.033 #AskPJBraun // Ruined Gains, Getting Your Bench Up, and More!



On this episode of #AskPJBraun, Josh and PJ answer questions about Ruined Gains, Getting Your Bench Up, and More!

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Redcon1 Ruined My Gains – 1:03

Ok pj, let me start off by apologizing for what I am about to tell you.

I am a long time Blackstone fan and finished with the beat pj back in April, I lost over 50 pounds with your hardcore muscle stack and looked the best I have in year. I stand about 5’10 and weighed 180 lbs. completely shredded thanks to your keto diet along with Blackstone supplements, but unfortunately for me I did not win the beat pj, but it’s ok because it wasn’t for nothing because I looked and felt great.

Now on to the bad part, right after the beat pj I heard that Redcon1 was also doing an online competition. And since I lost all my fat and was wanting to add lean muscle I thought why not try to win some cash also, worst mistake ever. I went on to the website(which constantly glitches me out while talking to a rep) and got in contact with one of the reps and told them my goal, gain lean muscle. And they hit me with a list longer than a Jason Genova text. Wich costed me over 700 dollars, but I did get 30% off. (Prepare for lame douche names) RPG, MOAB, CLUSTER BOMB, MRE, and HALO. Now I’m not sure how familiar you are with these products but they are a meal replacement, anabolic, pre workout, insulin support, and recovering agent. And guess what I have had no gains. My diet is on point and my workouts are amazing. But I get zero pump with the preworkout, the meal replacement has my stomach looking bloated and covered my abs, the insulin support has no effect, and everything taste like shit. I stopped taking everything about halfway through so if anybody wants all this feel free to let me know. If you would like for me to send you these products so you can test them your self I would be happy to do that. I just wanted to tell you this and let you know that I am always Blackstone faithful and will never recommend these “supplements” to anyone.

Love the show pj , project freek was the best thing I’ve ever seen.

Sincerely, Ryan.

Follow Up – 3:59

You asked for a follow-up on some information. I am 30 years old and a mom of 4. I did a bikini competition the beginning of this year and just didn’t like what my outcome was so I decided to go figure, which I am 12 weeks out from my first figure competition. I have a small frame and am just wanting to grow some muscle and really feel proud of my hard work. I work out 6 days a week- which I push myself to my Max and I also do cardio 7 days a week. I just have a hard time growing size and keeping the actual look of having my pump. Right now I just take basic supplements that you would find at a supplement store but I am wanting to switch everything I take or should be taking to BSL supplements only. I plan on running to the stars with these supplements and this company.  All information is amazing and so helpful. I thank you again for giving me this opportunity!


Getting That Bench Up – 6:14

Yo Pj!  It’s your boy, Todd Dave.  I promise that I’m not wearing pants while I’m typing this but any who, my question is:  How doI get my bench stronger without a spot? My gym is small and good spots are pretty much non existent.  Hope all is well in your world and tell Jersh to take it easy on the goddamn calories. Your favorite Texas dude with nips — Todd

A Very Long Discussion About Shoes – 8:06

First and foremost I just wanted to say we are so lucky as a community to have Blackstone Labs. And from the deepest part of my heart I want to say thank you to both of you and to the entire company.

So I have two questions. First is more of a Josh question I think. I’m planning on buying some high end lifting shoes and I’m deciding on which to buy. I do way more conventional lifting than anything like CrossFit. I’ve narrowed it down to NoBull Lifters and Reebok Legacy’s. I’m open to new ideas but what is your opinion(s) if you have any!

Also I stumbled upon muscle stimulators on a website. I know really nothing about them and they looked cool but very brosciencey. I asked my girlfriend who is an OT and she said it’s good for people who are just beginning or really advanced athletes under supervision of a PT. Do you guys have any thought?

Finally I’m about to do a 12 week cycle of 2 Metha quads a day along with abnormal and chosen 1. I’m super excited, would you guys like before and after shots or is that shit weird??

Weekly Dose of Haridad – 23:27

Hello 🙌🏻!! This is PJ’s favorite person in the whole wide world 🌎🌏🤗

I have two follow-up questions from the last podcast.

First: PJ, so basketball 🏀 does indeed count as cardio right? Now, do BCAAs give you cancer 😅? Lol 😙.

Second: what is there to learn from the Kardashian sister 🤔? She is about to be the youngest self made Billionaire, beating Marc Zuckerberg by a few years. I haven’t been able to stomach one single show of hers, wanted to once I saw news on Forbes,, but since you like the Kardashians maybe you could give insight 😇🙏🏻💎🏆. What is there to learn, what is she doing differently from other celeries?

As a bonus hobbi sith pal question, I wanted to ask you about lab grown meat. Friggin’ Merck recently invested in a lab meat company 🍖👩🏻‍🔬🔬. Costs have dropped from 300+ usd a pound to 30usd in 2015 and is expected to cost the same or less than normal meat by 2020. It requires a tiny fraction of energy, contamination etc as normal meat,, and best of all doesn’t kill animals. However, I haven’t found information regarding it’s protein quality and quantity. Any insight into this 🤔🤔🤔?

Thank you very much 🙏🏻, sorry for all the non-bodybuilding  questions. Lots of love to ya 💞 💕💖🎶 🦄🍇 ✨🌈