AskPjBraun Podcast Episode 9



Bryan 5:46

I received the weight loss diet for the program. I’m 6ft @ 226. The diet is supposedly a keto diet 30 it only contains 15g of added fat. The other concern is the diet is roughly 1350 calories not counting veggies.  
I realize this is a generic diet but I cannot function on 1350 cals per day, especially just starting a 12 week diet.  

Dmitriy 8:39

I met new fitness coach when I’ve been in Moscow. He studied in medical university for 10 years but work as fitness coach now. And he told me that when you are on cycle you don’t have to kill estrogens. Women gens like estradiol or prolactin suppose to be in our body. You can use estrogen inhibitors if they are very very high but if they are in normal value don’t do anything.
He knows the guy who blocked estrogens for very low value and he stopped to grow. His cycle was wasted.
And what normal dosage for Eradicate to keep estrogens in normal level not very low???
I wanna know your opinion.

Thanks for your time PJ and really good to have you back. I really missed you.

Hunter 9:58

Hey Pj! – really Diggin’ listening to this podcast. When I realized it was available on Soundcloud, I “Binge listened” to all 8 episodes, trying to absorb as much information as possible. I have talked with you on Instagram before, but figured I should ask my more complex question here. I am just now settling from exiting a very harsh weight loss period in my life, where I dropped from almost 190, down to just above 130. For a 5-11 guy, 130 is a little small. I have been working for just under a year to slowly and steadily gain up to just about 155. I have been calculating my TDEE, and eating almost exactly 2,798 following a simple 40/40/20 split I currently supplement with a Standard whey protein after my workouts, and creatine HCL daily, as well as Blackstone Labs anogenin. I am not gaining weight as consistently as I would like to, and I am seeing my body fat percentage and muscle mass fluctuate significantly (2-5%) on a monthly basis. So, to get to my real question – do you have any nutrition or supplementation tips for a little guy trying to pack on consistent clean mass?  -thanks for being so helpful and accessible all the time!

Evan 11:45

I started taking the hardcore muscle stack about 3 weeks ago, I have been taking one methaquad, one chosen one, one gear support in the am before my workout. and 3 growth at night every day for the last 21 days. Is this the correct dosage and way to take this stack or am I doing it incorrectly?

I am following the diet plan and I take about 1-2 rest days a week.

I plan on starting my pct v after 30 days and continue taking gear support.

Thanks for the support, loving the results.

Sway 13:55

Started my diet for men’s fatburner a couple weeks ago(believe the first week of Jan) and have lost “shit weight”. I’m 5’4 and I went from 147lbs to 140lbs give or take a lb or two throughout the day. I’m following your workouts from previous years bad ass workouts of the week 6 days a week and hitting 30 min of steady state cardio immediately after training 5 out of those 6 days(rest on sundays). My question is, what would you recommend I do if any changes at all? By the way Ive been following your diet down to the vitamins and all. Only change I made was eating 7 oz of protein for each of those 3 solid meals. I had asked a few weeks ago if that was a good modification which you kindly responded to try your serving size for a while on the last episode. With your hiatus I had already done this for about 3 weeks and do not know if I should raise the serving size at this point or stick to what I had been eating? Hope your feeling better by the way and glad to see cardio Q&A back.

Ps: love Trojan horse so far! 

John 14:43

What’s up PJ I have recently fallen off the wagon in the last 6 months and gained about 40 pounds making me 240 previously was about 200 from transitioning into work life from school and have started a physical job as an electrician apprentice.I have trouble finding my perfect amount of calories to cut on because I either lose no weight or even by just dropping calories by a few hundred, I feel way too depleted after about a week. How would you go about this task caloric wise and also which form of cardio do you think I should do? Appreciate everything you do for the community and love every single Blackstone product I have tried! 

Letty 18:45

Hi PJ! I hope you and all your family are well.

I am a bikini competitor on a prep with Karen Yoakum…I noticed when I took one Paraburn capsule I would feel nauseous for most of the day afterwards. I also made sure to take it with a meal and still had the nauseated feeling. I would like to take it and benefit from it. Do you have any advice?

Sean 20:21

Always a pleasure chatting with you on the dm about reptiles, on which my first question focuses. I know you’re into tegus and monitors, but would you ever consider getting into bigger snakes like retics?

My second question has to do with Melatonin, which I use a few times a week. I was doing some research recently and found a study conducted by MIT saying that melatonin can cause changes in the cardiovascular and immune system. Do you think there is any truth to that? The study also discussed how when the brain’s melatonin receptors are exposed to too much of the hormone, they become unresponsive. So with that being said, how should one effectively use or even cycle the supplement, in order for it to not lose its effectiveness.

Thanks again for the daily cardio Q and A’s and the podcast, but I am coming for you in the Beat PJ contest.

All the best and glad that you are back on track,

Frank 24:08

I’m on Hrt dose of 200mg of test cyp. And Arimadex.
Is there a better dose for fat burning effects? 300mg? 400mg? Also arimadex tricks?

Michael 25:15

Need to drop weight (including a lot of “shit weight”) after this holiday season, but due to recent financial setbacks I can’t do some of the expensive foods (sirloin, premium white fish, etc).  What would you say is a good “poor mans diet”?
Carb cycling worked really well for me in the past so examples of that would really help.

Paul 31:07

What rep range do you recommend for getting definition while in a cutting phase? Massive fan of yours, keep up the good work!

Eric 33:38

What’s up PJ,
I ordered the men’s hardcore stack along with the Braun Explosion stack. In the diet plan it says 50g of carbs per meal and two scoops of Formula 19 in my shake twice a day. My goal is to get as big and ripped as possible. Since I am at 26% body fat do you recommend me having that many carbs and sticking to the diet or should I tweak my diet for the best possible results for the challenge? Thx for everything you do, it does not go unnoticed.

Leo 35:16

Hey, pj thanks again for taking time from your busy days to answer all of our questions on fitness/bodybuilding, it is very much appreciated. I’m very much interested to know exactly how you lost 31lbs in 31 days without losing so much muscle if any. Details as in foods you were eating, supplements, number of meals, gear you were on and Cardio sessions and weight lifting. I’m currently 208lbs 5’9. I’m set on making a very dramatic physique transformation for the beatpj contest that I know I’d win. I’m a nursing student currently working part-time and have a baby on the way. Though my wife works full time, Ten thousand and one dollars would definitely put my worries aside about finances once the baby is here. I have all the motivation, dedication and tools, just need the game plan. Thanks again you da man! Blackstone labs supps for life!