Best Fitness Supplements for Building Muscle



Want to Find the Best Fitness Supplements For Building Muscle?

Building muscle can be a long, monotonous journey. It takes years of dedication and not missing a beat to put on even 5-10 pounds of lean tissue in a calendar year. This path gets even more complex as you advance and further into the process. It is wise to explore all available options when on your muscle-building path. Diet and training are the backbone, but supplements can push you along faster.

There are so many options regarding supplements that it can make your head spin. What is and isn’t worth your time can take a lot of trial and error. Here at Blackstone Labs, we have a dedicated team of specialists who can help decide what makes the most sense for you. We offer everything from natural plant anabolic products to DHEA-based prohormones. They all have a place and time; we are here to help.

Best Hardcore Muscle Builders

Hardcore Supplements For Building Muscle. Depicted: Metha-Quad Extreme, Brutal 4ce, AbNORmal, Gear Support, Epi-Smash, and others.

Blackstone Labs offers a unique set of DHEA-based prohormones designed explicitly for your goals. Out of our selection, three stand out for muscle-building purposes. Brutal4ce, AbNORmal, and Metha-Quad Extreme are the powerhouses of the muscle-building products. These can be taken as standalone cycles or combined, all pending your experience level. These products require on-cycle support, such as Gear Support and Eradicate, to cycle successfully and maximize your time. These are taken in 4-12 week increments and must be followed up with PCTV to solidify your gains and recover appropriately from the cycle.

Best Natural Muscle Builders

Natural muscle builders can play a significant part in muscle building. Blackstone Labs offers Epi-Smash, Halo Elite, Myo-Stack, and the SST-Kit. These products all work through different pathways and can be easily stacked together. Many people who use hardcore products will also use these in between their cycles to keep the gains rolling. These products require no PCT and are generally cycled in 16-week increments. These products do not affect natural hormone production and are safe for women to explore!

Best Stack for Muscle-Building set up

The ideal scenario would be to cycle the DHEA products for 4-12 weeks. Then, on your PCT, you bring in the natural muscle-building products. This combination and strategy allow you to maximize supplements’ potential. We use the DHEA products to make significant progress in a faster time frame. Then, while PCT is the most vulnerable part of your cycle, start the natural products. These products allow your body to recover from the cycle and keep progressing and help you hold your progress. This back-and-forth can be done year-round to maximize gains while being safe and competent.

Keep the basics involved

One of the biggest questions is whether you can still take the basics like protein, BCAAs, and pre-workout while cycling. The answer is YES! It is extremely wise always to keep your basics involved. Protein powder, for example, should pretty much never leave your regiment. There are staples in your programming that should remain no matter what. Changing as few variables as possible in your cycling is wise and helps to keep any guesswork to a minimum.

Supplements won’t help unless you help yourself

As a supplement company, of course, we preach the importance of supplements. But hard training and a perfect diet will always be king. If these bricks of your foundation are unstable, then all the supplements in the world will not help you. We constantly push the importance of the entire program and not just relying on one aspect to get you the desired results. Everything has to be working in unison to achieve maximum results. If things seem not to be clicking in your programming, always examine those two aspects first and pivot as needed. Supplements are the cherry on top of this sundae, and if you want to get the best progress, be sure to have all your ducks in a row in all aspects of your life!