AskPjBraun Podcast Episode 4




For a first timer, does it matter if you start with Brutal 4ce or Chosen 1? I know you often say test is best, so should a first cycle be with just brutal 4ce? My current natural test level is around 500 and free test is around 12. I am 26, currently making steady gains over the past 5 years and looking to get into physique.


I’m doing a transformation contest in January for my fire department and would like to get to 10% body fat. I’m currently 5’11,210lbs and about 18-20% bodyfat. I wanted to do carb cycling. Can you please give advice on how to set up a carb cycle diet hat would accomplish my goals in 12 weeks Or any other diet advice, or fat loss advice. Thank you!


Hello, I’m currently 22 years old and weighing in at about 236 pounds. The last cycle i did of BSL was back when u used to have Trenabol. I recently just got back into weight lifting seriously. So i always have had a physical job ,picking heavy stuff up so i know i have the muscle and it also proves in the gym. I’m happy with my strength i just want my muscle to show more almost as toning/shredding/cutting people would call it.  I’m currently running brutal force, eradicate, chosen 1 and abnormal followed by 3 pills of growth before bed and have seen a little muscle tone so my questions are

Are those supplements good or do u recommend different stuff for toning?

Cardio opinion while trying to tone?

Best way to figure out for my weight and body protein, fats etc intake ?


Hello PJ, my name is Trevor I am a 17 year old power lifter/bodybuilder and a huge fan of the Pj Braun Podcast and Blackstone Labs. I had a few questions regarding the use of testosterone & prohormones supplements at a young age.

  1. Do you believe young people could reap benefits of oral testosterone products or rather use natural testosterone boosting products?
  2. Secondly, What is your take on young people and pro-hormones? If these products are used correctly, could the benefits be good with little side effect?


Hey PJ, i look up to you body wise especially the way you looked durning your competitions. Dont worry thougt brotha you still look good now.. but i need some help and advice. Regaurdless of what you say im still going to proceed with what im going to do so no point of talking me out of it. If you can help that will be solid. Im 22, and been training for 4 years now. I have been doing SARMS for the past year and half. Im kind of past sarms and want to move on to anabolics. Im becoming a personal trainer and want to always look good and sick. I love sarms but i want the next step. For my first cycle im going to obviously run test and i want to stack it. Should i go with sus? Or sus and tren? I dont know bro. If you have any ideas for a first cycle let me know please. I build muscle easily im a big dude but i need to lose atleast 15 pounds maybeee 20 to aquire that lean six pack shredded look. Just help me out please for a first cycle. And some blackstone lab products that help get shredded. Not stimulant though.


I have a question: why did you stop upload the podcast??

And if you are going to continue so my question for PJ is:

PJ can you tell more details about your pro hormone products such as Chosen 1 and Metha-Quad. How long the cycle can be, what time of the day is best time to take it if it’s not your training day and etc. All answers are appreciated. Thanks for what you’re doing and please keep doing it.

You big fan from Russia Dmitriy.


Hey PJ love the podcast a lot of great information out there and it’s straight and to the point

My question is with all these people doing steroids without any knowledge on blood work could you briefly go over the importance of blood work and what we should be looking for both pre during and after blood work

Thanks in advance keep killing it out there you run a great business


First off wanted to say long time fan. You and Evan centopani represent Connecticut to the fullest. Congrats on all your business success as well. My question is in regards to keto and training. I love being keto but noticed the pump is harder to come by in the gym. I’ve been supplementing with higher doses of citrulline. Around 6g. Is there anything else you can think of to help facilitate the pump more while in a ketogenic state?  Thank you!