AskPjBraun Podcast Episode 11 Ft. Kendra Lust




Mohamed –

I am mohamed 30 years old male from egypt

Now living in usa

I would like to ask . how can i be a male performer doing movies with kendra lust


Andy –

Hello Kendra,
Big fan of your work.  What is your favorite products from Blackstone labs? And does it come in useful in your scenes? Just curious because I could use some magic in the bedroom. Any tips?
PJ Rules… long live Lord PJ
Andy Sedano… aka … Senorkaboom

Mason –


Glad you could make it onto the show! My question for you is how to make anal sex more pleasurable? My girlfriend is a straight up freak and is down for just about anything EXCEPT 90% of the time when we try anal sex she is in pain and needs to stop. The other 10% of the time is great!! If you have any tips I would greatly appreciate it. Also, do you have any stories you could share about bad anal experiences while on set? Any advice helps. Thanks!!

Jorge –

Hi Kendra, have you ever done the squirt?

Steve –

Questions for #ASKKENDRA

Hello Kendra and Lord Braun (I still have to say that in the Queens English hahah).

First let me say thank you for the mistletoe contest win this last Christmas…I have a feeling PJ passed that photo around the office  lmao.  Anyway Kendra, I saw you participated in the LegacyEdge360 Bootcamp to fight cancer which benefited St Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  What is your charity of choice and is there a special reason for choosing it?

Second question:  My wife is a CNA and wanted to know if there is anything about your nursing career that you miss?

Have a great day. Bless you both!



Have you ever enjoyed the sex so much that you go for a second round before/after the scenes? Like shower sex after the scene? Something like that.

Sanu –

Are u still married to ur husband

How often do u fuck

Are u retiring from porn


Hello this is slash HeridaV slash Girlman 🌼🌸 slash PJ’s favorite person in the whole world, with a question for Kendra 👑👸🏻💞

Kendra, as I told PJ, when one sees beyond your fame and sensuality, one finds a nice, humble and compassionate person. Is it important to do business with someone who is a good person,, is it important at all?

Bonus related question: I’ve always thought that “stupid people see nobility as stupidity, only noble people see nobility for what it is”. Do you find trouble being a noble person? How do you manage it?

Lots and lots of love to ya 💞💕💖!!!

Dahn –

Good morning beautiful
Im your biggest fan
Can I please just meet u in person one time in my life?
Danh Tran

Daniel –

Hey Kendra!
First off, thank you for being so kind & great towards your fans. I have so much respect for you as a professional, and also as a business women.

Questions –
1.) If you could go back to being 21 years old with the knowledge you have now, what would you do differently? If anything.
2.) if you’re set to die tomorrow & could only leave behind 1 piece of advice for the world, what would it be?
(Also, PJ please tell JG to stop calling me at 2:00am.)
Thanks guys!
Daniel D.

Questions from the Blackstone Office: