.040 #AskPJBraun // Fainting During Bloodwork



On this weeks #AskPJBraun, PJ answers questions on Fatburners, Hormones and fainting during bloodwork.

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15:11 – What is the best way to build up your online clientele base?

17:49 – Definitely a little bit behind on these so I will be catching up on the videos and thank you again for doing these. Get comfy…I have a few questions

I don’t know if you addressed this in the flex Icloud cause I haven’t finished listening to it yet but I do know that it’s gonna be about volume and weight and contraction and control but do you find that the hack squat is better than barbell squat for growth in quads specifically? P.s. I plan on starting to work on those 6sets of 20reps. 

What are your thoughts on high carb days for weak muscles. Do you do it the night before you’re about to work the weak muscle or the day of? When I say weak muscle I mean specifically meet wanting my quads to grow

What are your thoughts on carb cycling for clean bulk. If I wanna try to stay as lean as possible but get bigger do you recommend on non lifting days to do no carbs or keep lower carbs? I know we have a plan.. I just want to hear your thoughts

Do you recommend a rest day the day after working a weak muscle and low intensity cardio? 

I’ve heard people say that there really is no such thing as a hard gainer but do you think the fact that I have crohn’s disease and my absorption of nutrients is at a much lower percentage than the average person that is the reason why I have only put on about 12 lbs of solid muscle in 3 yrs?  Do you also think that I should increase my dosage on pills because I’m always been someone that has had higher than the recommended amount because of my absorption issues and this is with all vitamins and anything I’ve ever taken in the past?

Last question. I’ve heard and read different things but if someone plateaus would you make changes to their nutrition or their activity 1st?

So sorry that so many questions PS thank you and Josh for always doing this and keeping it super entertaining. Love the team and the family and I’m forever grateful.

30:23 – I recently started this stack and I have one small thing that happens. Every time I take the Paraburn, I get naustious. It says to take it 20 mins before eating and I do and I still get naustious. 

31:50 – I’m not avid listener to the podcast and I love the fun you guys bring to the quality information. I am a 22 year old natural lifter, I have been training for 4 years, I am 5’11 and I weigh 72.6kg or 160lb. I have been able to gain weight from my 60kg or 130lb starting weight. 

The past year my progress has significantly slowed. With additional brain fog and fatigue. In the past I have previously used glycolog (glycolog20) and hype (hype20) and I loved those products. After listening to the podcast, I contacted the customer support team to answer some of my questions. The legend Chris Luke helped sort me out with some Apex male, anogenin, halo elite, and some 3 whey. 

My order is currently on its way to Ireland (where I am from) so I decided to get my blood work done to understand my body more. Although while getting my bloods taken I fainted! This never happens and I have never fainted before. 

I have not yet received the results as this has freaked me out.

My question to you is what could cause this and what can I do to prevent that? I intend on getting my blood work done more often when I move into more “advanced supplements”.

Other questions that may be good for the podcast…

What are the main diet and training differences between natural and enhanced athletes?

If you each could give one piece of advice to your 18 year old self what would it be?

What is one book/price of media that has shaped you most into who you are today?

What are the biggest mistakes you see guys make when trying to make it with a chick?

Thank you PJ and Josh for taking the time for us, you don’t need to answer those last question I just included them for fun!

46:10 – What’s up PJ and Josh?!! Loving the podcasts as always! I’ve got two questions for ya.

First, I remember you answering my question about whether or not we’ll ever see BSL in Vitamin Shoppe or GNC, but how much different would it be if it came to supplying a University’s athletics program with protein? For example, I know CytoSport supplies FSU with Muscle Milk. What does a contract such as that look like? And do you think Blackstone would ever pursue a route like that?

Second, what are y’all’s 3 biggest gym pet peeves?

1:01:00 – Hey PJ and Josh, my names will I’m 17, 145lbs and about 5’ 6-7” and I had a eatinga d exercise disorder in the past. I’ve been through a lot of severe calorie restriction and beating up my body through exercise. My chest was hurting me like puffiness, pain for no reason, swollen etc. I went and got my hormones tested and my test levels were 212, My TSH was 3.124, i have a bilateral subareolar gynecomastia greater on the left then right. I’ve been telling them that I think I had gyno and my test and thyroid are messed up but they didn’t ever listen and now they sent me to a children’s endocrinologist and She didn’t do anything for me. I’m not sure what to do and what do you think would be the best thing to do, try to fix myself? Like buying some Clomid, Letro, and T3? Or trying to get a prescription for hrt? I do 3hrs of cardio a day and only eat around 800-1000 calories to maintain my weight. I feel like I get worse day by day and don’t know what to do. My cortisol is high, my progesterone was at the top of the range, my LH and FSH are low, I’m super depressed and down all the time. Not sure what to do anymore. Any advice would

Be great. I’m gonna attach my test results. Thanks from your biggest fan, Will.