AskPjBraun Podcast Episode 6



#BEATPJ Contest Outline – 00:00-10:49

Sotiris – 10:55-21:46

I have been watching you and your channel since you and Aaron signed Jason circa 2012. Big fan. Given your success with BSL, and your experiences with business and investments, I’d be interested to know what your thoughts are on cryptocurrencies – do you think there’s a place for them in the future and are you personally invested in bitcoin, for example?

Cheers (from London, England)

Josue – 24:45-30:32

I just finished getting my bachelors degree and find myself bored with extra time on my hands… thinking of starting a blog/vlog centered around reviewing things I love (I.e. supplements, bodybuilding, athletic gear). As a successful entrepreneur and someone who runs a supplement company, what would you recommend I do to stand out and get it going so that I gain interest from viewers and also companies like yours so that I get sent products to review instead of going broke doing this? Also if I were to review one bsl product what would you recommend it be?

I lastly want to say thanks For staying strong during a rough year PJ. 2017 tried to kick your ass and you came back strong and seem ready to tackle 2018. It’s truly inspiring to see.

Michael – 30:32-34:20

Training for size vs training for strength? What are the differences? Why does it seem some guys can achieve both at the same time? Thanks again for being such a great resource to the Bodybuilding community.

William – 34:20-38:57

Hey PJ, so I’m 17 and I used to be 215lbs at 5 6”. I didn’t know anything about dieting and I decided to lose weight. Well I developed a eating disorder and exercised like crazy I wasn’t eating anything and lost about 50lbs in 3 months. I tried to get help and tried to eat again and gained about 20lbs back from starvation. Then I rebounded and got all the way down to 113lbs and was working out 4x a week and walking 14 miles a day every day. I was lean and tiny. On top of that I was only eating 1400 cals maybe. I eventually got help and then jumped my cals to 2300 and then quickly into the 3000 and my body regained about 40lbs and a lot of fat because I starved myself. So I tried to lose some  and now I’m in a position of not wanting to regain fat but I want to be able to not do cardio and eat a lot more and maybe lean out if recomp. Is possible. So is there any advice you would give me. Sorry for such a long question. Love your products and also is Epicatechin and laxogenin anything that would benefit a teen?

Frank – 38:57-41:25

Looking to do cycle to get lean as possible and starting keto in January. I also have a cycle set up of ripped blend, prop, tren, masteron 150mg. And winny. Also was gonna add Clen at some point.  How would you set this up for best results.

Nick – 41:25-47:10

In your experience, what would you say is the most important thing to establish within your company, and what have you learned from your mistakes that taught you the biggest lessons. I value anything you can pass onto me PJ.

Mike – 47:10-44:00

I hear a lot of stuff about sarms and this new sarm called rad-140. What are your thoughts about this sarm? Is it safe? Would I put more size on using rad-140 or should I wait until the new dhea product equalizer comes out and stack it with the elite stack? I’m 30 years old and trying to bulk up as much as possible this winter. I did have good results on the elite stack in the past. Thanks for your time.

Chris – 49:00-53:23

Can you break down the keto diet I don’t understand the specifics and 2nd ? Is i hear you say Chosen1 has no side effects so why take the PCT5! Thanks if you answer I’m a Blackstone member 4-life you have truly changed my life. 1 year ago i was 370lbs and i got down to 305lbs but holding at 315lbs right now and getting my ass back in gear with your motivation . Thanks for all though do PJ

Quinn – 53:23-59:30

Hey Pj, i know you just came off a slump and gotten back in shape. What advice can you give someone who was once in competition shape but then lost all his gains due to a bad break up and a 6 months hiatus from the gym. Thanks, Quinton.

Tom – 59:30-1:05:52

Following up with the previous question/answer and DMing PJ, this is what my low carb day looks like;

Total: 2130 cals, 34g carb/111g fat/245g protein

Breakfast: 8g carb/43g fat/70g protein

5 large eggs

1 cup egg white

1/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese

4 slices turkey bacon

Lunch: 12g carb/27g fat/50g protein

1 medium avocado

9.5oz tilapia

Dinner: 1g carb/46g fat/62g protein

2 large eggs

8oz 90/10 ground turkey

1/2 TBSP mayo

2 slices sharp cheddar cheese

Snacks: 14g carb/7g fat/70g protein

Carbmaster yogurt

1 scoop Whey protein

1 scoop casein protein

My main goal is to lose body fat. I have a good amount of muscle mass and I’m okay with losing a little muscle in order to be at a lower BF. I’d like to do a carb cycling plan, i believe my body (endomorph) is carb sensitive Current body fat is at 23%, 5’11 235lbs. My BMR is ~2100 calories and i workout everyday, adding about another 1000 calories burned per day.  And like I mentioned before I plan on doing a cycle of test cyp/tren E/EQ/arimidex along with chosen1/Trojan horse/gear support followed by proper PCT of hcg/nolva/clomid

Steve Sampson – 1:05:52-1:09:58

After losing the weight I now want to fill in with some good solid muscle. I only take 100mg test cyph per week and the dr won’t up it. Last test levels were around 550 and I had not had a shot for 10 days and did not take any APEX MALE test booster for over a week. I figure my levels were probably higher before the blood test when I was running everything. Anyway… if I start on Metha-Quad will I have to take Eradicate and will it interfere with my current test cycle? Can I still use the APEX MALE as well or is that even necessary? I value your input!

Thank you for everything you do. Thanks for keeping me on track with that personal challenge I’ve got going too. You’re a hell of a guy.