AskPjBraun Podcast Episode 3



Adam Macleod – Opening Question

What is your policy on dealing with offensive and abusive trolls for BSL? Is it a straight block system. Has there ever been a situation where legal action was needed?

Jason Topper – 2:15-10:25

What are your favorite or must have supplements that BSL does not produce ? 

A rule I have heard a lot is that you should have a meal or protein shake with in 20 minutes after a workout. How true is this rule ?

Also, should someone eat a gram of protein per body weight they want to be at or what they actually weight ? 

Thank you and appreciate all the info from the podcast  !!

jeremy creason – 10:30-19:56

Please let me say thank you for your valuable time in making this podcast. I have learned that I have to listen twice with a notepad to be able to learn everything you are teaching.

I am a 35 year old, that about 6 months ago tried to start getting back into working out. I was never a bodybuilder, just a multi sport athlete and military vet of eight years. When I turned about 29 or 30, I noticed that my body started going away and I started getting the “beer belly” look. At first I was thinking maybe age or genetics because I started to look like my father. About a year ago I decided to get tested and found my total testosterone number was 119 ng/dL and my free test was about 7 ng/dL. My estrogen was also low at about 9 pg/mL. My doctor said that 119 was dangerously low and had to get a MRI done where they found I have a pituitary adenoma. So my body is now producing neither hormones. On TRT now for a year and the max levels my doctors will allow me is 30 free test. I know I can’t be 25 year old me again, so my realistic goal is to shape up. I am down 40lbs from 265 to 225. I have decent arms, chest, and all muscle. Still have a bit of fat to lose  With that bit of background my two questions are..

(1) With someone like me, what supplements can I use that won’t affect my TRT? I used at least once, one of every Blackstone Labs products and found with the DHEA 3, I would do very good for about three weeks and then I would feel very tired and then a week or so later it seemed to all go away as fast as I put it on. Using just Chosen 1 seemed to make my test numbers go up in one cycle and using all three together made my test numbers go down in another. So should I just stick to creatine and what not and ride it out oorr, is what I am trying to learn if I can.

(2) In your opinion, since your episode two podcast talked this, what is the highest test or free test level you think someone should/could be at?

(3) Just a bonus if you don’t mind, I just thought I would ask if have the time or want to justify this question. How true is it that your daily diet should consist of one gram of protein for every one pound that you weigh? So 200 lbs equals 200 grams of protien a day.

Thank you for all that you do,

From a newly Blackstone Labs loyal customer. Jeremy

Swolman XL – 19:56-24:50

Hey Pj,

Good to see you back in the spotlight and getting healthy. It is awesome to have to answering questions again. I would like to switch it up from something about your diet/transformation

I would like you to talk a bit about exogenous testosterone. I have a few questions:

  1. What type is best? Or what do you like about cypionate, propionate, etc
  2. What would a starting cycle look like and what AI at what dose should I run?
  3. Would it be possible to inject a low dose HRT amount indefinitely and not run an AI? What would that dose be? I know everyone is different

martin dagenais – 24:50-27:55

Hello PJ,thanks for your generosity in sharing your knowledge.

I am very interested in knowing more about your total health regimen:  nutrition, supplementation (for health purposes) and HRT protocol.

You mentionned being on HRT taking 200mg /week of test, 1 mg arimidex ED and 1 IU of GH . Do you take your GH every day? Also  where are your Test levels and IGF-1 levels  now with those doses.    Also would like to know if possible how were you prescribed GH? Were your levels low or it was mainly because of symptoms of low GH. Been trying to get a script for it here in Canada but it’s almost impossible.

Thanks for everything

Luke Dorey – 27:55-33:40

You are such a huge inspiration to so many people. I would personally like to thank you for not only encouraging me to be the best I physically can be. But also inspiring me on becoming a better businessman, and leader.

What would be the best way to run the ECA Stack, for leaning out.  Dosage, length, and any tips or tricks on what else to do while taking the ECA Stack or how to benefit from it the most. Again, thank you so much.

Steve Q – 33:40-36:00

What’s up PJ,

You are The Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding.

I started an Anavar ONLY cycle of 20mg per day. I’m a 40 year old male trying to get lean. I will do this cycle for 6 weeks.  Is that a good dose?

Clementine Cordero – 36:00-41:56

Ok so I have used fragment 176-191 on my abs before, but also if was dieting and doing intense cardio. I had a friend tell me about Helios, which she said worked great for her. My understanding is that is basically an injectable clean compound to be Cycled like clen. Does that mean you should supplement with anything to keep your receptors clean? Have you used either product or believe in their ability to spot reduce to tighten up or eliminate dimples (cellulite)? And what exactly is cellulite bc it vanishes when I diet but com s back immediately when I cheat unclean.

Where and how do I find your podcast?

josue garcia – 41:56-46:30

What’s the best way to get a doctor to prescribe you TRT when your in your mid-late 20s? Also how does this and or prohormones like chosen1 etc affect fertility?

Steve Sampson – 46:30-48:40

I retain a lot of water… mostly in my legs. I’m taking prescription Triamterene 37.5mg/HCTZ 25mg tablets twice a day along with 4000mg Vitamin C. You mentioned a new diuretic product coming out from Blackstone Labs. When is it coming out, what is it comprised of and do you think I’ll be able to replace this medication with your supplement?

