Athlete Interview: Cody Montgomery



At Blackstone Labs, we’re fortunate to have some pretty amazing talent working with and for our fans. From the bodybuilders we sponsor to our predominantly bodybuilder staff, it should be obvious that we mean business. Today, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with the decorated Cody Montgomery. Without spoiling too much, Cody comes to us with a bright career in hand. Winner of the 2015 Mr. USA Heavyweight championship at the NPC USA Championship, Cody has an inspiring story and a hell of a work ethic.

Evan: “Can you give us a brief introduction about yourself? What sort of hobbies do you have, and what inspired you to become a competitive athlete?”

Cody: “What up BSL fans, your fav Blackstone Labs Athlete coming at you 😉 As many of you know or maybe you don’t, I was born in Alaska and grew up for the majority of my life in Texas. I started bodybuilding at age 15 and turned professional in the IFBB league at age 20. A few of my hobbies throughout the years that have stuck include golfing, watching / following many professional sports teams, playing with my pup(s), gaming, and hanging out with my fam.”

Evan: “Tell us about some of your accomplishments and the journey you took to obtain them.”

Cody: “As a teenager I won 3 teenage national titles as well as 1 collegiate national title (2014). The journey to these shows were always grueling but very well worth it in the end. Looking back at it – going to high school & training for these shows each summer will always stick with me as some of the best memories in my bodybuilding career. With Blackstone Labs help I turned professional in 2015, after they signed me to the team in 2014. Going into the NPC USA’s (where I turned pro) I had never felt better using all of Blackstone Labs products & the unlimited support that BSL has given me… I truly owe a lot to BSL & the advantages they’ve given my physique / myself for being the best version of myself each time I step on stage.”

Evan: “Do you have any trade secrets you’d be willing to share for those of us looking to commit to building a better body?”

Cody: “Dedication… Patience… And Consistency are the 3 words I try to live by approaching any physique or accomplishment type goals. Being dedicated comes on multiple levels but to truly be the best bodybuilder this thing really is 24/7 so being dedicated 50% of the time does nothing unless you are truly 100% in it dedicated. Patience is one of the hardest but yet most irreplaceable things in one journey… Nothings going to happen overnight – staying CONSISTENT and having patience are two of the most powerful tools to accomplishing your fitness goals / dreams.”

Evan: “Do you have a favorite Blackstone Labs product that you wouldn’t want to do without? Why?”

Cody: “GlycoLog or Formula 19… GlycoLog because it makes me feel less guilty eating a mass amount of carbs LOL. Just kidding but seriously this product always has a place in my stack for the usefulness of better utilizing the carbohydrates you’re consuming within your diet. Formula 19 is my go to product for around training and the carbs in this product help me get a better pump / recovery and also help give you a fuller look. These 2 products are not necessarily even my “favorite” products but def have a place in my life everyday & wouldn’t wanna see a day without em.”

Evan: “Is there any one/group you follow on Instagram when looking for advice or technique? What about for a good laugh?”

Cody: “I follow WorldStar which in today’s world is quite a bit of entertainment haha. For advice I follow mi40 and people like Ben Pakulski for tips / techniques.”

Evan: “Do you have any advice for youngsters who look up to your accomplishments or those who aspire to compete like you do?”

Cody: “Be patient, consistent and enjoy the journey. The more you enjoy each day of it, the better output on your end / results that will come about from it. Dream HUGE & always know someone else out there is working hard than you. Work HARDER!”


There you have it, folks. Cody Montgomery, one of Blackstone Labs’s pro’s, has been kind enough to share his time with us. Thank you again, Cody, for the time spent sharing your story.