.039 #AskPJBraun // Special Guest Flex Wheeler



On this weeks #AskPJBraun, we have special guest Flex Wheeler joined by his latest apprentice and new Blackstone Labs Athlete, Keone Pearson, to answer your questions and talk about bodybuilding, business and life.

To get your answers questioned for free send an email to [email protected], and include your Instagram or name.


41:15 – Flex, is there anything you would change in your past that you think that would have gave you an Olympia title?

47:31 – What’s up PJ! Love your products btw. I have a question for you. Why on earth haven’t you thought to sign Flex Wheeler to Blackstone Labs?! You should sign the GOAT to your company.

49:04 – What was the hardest and the easiest part about your career as a body builder? And how do you think that has molded you as the person you are today?

1:04:05 – Hi PJ

I am loving your products so far. Trojan Horse makes me sweat my ass off, Glycolog gives me good pumps and endurance, and I just started the Halo Elite @ 4 tabs per day. How does Glycolog differ from Metformin? Is one better than the other? Can they be combined for a synergistic effect? Can Halo Elite cause hair loss for the individuals prone to androgentic alopecia? Thanks for the podcast. It’s the shit when I am driving long distances for work. Keep it up.

1:06:58 – Big fan of the podcast. It’s actually the only thing that gets me through my dreaded cardio sessions. I have plenty of diet and exercise questions but I’m going to keep it fun this time. My first question is for both of you. 

Fuck one, marry one, kill one?
1) Kim kardashian
2) Lisa Ann
3) Kate upton

My second one is for PJ, What is the craziest story you have from college? I’m currently a student and have done plenty of dumb/ drunk things. What’s a funny or embarrassing story you have? Thanks for taking the time out of your busy days to put out this pod for us! 

1:15:22 – Me again. 50 years old and recently lost 40 lbs. loose skin on lower abs. Ideas?

1:29:15 – First off I want to thank you for all of your advice this year. As of today 12/13 8 days out of the cyber show I have lost 40 lbs. my question is regarding water loading vs dehydration going into show time. 

1:36:23 – Come January I am about to do a pretty bad ass stack and I’m very excited for it! For 12 I will do 6- brutal 4ce a day 4- abnormal 3- halo elite

Also doing other standard things like glycolog, gear support, hype and hype extreme, dust V.2. You know the works.

My question though is should I add anything to this? After listening to our boy Dragon I was thinking about throwing in epicat and twice the dosage of recomp! 
I would love to hear your thoughts. Sometimes I totally get carried away and just throw everything at the wall so this could be redundant. My goals are to get build but still have a solid cardio base. Let me know what you think.

1:43:40 – wanted to update you on my next adventure. I’m the guy who rode cross country on his bike! I’ll be traveling to San Francisco from Indiana in February and I plan to redo a mini van and live out of the back; van life. Rent and cost of living is stupid expensive and I’ll only be there for a month.

I’ll then fly to Ghana for 10days and be back statewide for 6 weeks before a 4 month stint in Ghana. I was wondering if it is ok to use Blackstone Labs logo on the side of the van, publicity all across the country!

1:47:00 – What’s up PJ & Josh! This is a question that’s been on my mind for quite sometime, I’ve just been neglecting to ask:

What’s your opinion on bodybuilders who do ballet or even yoga to improve flexibility or aid in their posing routines? Thinking back to the Olympia, I remember watching Breon Ansley do his posing routine and being amazed, and I could’ve sworn I heard someone behind me mention he does ballet. I feel like I’ve also heard this before with Kai Greene, which wouldn’t surprise me, since I’ve always been blown away by his posing routines considering how absolutely massive he is.

Thanks for your time! Hope y’all have an awesome day!

1:52:26 – I’ve been listening to the podcast since it started and following blackstone since the Jason Genova days. Since I’m going through a difficult breakup with significant other of 5 years, I want some advice from PJ since he recovered from his. How tough was it? How long did it take to be yourself again? Being in the same house that you bought together must’ve been tough because it brings back memories. Thank you guys for the podcast.

Also, would it be possible if BSL could help me stock a suitcase and the back of the van full of BSL supps. I am working with Brash to do a decal and mini video series of being fit/active on the road.  I also want to help BSL world tour and take it to West Africa.

I’ll be back for the Arnold with the bike and van.  I have much larger and bigger plans for the future, but will explain more in person.

Hope your transition is going well and congrats on tmthe new signee!