Angela Christine – 48:40-56:55

So 2 questions..

  1. My last show was in like 2013 & my coach had thrown me on such a ridiculous cycle (we’re talking tren, primo, prop, winstrol, eq, proviron, masteron, 200mg clen like a shit on of shit) that my endocrinologist said my natural T levels won’t come back (I went from normal base line female Test levels to over 300 to 12 – literally) So he prescribed me on HRT – Test from a compound pharmacy 10mg/day x 7 days a week  — however, no matter what I do I get cystic acne on my back. Even when I supplement an injectable test versus the cream from my doctor — Are my estrogen levels just out of wack and I need to implement Novladex for life? I’m trying to get ready for a show again, so with that, even the base level of test I need to increase at some point but don’t want the acne to get worse. That is thankfully, my only side effect.

Also 2, and most importantly, How much for Angie?

Thanks PJ!!

DJ Biz – 56:55-58:00

DJ here…. I remember you stating that a test only cycle is good for beginners to start with. I’ve been on aggressive cycles in the past however I haven’t touched anything for 2 years. If I’m getting back into it, should I start as if I’m a beginner or can I go into something a little more again. Looking forward to your response.

Ryan Dunken – 58:00-1:04:22

Hey my name is Ryan Dunken, I am 22 years old and live in Northern California. I am a huge fan of black stone labs and love watching the videos of your products. I have tried quite a few of them and have had awesome results. I listened to both of your #askpjbraun podcasts and was fascinated with the information I learned and am looking forward to hearing more in the future. My question to you is regarding how to get a more hard, dry body. I entered a fat loss fitness competition last year and lost 6.5% body fat in 8 weeks. I used your chosen 1, brutal ice and abnormal stack along with a tuna, egg and green tea diet. I threw in occasional enchiladas and burgers because I still love to eat. Losing the weight was awesome and I continued my high cardio training mixed HIIT and weight lifting and I lost a total of 70 lbs all together within the year. I weighed in at 260 for the competition and dieted down to 190 lbs. I was doing kettle bell cardio conditioning classes twice a week, playing basketball and lifting 5 days a week. At the 190 pounds I still didn’t have the muscle density I was expecting and still felt soft. What diet, training and supplements do you recommend for the hard muscle gains I wish to make? I am currently 225 and am 6’2″ which i am happy with but I want 2 harden up and get my strength up. Thanks so much for your time!!

Joshua Turner – 1:04:22-1:09:00


HUGE fan of you and your products and a loyal customer. I met you at the Arnold and you truly demonstrated your interpersonal communication skills. Such a personable individual. You and your business grow but you are so incredibly humble.  To my question:

I am in the Army and suffered a complete,

right rectus femoris tear while training. I have been to physical therapy and to a sports surgeon and they have decided to treat non-operatively. Even after getting 3 opinions.  Physically, I am trying to come back from it but mentally it is destroying me. What do you recommend to get out of my head and get back to strength training?

Thank you so much for your time and even if this doesn’t make the podcast, I hope to still hear from you.

Very Respectfully,

Joshua Turner

Michael Velino – 1:09:00-1:12:00

My question is about the keto diet variations.

Palumbo recommends 1 cheat meal a week for raising thyroid. Do you agree? Even if there’s a lot of weight to lose (100lbs)? Also the foods seem higher protein than fats ex 6oz chicken with 12 almonds or teaspoon olive oil vs the 70 fat/25 protein / 5 carb you mentioned?

Thanks for your help,


Taylor Zapalac – 1:12:00-1:18:52

First, this podcast is dope. Learning tons of stuff from you, and enjoying hearing about your experiences.

Second, my question: On podcast 2, you had a question about diet for a show and mentioned that a if you need more than 16 weeks to get in shape, you’re doing something wrong. Well, I’m on week 18 of my diet so this alarmed me. I (male, lifting 6 years) started at 245lb and am currently 222lb with a goal weight of 210lb losing 1lb per week. If I keep this up, my total diet will be about 28 weeks. Am I doing this too slow? Cut started with 3500 calories per day, and I have dropped 200 calories each time I plateaud, and I’m now sitting at 2700 calories. Cardio is 20 minutes 4x per week.

How do I move forward trying to hit my goal weight while not causing any  metabolic damage? Is it safe to add more cardio/drop calories more to lose it quicker?

Allen Anderson – 1:18:52-1:20:22

PJ, as a skinny guy I do a mixture of heavy training for about 4 weeks then higher rep training for 6-8 weeks to give my joints a break. Do you think this is ideal? Should I be training heavy more often to gain size? Or can I achieve my goal doing higher reps lighter weight?? I understand diet is essential I’m just wondering about the training aspect. Thank you in advance for the help I could listen to you drop knowledge bombs for hours like a kid listening to a teacher reading books.

Michael Diaz – 1:20:22-End

Avid Q&A follower.

If you could go back and talk to a younger you during your bodybuilding career, what is one thing you would tell yourself not to do?  Either because it was worthless or even gave negative results?

Also, what is one thing that you would be like “this thing! This is the first thing you should do because it was simple and it provided the most results”?  Other than proper diet.

Keep up the great work