you may have some input. Thanks, dudes!

Scouting A New Athlete? – 28:00

Hey PJ and Josh
Love the show and always wait til the you tube video drops.  And thanks for having me out there to see the headquarters while I was in the area.
Question One:  Any interest in signing Regan Grimes now that he left BPI?
Question numero dos:  I’ve had quite a few fillers and/or friends not use my discount code due to them using their military discount or telling me hey found it on Walmart.com for cheaper.  My understanding is that the military discount was the same percentage as the legion, am I wrong? My real question is how Can I want the credit for leading sale into Blackstone if they order through my rep or use their military discount but I influenced them to come to Blackstone?
Thanks for everything you guys do and all the knowledge bombs you be droppin.