Brian Benjamin/Brian Patron

Hey PJ, who was your mentor growing up? Who was your mentor for business? How do you feel about being a mentor yourself these days?/What is the story on how you came across gear (PEDS)…. obviously you wanted to get big but how did you come across it. Also what is your opinion on blunt force trauma training? (Low reps)

Shane McKinney

What is your favorite part of being the CEO of one of the fastest growing company’s and what is the hardest part?

Aaron Bigham

I primarily do weight training first and then a little cardio. I was always taught that starting with cardio will deplete my glutamine storage, thereby making me super tired for weight training. Is there any truth to this or is it jusy me being lazy on doing cardio lol.

Donovan McIntosh

Once you get done cutting down to your desirable goal weight, what is one of the best ways in order to gain lean body mass and what supplements would you suggest besides prohormones?

Marshall Ford 

What has been the biggest driving factor in your life overall (not including your bodybuilding career or owning BSL as factors) to get you get into the best shape you can be? And what is the biggest factor driving you to get back into shape now?

Anton Falkenby

What are your experiences with acne for bodybuilders? What can be done to minimize it (other than change your genes)? Is it keep testosterone lower, or making sure to keep estrogen low (or maybe keep ai’s out all together if they can cause it?). Is accutane the way that pros can run unlimited gear and still have clear skin or what’s up?

Mike Pickering

Looking to drop weight . I know diet plays a big part which I started low carb meals for now . My question should I concentrate on only cardio for now or will adding in weight training help and if weight training how reps /sets 3x 8-12 reps or 15-20 reps. My goal is to just look good and overall healthy . My stats 41, 327lbs, 5’10 Active lifestyle , have time to dedicate time to gym.

Alaa Saad 

What was your diet for the 31 days foods wise?

Jeremy Lafornia 

Was wondering what ur diet consist of, tell us how to count micros so we can prep a diet. And what are ur thoughts on clenbuterol as a fat burner?

Clinton Allanby

Just wondering what your gear cycle  looks likes and if your using clen. If so are you mixing it with blackstone fat burners?

Tim Ports

Who was your main mentor when you first started your own business? Was it the collaboration with Aaron or someone else? How did you first learn what to do and how to start your own business? What was your main inspiration before you started? How old were you when you started? What were you doing before you started your own business?