.037 #AskPJBraun // Special Guest Dragon Izumi



On this weeks #AskPJBraun, we have special guests Dragon Izumi and Hitomi Takeuchi, both members of the Blackstone Labs Legion.

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Fashion Trends
What’s up PJ & Josh? Hope all is well. Another non-fitness related question here.

Do y’all have any trends that you were a part of that today make you cringe? For me, it was the white sunglasses. I just came across a picture of me from back in 2008 with a pair of white Oakley’s on and all I could think was “what the hell was a thinking?”

Anyways, pumped as always to be a part of the team! Y’all have a great day!

3 Things You Have Learned?
Hey PJ and Josh, very long time BSL fan since using super dmz back in about 2012 and have been hooked ever since. Also a big fan of PJ as a bodybuilder and now also a very successful entrepreneur.

Wanted to hop in on the podcast questions to help keep this going as I appreciate it very much. 

What are at least 3 things you have learned  since your bodybuilding career, that you wish you had known back then? Training techniques, supplementation, cardio, diet information, mindset, goal building, etc.?

Also, when is recomp rx coming back in stock? I ordered some a few months ago it seems, and the muscle boys always tell me it will be in stock next week. I love that stuff!

As always, thanks for everything you guys do and for staying loyal to being the best supplementation company there is.

Leaky Gut Syndrome
Hey fellas, Thanks for taking my question! I developed some food sensitivities a few months back (egg, chicken, dairy, nightshades). I’ve eliminated all of those things and it’s definitely helped, but 3 months in I’m still battling issues, and it appears I may have Leaky Gut Syndrome. For the next few weeks I’ll be increasing digestive enzymes, l-glutamine, and probiotics. I’m cutting out all gluten, artificial flavorings/sweeteners or any chemical for that matter, going grass-fed and wild caught on my proteins, and reducing my carbs to a serving or of fruit and maybe some cream of rice for breakfast. My question is, do you have any suggestions on how much protein I should or should not consume while trying to heal my gut? 

I’m 6’00, around 200lbs, pretty lean, and used to consuming around 300 grams of protein per day. I’d like to get as much protein in as I can without compromising my gut health for the next few weeks or however long it takes, but I’m willing to do just about anything at this point. Any suggestions? Thanks dudes!

Fatty Chest
I work with a guy out of our West Palm office that is friends with Corey Kubica. The conversation came up when I was talking about Blackstone Labs after I bought one of your products at a local shop here in the DC Metro Area. He hooked me up with Corey and I bought a stack that included Metha-Quad, Chosen 1, PCT, and Recomp RX. I bought it twice, the best gains in strength and muscle size in my 23 years of intense weight training. I just ordered a DHEA stack that Corey suggested and I should have it here tomorrow. 

My question:
I carry a lot of fat in my chest. I would venture to say I have Gynemastia. How do I get rid of it? Is surgery the only way or that other procedure that freezes fat cells done by a plastic surgeon? Would intense estrogen blockers reduce it?

Halo Elite + Anogenin?
Name:Big L


Training:12 years




About 11%BF

First off big ups on the BSL presence in the UK, next year get yourselves a booth at bodypower UK would be a great promotion for BSL and a chance to get down and meet you’s. Anyways, down to business, just started using “Abnormal” first thing ever beyond “Anogenin”  
(which is amazing btw been using that on and off for years), my question how much of my gains can I expect to keep? Should I start PCT IV a week before the end of Abnormal, also super excited for the new Halo Elite, would that be a great stack to have along with Anogenin and when can we expect this in the UK

Training, shops and the future?
My dearest Pj and Josh,

First and foremost and as always I want to sincerely thank both of you for putting out my favorite podcast week after week once again. I also want to thank you both for being inspirations to me and being just relatable guys on my quest through life. Ok so here are my three questions!

Question 1: as far as training goes I really love Jim Wendler and the 5/3/1 method although I always do sets of 5. Following the main lift I do only about 4 assistant lifts and usually wrap up with the gym in about 30-45 minutes but moving consistently and quickly. 

With this I also run 3 days a week and swim 2 days a week, both moderately nothing Olympic but still challenging. Do you think this is enough to be a bigger but athletic dude?

Question 2:  so I’m just about 2 weeks away from finishing my 12 week cycle of the normal dosage of chosen 1 and abnormal a day as well as double the dose of Metha- Quad. I felt great my body literally changed so much I put on a true solid 15 pounds but look completely different. Pictures will come when I’m finished.

My question is this. I’m going to do another big stack obviously. I’m 210 now and don’t really know what my ideal body weight is but I want to be a big dude who can move, as in still run and swim well. I really wanted to try brutal 4ce but am unsure. I was honestly thinking about taking triple the dosage of chosen 1 and double the dosage of abnormal for a total of 12 weeks. What do you think? Too much or should I do brutal?

Also as funny as this sound during my stack my libido fell off the maps, it was really weird but I could tell my testosterone was really high. I was thinking about trying entice with my stack or just apex male? I don’t know it probably was just an anomaly but still something to note, what do you think?

Question 3: Just wondering about new products. I know the new estrogen blocker is coming out soon. But are you still formulating the IGF-1 product? Also Equalizer? I know that this stuff take a super duper long time and I’m not trying to be that guy but I’m just wondering!

As always Blackstone for life.