.026 #AskPJBraun Podcast // Cutting Hard, Respecting the Troops, Alien Invasions



On this episode of #AskPJBraun, Josh and PJ answer questions about Cutting Hard, Showing Our Troops Some Respect, Alien Invasions and More!

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Cutting Hard – 1:22

Hi PJ,

I have a question, not sure if it needs to be on the podcast, but I wanted more insight on how you went about your cut, how much of a deficit you were in, cardio days per week and overall thoughts and recommendations.

I’ve attached my plan for my 12 week cut (Macros attachment), as well as two photos. I am 30 years old, 5’8 and 190lb female. I am looking to be quite aggressive with this cut and you can see how I plan on slowly taking away my calories, while using cardio as an additional tool. Since majority of my weight distributes in my things I feel like I could be doing more cardio than planned and maybe even being more aggressive with my calories. What are your thoughts in increasing my current cardio plan, do you think that would be wise to bump that up or mainly focus on increasing cardio only when the weight has stalled? Like I said I want to be aggressive and know that that will come at losing muscle if I lose too quickly, but feel like I have enough fat to lose to take it aggressively. Keep up the hard work, love the podcast!

Respect Our Troops – 8:51

Hey pj

This is a question that might stir up some controversy.

Its about redcon  1 ….

Buy why would somebody start a supplement company and completely market it around the military ??? When the person who started the company has never served in the armed forces himself ???

I find it odd…to me it looks like the person simply uses the military as a sales pitch to sell products under the armed forces umbrella.

Muscle VS Height –  11:02

Hi, this is “achilles_the_greatt” again. I apologize I wasn’t specific enough with my first question so I’ll add some details and I hope it helps. One thing to keep in mind when I made the transformation from 150-193ish is that I grew height wise during that 2 year period, so some of the weight gain was due to a growth spurt. Went from 5’9-5’11. Age 19-21(my current age). When I say bad diet I mean a really bad diet, as in eating literally any types of foods, I focused solely on mass instead of staying as lean as possible while gaining muscle. I mostly ate fried foods and junk food in general, no planned diet whatsoever. I did mostly powerlifting workouts but often overtrained and didn’t work out smart. Somehow I managed to get a lot stronger regardless. It’s hard to know how much muscle I actually gained but i would assume a lot since I was much thinner at 150ish and couldn’t lift nearly as much at that weight. I gained most of the fat in my stomach but everywhere else (arms legs etc.) didn’t change much as far as fat gain. If I had to guess my bodyfat based on looks I’d say I was 16-17%, but that’s just a guess. As  I’ve done bodybuilding these past 6 months I lost fat progressively mostly with a clean diet (fish, turkey, beef, oats, rice etc) and some cardio. I eat 180+ grams of protein each day. I’m now much leaner at 186ish, probably 12-13% bodyfat, having lost a lot of fat and replacing it with muscle. The reason I know I replaced it with atleast some muscle is because I’ve gotten bigger and stronger in the process of losing fat. Same with how I don’t know how much muscle I gained in those 2 years, I don’t know how much fat I actually lost since I didn’t track it with a dexa scan or anything related, but judging by looks it was a lot, enough to where I didn’t have a belly anymore, had visible abs and arms, shoulders, and legs all got leaner as well to where veins began to show again. I guess my question is since I didn’t train smart the first 2 years of lifting nor diet well (as in I just ate anything as long as it had a lot of calories), would I be able to make consistent gains from here on out, let’s say for example 20lbs more muscle in about 2 years. Another factor is I just train a lot different than I used to, doing much more volume (4-5 sets, 15 to even 20 reps at times). There was a time where I stopped feeling sore after what I was originally doing in that 2 year period. But now I almost always get sore after my new set of bodybuilding workouts, especially leg workouts. I’ve heard height usually determines how much muscle you can gain in a lifetime naturally which is why I’m asking if 20lbs more muscle is a realistic goal since I’m already 186 at 5’11. Reminder, I’m 21 and just finished growing height wise.

Alien Attack! – 15:00

Hey what’s up PJ and Josh. I have two questions for you guys.

  1. If you were not working for Blackstone or in the fitness industry in general what would you be doing? I love hearing about people’s history and how it has shaped them. I grew up wanting to be a chef. Life had a different plan and I am now a firefighter and it’s my true calling but I still have a passion for cooking and expressing my creativity in that way.
  2. If aliens invaded and were about to blow up BSL but you had time to save one product. What are you saving and why?

Thanks for being so open and accessible!

Starting A Ranch…? – 19:44

Hi Josh and Peejai 💞

This is PJ’s favorite person in the world 🌎🌏🙌🏻. I feel bad because I’ve made the questions that have lead to podcastening tears 😪😫😭. Thank you for opening up. Today’s question is in much better spirits!

Have you thought about being the next Michael Jackson 🎶 and moving to Neverpiss Ranch to have even more reptiles, cats, dogs and a giraffe?

Thank you! I love you always forever near and far closer together everywhere I will be with you 🙆🏻‍♀️🎶🦄🍇🍉.