AskPjBraun Podcast Episode 5



Dimitry – 8:30-13:37

Hello PJ.

My question is: what should I expect from blood work on MethaQuad cycle? Can you be more specific and give me more details??

To be honest I also on Growth Hormone cycle 5ME per day for fat loss because I’m cutting.

So I decided to do my blood work and results were not as I expected.

My women hormones (estrogens) were very low even less than normal value.

And my testosterone value is very minimum. Testosterone free Normal value is 0.20-0.77 nmol/l. And mine is 0.28.

Total testosterone normal value is 8.33-30.19 and mine is 8.46.

So I went for doctor consultation and she told me that it’s ok in my situation. She also told me that I have to stop taking anything like this.

So I decided to ask you because I thought the test results should be very high on cycle and very low after but mine situation is weird.

To be honest I feel very good in Gym, my intensity is very high, power is growing. I’m losing fat and my weight is same, so it means muscles are growing. I feel bigger, stronger and better.

But when I go to my bed with my wife I want just to sleep. Doctor said to me that it’s first sign for low testosterone.

What should I do???

Best Regards from Russia.


Frank – 13:37-16:30

Thank you for answering my question on podcast 4. With your advice I will do keto vs carb cycling. That being said do you believe in tradition 70/20/10 keto macros or a higher protein keto for fat loss and bodybuilding type physique and if so what ratio do you like? Also what types of fats do you like on keto. Clean vs “dirty” ones? For example almonds and Avocado vs butter or mayonnaise?

Thank you again! Love the podcast!

Tom – 16:30-24:40

Long time listener first time caller (Mr. Obvious reference)

First off just wanted to say you’re an inspiration not only in bodybuilding but the business world.

Long story short: I am almost 22 years old and i was dieting hard for about a month and doing cardio and lifting and having great workouts. The month went by and I didn’t lose a single pound. I go to the doctor and come to find out my total test was at 204 and my free test is at 7.14 but I felt fine, workouts were great and libido was fine.  I got the blood work done 8 months after I finished my last cycle of test E 250mg with tren E 200mg a week for 16 weeks. I did nolva/clomid protocol and I’ll get my blood work done again soon to see where I’m at.  I spoke to a dietitian and she said I was technically starving myself because there was such a big caloric deficit of about 1200 calories a day (I was eating 2100 calories).

I’m 5’10, 235lbs with about 23% BF.

I started doing a carb cycling diet where M/T/W/F/S are low carb of under 50g, Thursday at about 100g, and Sunday a refeed day of 200g. Getting about 250-275g protein a day and adjusting my fat for the remaining calories to get to 2100 on the day. What’re your thoughts on this?

I’m also looking to run another cycle to help cut, I have test Cyp, tren E, and EQ. What would you recommend the protocol for this be? I was also going to add Frag 176-191 to the mix

Marina – 24:40-30:37

Hi PJ, this is Marina, how are you? I have talked to you before and had issues with my coach where he was giving me really low caloric diets where it was even hard to keep up with because of being hungry all day. I have been pushing my body for one year now with this low calories diet, training and cardio 7 days a week. During your Q&A cardio I was able to see that this wasn’t the best route to weight loss and building muscle. I followed your advice and contacted Karen, by the way, thank you for that, I start with her on Monday.  So now the issue is that my body is under a lot of stress and I haven’t seen any results in the past 2 months. What would be the best way to address that and actually get my hormones regulated and my body working again? Thank You so much.

Iain – 30:37-32:00

I’m a fan from Scotland. The health, fitness and supplement industry is thriving throughout the U.K – When do you think you will branch out to the U.K?

Keep up the good work and have a great Christmas.

Heridav – 32:00-49:27

Hello this is slash HeridaV slash Girlman , here again for a question for Peejai Brohn.

You’ve mentioned wanting to create what later became ENTICE ©. ***What made you partner up specifically with Kendra?** When I was learning about her,, seeing beyond her fame and sexuality,, I found someone nice, very humble and compassionate. ***Are qualities like niceness etc something one should look for in business partners?**


Josue – 49:27-59:00

What’s up and coming for blackstone? I’m ready for some new stuff