.030 #AskPJBraun // UFC, Blood Where It Shouldn’t Be, New Supplements



On this episode of #AskPJBraun, Josh and PJ answer questions about UFC, Blood Where It Shouldn’t Be, New Supplements, and More!!

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Getting Rid of Loose Skin – 2:43

I am a 50 year old male. Recently lost about 25 lbs. while I am not contest ready by any means I have loose skin on my lower abs. Any suggestions

Making Weight Makes It Worth It? – 3:05

Hey fellas! It’s Josh Kingsbury aka Bigkingsbodybuilding

I just want to start off saying I couldn’t be more proud to be apart of something so amazing like the legion 💪 and I hope I make you proud too!

My question is:

I’m going to be competing in September, I hoped to be competing in light heavyweight but due to injury I’m not sure if I’ll make weight (198.25)

As a beginner to competitions, would it be wise to compete just for the experience even if I’m not where I want to Be? I just want to be comfortable and have an amazing experience and eventually bring home some hardware for Blackstone!

Thank you for all you do

Detoxing After 5000 Mile Bike Ride – 3:46

Hey PJ and Josh,

Just want to thank yall again for the support and donation to ScholarShopAfrica during my #5000milesfor500scholars. Now I am back home trying to get into a routine I want to know what supplements to take and when to take them for a little detox. If you remember I was drinking ~5L of BCAA and Formula 19.

Obviously I’m not needing that much recovery or focus anymore. I am working out 4X a week and mainly just doing cardio and when I do touch the weights it is light weight high reps. Right now in my stack of BSL I have Formula 19, BCAA resurgence, isolation, Dust X, juiced up, and orthobolic.

Should I be taking all of these? Should I hold off on some until I begin hitting the weights harder? Should I switch out isolation to 3-whey?

Thanks a ton for all you do with the workout community. LegionLoyal member…

Advice For First Goal Weight – 5:26

any advice for morbidly obese for weight loss 5’7 335 pounds on Trojan horse and pharburn first goal is to reach 250 as soon as possible I do work in warehouse 10-12 hours a day trying hard to get to gym everyday after work starting  7-14 again advice on reaching my first goal how much Trojan horse and pharburn should I b taking along with water intake any other products u recommend would love try chosen one but think best be in 225-250 weight first

Recomp VS Carbs – 6:44

Hey what’s up I’ve been tuning into the podcasts from the very first one and have learned a lot from them and all the great content Blackstone puts out so thank you Blackstone for helping me better myself through all the great information and supplements you guys put out. I’ve sent my application for the legion about 2 weeks ago and am still waiting on a response hopefully by the time this podcast airs I would’ve heard back. My question today is when taking recomp rx would you recommend any changes in diet being I do a carb cycle low , medium , high and the 2nd ingredient in recomp the banaba leaf has glucose controlling properties. I only do one carb meal on my low days which is with my first meal so should I increase carbs on my low days with the meals I take recomp with or leave it as is?

Text Question From Trevor – 5:59

Is Arimistane In Trouble? – 9:54

What’s up PJ!

I just read that the FDA is now going after Arimistane. It may be old news, but I just found it. It’s obviously big pharma worried about losing profit to otc supps, and we all know big pharma and the FDA are in bed together. Do you have any insight on this? Is the ban going to come quick? If (when) it happens, do we have any otc alternatives that are just as effective? Eradicate and PCT V  are staples in my regimen. I’d love to hear your comments on all of this.

Stage Ready On Blackstone Products – 10:56


I’ve never competed, so excuse my lack of understanding. But when it comes to carbing up to peak on stage, I see people eating donuts and pop tarts and cake and for some it works but for others they look like a bag of mashed assholes.

My question is: couldn’t you use a carb formula like Formula 19 (FORMULA1920) and maybe add Glycolog (GLYCOLOG20) to hyper-shuttle carbs directly into the muscles and really make them pop without the negative sides of eating sugar-filled junk food?

Like get all dry and peeled and depleted as fuck and slowly add the Formula 19 until you’re just right and poppin’.

Obviously water is an issue for conditioning, so if you were to make the shake a thick sludge consistency with a little water as possible wouldn’t that work well?

Story Time! – 12:45

M’lord Braun,

The main ingredient in Recomp (Recomp20) is Ursolic Acid. What makes Recomp a better choice than a regular Ursolic Acid supplement?

And if you haven’t told one already this episode, can you tell us another tale from the Memoirs of a Boca Lord?  Your stories are always the best. The Chronicles of Nurse K and the Great Palumbo Quesadilla Conflict we’re the best.

RE: That One Question About Bloody Dick – 16:12

Sorry to have freaked y’all out with my bleeding weenie 😂. I know y’all are busy, but when you get a chance, can you send over that Beat PJ women’s weight loss diet plan for my lady?

What’s In The Pipeline? – 16:48

Hey what’s going on guys!
I sent the question in last week about new supps and about the weightlifting belt but the supps question went to the wayside. No big deal but can you guys tell the viewers and I about all that’s in the works?

More Interviews On The Podcast? – 18:23

Good afternoon Lord.  

Thank you for answering my question last week.  This time I was wondering if you consider getting non-local sponsored athletes more involved, for example have a q&a podcast section for them.  Just like how Cody Montgomery joined a previous podcast via video chat (Skype or Facetime?) I am sure it would be possible. I would like to hear your ideas you may have.   

Also are you not doing cardio q&a anymore?

Did I Do This Right? – 19:50

Hi pj

So last night I did a glute injection. 1.5 cc’s with a 25 gauge 1’ needle

For some reason oil did not want to leave the syringe.

I had to press down on the plunger extremely hard.

It took about 3 minutes to complete the injection. Which has never happened before

When I pulled the needle out of the glute, A large amount of blood came gushing from the injection site.

This has happened before, but this was ALOT OF BLOOD!

I’m guessing i hit a vein when I injected.

So my question is, do you think any of the oil comes out  when you bleed after injections?

Should I maybe inject another small amount of gear just in case I lost some from the large amounts of blood?

This Weeks Heridad Question – 29:40

Hi bother PJ and Coath Josh!

Thank you very very much for long response to my Girlmany questions 🙏🏻💞. In said long response you brought up business conduct differences between you and he-who-shall-not-be-named.

He sounds to be very cold and aggressive unlike your uncle. But is he wrong 🤔🤔🤔? Taking out morals, are aggressive business practices erroneous/limiting,, or simply different 🤔? Another difference between you two is, you said in an IG Q&A, he goes for few big business targets whereas you go for many smaller ones to make them all grow? Is he wrong here or simply different 🤔🤓?

If horses and humans take similar steroids,, can you inject small doses of HGH to cats/dogs for health longevity purposes? 🐩🐕🐈🐎

Thank you very much. I won’t say something I’ve been bothering  you both with for months now 🙈🙈😇,, but without giving anything away etc, Coath Trevor has seen teasers and can confirm it’s pissalicious 🚽🚽.

Lots of love to ya 💞 💕💖 🎶🦄 🍇✨🌈🌞