A Statement From Blackstone Labs



Jason Genova has been an active athlete with Blackstone Labs since Blackstone Labs’ inception and personal a friend since before Blackstone Labs’ launch. I had personally taken Mr. Genova under my wing in an effort to mentor him and guide him on the right path. Up until recently, some of his outbursts had been attributed to his personal issues and lifestyle choices.

As a result of Mr. Genova’s current actions in the bodybuilding community and his abhorrent comments this past weekend regarding the health of Rich Piana, Blackstone Labs has decided to cut its ties with Mr. Genova.  He will not participate in the 2017 Olympia with the Blackstone Labs family, receive any more complementary Blackstone Labs products, nor make further appearances in Blackstone Labs’ video content on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook.  

Blackstone Labs does not share the opinions of Mr. Genova which were shared on his social media accounts regarding Rich Piana, nor any of the numerous cases of negativity he has shown to other members of the bodybuilding community.  Blackstone Labs firmly believes in an inclusive and supportive bodybuilding community based on respect for everyone interested or participating in our great sport.  

The Blackstone Labs family hopes that Mr. Genova uses these events as a learning lesson and takes this opportunity to make positive adjustments to his lifestyle to avoid further destructive behavior which created the rifts between the Blackstone Labs family, trainers, filmmakers, friends, and acquaintances he has pushed away.

We wish Mr. Genova luck in his future endeavors and encourage him to reflect upon his actions and words so that he can pursue better alternatives in the future.

I, along with the Blackstone Labs family, offer Mr. Piana’s family and friends our condolences, support and well wishes during this painful time.

CEO and President
of Blackstone Labs,
PJ Braun