.025 #AskPJBraun Podcast // Improving Your Weight Loss, Keeping Your Iron Up (not just when you lift it), Getting Fat Off Your Back



On this episode of #AskPJBraun, Josh and PJ talk about Improving Your Weight Loss, Keeping Your Iron Up (not just when you lift it), Getting Fat Off Your Back, and More!

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How Do I Improve My Weight Loss? – 0:58

Hi PJ,

I recently became a member of Blackstone Labs.  I’ve been working out with a personal trainer and he’s recommended some items from Blackstone to help with my weight loss.

So here’s my situation: I can’t seem to lose the inches around my waist and thighs (my areas of concern).   I’m 5’1 and weight 173 lbs. I now have a waist of about 38’in.

My workout regime:

I workout with a personal trainer 4x’s per week (M-Th). My warmup is for 30 minutes; my personal training is for 45 minutes, and cool down is another 30 minutes.

One the days I don’t workout with a trainer, I consider yard work and house cleaning as my weekend workouts.

My eating regime:

I have oatmeal during the week for breakfast. Sometimes I may add in some blueberries or bananas. Coffee, either black with 1 Splenda or with half-n-half and no sugar.

I have lunch around 11:30am which consists of chicken, ground turkey or lean ground beef, roasted potatoes or white jasmine rice, and mixed veggies (either broccoli, corn with green peas, green beans).

I have a small meal around 4pm which is a meat (one of the above) and rice or a veggie.

I normally don’t snack during the day. If I do, it’s either an apple or a banana.

My water intake:

Most of the days I manage to get in 1 gallon of water, but I haven’t been able to get to 2 gls.


After working out for 6 mths, I’ve lost inches from my waist ( I was almost 45inches) and have gone down one size in shorts/slacks/jeans. I still weigh the same as when I started working out 6 mths ago!!

My dresses fit better even though I still wear spanx or hi-waist shaping briefs to help smooth my mid-section.  I’ve gained muscle and strength. I’ve noticed growth in my biceps because some of my work blouses are a bit snug from the upper arm.

My question:

I get discouraged when I notice other women at the gym have lost 20lbs in a 2-mth period and several inches and I’m still at 173 lbs with a few lost inches. Everyone I ask says I’m not eating enough. What do I need to do to lose inches but at a faster rate?

Pre Contest Hydration – 4:37

Since we are in the middle of contest season I thought it may be important to talk about the do’s and don’ts of post contest rehydration.  I seem to remember Aaron doing a show and almost dying. I know it had to do with sodium and potassium ivs at the hospital without magnesium.  I seem to remember alcohol post show may have been involved. Can you talk about this topic and specifically that event if you remember it.

SARMS – 5:47

Hi mate, what u think about sarms ? Can maybe be good like bridge, between cycles, after PCT, I was thinking to go ostarine (mk2866) and ibutamoren (mk677) for like 6-8 weeks, both 20mg ed in contest prep. I never tried before sarms, so want to know they work or not? I know I can expect something special, but want to know they work or marketing ? Thank you!

More than Just Lifting Iron – 6:48

I respect your candid approach on bodybuilding, business, and life. I also appreciate the time you take for your fans/customers.

Thanks again in advance for fielding my questions.

  1. I’m on 41, and I’ve been on TRT for 15 months, 210mg a week. My T is 900 and my Free T is 18. I took 3 pills of Chosen 1, Cardarine 20mg, and Mk-677 20mg per day for a 8 week cycle. Now my blood work shows my Iron as low. When or should I expect my Iron to come back up?
  2. I really enjoyed taking Chosen 1! When can I go back on Chosen 1? How many times can I cycle per year?
  3. And are there any plans to make any BSL stickers or magnets?

BSL For Life!

Get This Fat Off My Back – 9:26

Hello PJ and Josh-
I was watching your video series for the Beat PJ Contest that was leading up to your final check-in and you had mentioned that you still needed to loose a little bit of that lower back fat. One exercise that you recommended was “Dead Lifts” to stimulate the area. Are there any other tricks to eliminating that stubborn fat?
I was wondering if BSL offers 5 lbs quantities of Isolation? The Vanilla is awesome! It reminds me of homemade ice cream.
Does BSL offer any gym towels for purchase? If so, I would like to get some.
Thank you for your time and answering all my questions on previous episodes!

Youth Runs Out Eventually, Right? – 15:55

Hi, my name is Jay, my instagram name is “Achilles_The_Greatt”. I’m 21 years old and have been lifting for about 2 years. Before that I wrestled all 4 years in high school and would work out but the workouts for wrestling were alot different than bodybuilding or powerlifting workouts. After high school and while in college I focused solely on lifting weights and went from the mid 150s to low 190s. The problem was my diet was terrible for the most part and I only focused on gaining mass really fast which is why I ended up with a gut and much more fat than before. I did gain a lot of strength on every compound lift though, but was just less lean. For the past 5 months I’ve been on a bodybuilding program with a clean diet, leaned up, and made great results while losing a lot of fat and replacing it with muscle, and having decent abs, weighing around 186. My question is, am I still in my noob gain phase or will it be a lot harder to build muscle from here on out as a natural lifter?

I love the work you do at Blackstone Labs and will really appreciate it if you can make it to this question.

Hi Harida – 20:00

Hi Coaths!

I think this is the first question I make that’s 💯% to get to know you rather than to mainly learn from you. Not considering divorce, what are the 3 situations that have made your soul cry the most? Don’t worry I love you always forever near and far closer together everywhere I will be with you 💞💕💖.

Second question is,, thank you very much Coath Josh, I’d send you video previews etc to essplain idea but you blocked my secret IG account lol 😙🙈. PJ could you pls recommend me what/who to contact to get the clips,, shouldn’t take more than 1 minute of valuable time of Coaths K, Josh, 🍝, Brittany and you? I was thinking about asking Coath Trevor because he always has a camera 🤓? Sorry, I’ve been a HYUGE nuisance for months now about clips, but this will be 10x more piss than Generation Iron 💪🏻📽️🎶.

Thank you very much for opening your heart, mind and time to answer all our questions.