.042 #AskPJBraun // More Guests and Constipation?



On this weeks #AskPJBraun, PJ and Josh discuss the prospects of having more guests on the podcast, stepping on stage and constipation? 

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We apologize for mic issues! Will be fixed next week.


13:45 – Hello Pj and Josh-

I would like to start off by thanking you for all the awesome video content Blackstone Labs has published! Without this content and your products, I highly doubt the gains I made over the past year would have been possible. 

My first question is… How long does your body need to get use to new muscle in order to not lose gains? I believe you have mentioned briefly(along with your former Chemist) the idea of maintaining a certain weight so your body gets use to the new muscle. 

My next question is… if you guys do a 2019 beat Pj contest and I start a transfermation, would I be flushing my gains away?(started bulking in October) My main goal since being introduced to Blackstone Labs has been to grow! Should I forget about the contest and just focus on growing? 

I enjoy all the guests you have on the show! In several of your videos you mention legendary bodybuilders(Lee Haney, Jay Cutler, Dorian Yates…ect) it would be great to have these guys on the podcast!

Thank you for your time and all your helpful knowledge

28:22 – Happy New Years Guys. 

I have been enjoying the guests over the last several shows. I would be interested in hearing the cryo guy on the show as well as Dr Nick and maybe the folks from the new place pj went with the workout suits.   Keep up the good work. 

31:23 – Hey PJ,

After a couple years of training I’ve decided to step on stage, any tips for first timers stepping on stage?

35:35 – Whenever I’m dehydrated, I get very constipated.  How do you stay regular when cutting water during the final weeks of a competition?
I’ve tried Metamucil and extra fiber. Just make me bloat since nothing is moving.