AskPjBraun Podcast Episode 2



Week 2 Questions:

Adam Gomes

How did you know you wanted to start a supplement company out of all other business ventures out there? also, tips on starting a business? Thanks my man!

Steve Q

I’m a big fan of Cardio Q&A.

Im 40 years old and i want to get lean but I have small belly that I’m trying to lose. Will Winstrol only cycle tablets 50mg/day for 6 weeks with Hepavital 140mg be safe to do?

Wade Heverin

  1. Back in your prime what would a average contest prep gear cycle look like?
  2. Do you and Jason Genova still keep in contact?
  3. I remember in a blackstone labs video you said you were doing keto, What would a day of your keto diet eating look like and also how many carbs were you taking in.
  4. Would you ever consider doing pre contest prep or taking on clients full time?

Ricky Simonelli

A while ago I heard about your use of insulin for off season. You mentioned 10iu novalog (humalog) post workout.

What is the best carb source to ingest after using 10iu, and how many carbs (on average) for people that gain fat easily, do you still recommend using this? Do you recommend this protocol for those who are not on GH?

Jonathan Hull

Nice work on the 31 day rebuild.  Any advice or thoughts, feel free to share.  One question is whether taking Eradicate close to Chosen 1 or Abnormal has any affect.  And whether caffeine takes away the absorption of Chosen 1, Abnormal, or Eradicate.  Lastly, is the original Hype safer to take more of throughout the day than the Hype Extreme?  I get the impression that the HYPE Extreme should be limited to one serving per day, whereas the original Hype has a little more flexibility over exceeding a serving per day?

Bridget Shrigley

how do you get rid of bloating? Eating extremely clean. drinking gallon of water a day.


I’m a big fan of Blackstone labs tube channel now with that out of the way here’s what’s going on. I’m a 36 male and im currently getting over and through a bad car accident. Along with soft tissue injuries I encountered a brain injury due to the accident. For the last year I’ve been stuck in my house other than weekly doctors appointments and some other minor outings my life has been devoted to getting better and healing.  Although im still not out of the woods yet the diagnosis is getting better and there is now light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve never been into fitness or the gym or taking care of my body and with the accident I’ve had a chance to reevaluate my life and previous bad  decisions. I’m sick of the way I look and feel and just being the biggest man in the room in a fat slob type of way not in a good way. I’m 6’2″ and currently im 450 pounds and my weight has never really slowed me down, I’ve always have been active worked hard but being out of commission so to speak for this last year has taken its toll and im sick of it. Your YouTube and mostly you have been an inspiration for me to drop this weight and finally do something about it. Due to my injury’s, legal battle have to do  with the accident I cannot go to the gym or do any type of cardio, so diet is all I can do as of now and im just lost  on how to go about this and dont really know which way is up, any help would be appreciated and you are truly an inspiration to me. Thanks in advance. Daniel  from New Orleans.

Justine Slaughter

Great job cutting weight bro! The changes you’ve made in such a short period of time is quite impressive to say the least. So, word on the street is that abs are made in the kitchen, do you agree with this statement or do you think that training is a more important? Perhaps, maybe even some other factor? What recommendations do you have for diet and training while cutting?

Dustin Burt 

Hey PJ, I have a wedding on November 21st and have started trying to lose weight but haven’t gotten myself in a good routine yet. I’m 5 11 and 212lbs in my younger days I stayed around 185-190.

Question #1: how do you get through the hunger of working out hard especially cardio and only eating healthy? I find myself starving through the day or at night after a workout.

Question #2: for weight loss am I better off doing tons of cardio and little workouts like running, basketball etc or should I be doing less intense but longer workouts and stay in the gym?

Question #3: how much of your weight loss was connected to supplements and OTC products to help with the weight loss?

Chef Grooter 

What is the best way to improve mind to muscle connection??

Chelsea Balsamico

In regards for preparation for a show(I’m a bikini competitor), what are your views on being in a caloric deficiency? Do you think it’s necessary, how long is too long to be in the deficiency, & how do you get out of the caloric deficiency without gaining rapid weight?  

Eric Espinoza 

First I would like to thank you for all that you do in helping us to better ourselves. We all appreciate your dedication and time. It does not go unnoticed.

I am a 33 year old male, 5 foot 7in tall, 215lbs and at 24% body fat. I have been training off and on since I was 16 years old. I use to be a hard gainer weighing in at 145lbs. Throughout the years I was able to put on some size and because of drinking beer, a lot of fat as well. I took eight years off and now I have been eating clean, gave up alcohol and training religiously for about two years now. I dropped about 35lbs. in about 6 months. Although I still have body fat to lose, my main goal is to get huge. Growing up I always admired the freaky look like the wrestler Scott Steiner and bodybuilder Lee Priest. I just got off the Muscle Boy Stack and it was awesome. My body fat dropped, I put on size and my strength went up. And with the glycolog and formula 19 I noticed results quickly. Before taking the stack my test was at 227. My question is what do you recommend I take supplement wise to get huge and freaky like those guys and you yourself? I understand it takes hard work, years of dedication, diet and genetics play a BIG role. But, I would like to know your recommendations for both paths. Going through a doctor and purchasing online such as with Blackstone Labs. Thx

Richard Blythe

I am a 50 year old man. I am 5’10 and have been battling weight issues  258lbs. All belly. I’ve hit rock bottom too many times in my life and have PTSD. Your products have helped me build again. I would like to know what you ate in those 31 days. I’ve worked hard to get my muscle back, but belly makes me look bad. I’m desperate for a diet that works. I am very Thankful for your time as I know you are a busy man. Please advise me on what to do diet wise. I plan on going all out. Again thank you for your time.


This is slash HeridaV slash Girlman , admiral of the Piss Army.

A question divided in many for Coath Peejai Braun:

What is the best compliment a BSL customer can give you? What is the best compliment anyone in your business (both staff and those you deal with) can give you? What’s the best compliment Salvagna  can give you? What’s the best compliment a friend can give you?