.027 #AskPJBraun Podcast // MethaQuad, Athletes, & The Legion



On this episode of #AskPJBraun, Josh and PJ answer questions about MethaQuad, Athlete Standards, How The Legion Turned Out, and More!

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MethaQuad – 4:42

Hey what’s going on Josh and Pj?
First and foremost I want to thank both of you. I seriously get so excited when a new episode comes out! I hope I get to meet both of you in person one day! Ok now for the questions.
So I’m about to start my first hardcore stack and I’m really excited. I bought and am going to take 2 Metha Quads a day and the normal dose of chosen one for 12 weeks.
My goals are to put on as much lean muscle as possible. I currently sit around 200 and would like to see 220 if possible. My workout routine is on point and I’m eating more than enough macros while still staying healthy.
1. Q: If I work out normally between 1-3 on a given day when should I take the second Metha-quad?
2. Q: I was thinking about adding in Abnormal, do you think that would be overkill?
3. Q: I was thinking about trying Anesthesize (I think that’s how you spell it) I was going to take this 4 days a week on my cycle. Is that too much to run for 12 weeks?
Thank you so much guys,

Athlete Standards – 6:59

Good morning Lord,

I always enjoy listening to your podcasts and appreciate the fitness knowledge you share with the world.  My wife and I love Trojan Horse.

This question is about sponsorships, or moreover policies I guess.

I’m sure every company has their own way of standards in offering sponsorships.  It seems Blackstone Labs is more open-minded as companies like BPI just market with big names like Jose Raymond and Courtney King while BSL seems to look ahead in to the future and get Rising Stars with potential.

I was however wondering what Your standards were and how strict BSL is being with enforcing rule following.  I’m sure like most companies, athletes have a minimum quota (obviously in order to get paid or receive free stuff they need to bring in revenue), but I see so many athletes on your roster that claim to be sponsored but never post about BSL or just take endless selfies of themselves flexing and never talk about your products.

I heard in your previous podcast that the Legion program is the way for hardworkers to prove themselves into a sponsorship but then I see randomly sponsored athletes that seem to have never used the products before or gone through the legion, and still don’t put in the work after getting sponsored.

I follow ppl like Kikivhice, Cody Montgomery, Dane Sellers, Dragon Izumi, Nika Lazutina, Yvette Cassandra, Trevor Larsen, Tristan James, Darron Glenn, etc. who seem to be what I said earlier as “rising stars with potential” that would help the company grow bigger, then I see the “others” who are free feeding and doing 1% of the work they do.

I mean if I wanted to see some 20 year old guy in dreads only doing classic physique selfies or a girl just showing cleavage with no context, I could just look at fitness magazines.

So back to my question, is there a policy for your athletes and how strict does BSL enforce them?

Thank you and please keep motivating.

Your BeatPJ transformation was awesome.

How The Legion Turned Out – 13:18

Whats up guys!?

Its Brandon Rash, brash9589 on instagram

I have been a part of the legion since the beginning and have made many friends and influenced quite a few people in my community. Being backed by Blackstone Labs has really helped me help others. I have collaborated with a bunch of legion members on all sorts of topics from workouts to supplements. First of all I want to personally thank both of you and Brett Lilberg for making all this be so awesome for me, and continuing to improve the company and the whole Legion.

My question is, is the legion what you expected? When you started it, is this what you had hoped or thought would happen? and, what is next for the legion?

Thanks again both of you for all your hard work, and making this such an awesome group!