Best Fitness Supplements for Women



A woman trying the best fitness supplements for women while weight training.

What are the best fitness supplements for women? Navigating the world of fitness supplements for women can be confusing and complicated in such a male-dominated market.

Building muscle and staying fit is a huge challenge for women. We have lower testosterone levels than men, so we must work harder to build muscle.

Women need adequate muscle so that their bodies will burn fat more efficiently when they are at rest. I’m not even talking about getting “bulky.” I’m talking about the importance of lean muscles that all women need to gain strength and increase energy expenditure.

Building muscle and proper nutrition can help develop a body that can be a fat-burning machine. Why is that? Because muscle burns fat. Muscle can increase your metabolic rate, and that will improve fat loss.

Let’s dive into why you can benefit from a solid fitness supplement regimen built for women like you.

How can fitness supplements help women?

I think that most women get worried about taking “muscle-building” fitness supplements. However, they can be the missing part of an excellent nutritional foundation. Supplements can;

Quit heading to the cardio machines, and let’s walk to the weights. Let me tell you about some essential fitness supplements that will only help you achieve that physique you envision. Here are my top picks for the best fitness supplements for women.

Best fitness supplements for women

Protein powder is an essential fitness supplement for women

Essential for muscle repair and growth, protein supplementation can help a woman meet their daily protein needs more efficiently, especially if she is finding it difficult some days. Whey protein is also great for muscle recovery after a workout.

Blackstone Labs Isolation is one of my favorite protein supplement brands because they have spot-on, easy-to-mix flavoring, and the powder is much less likely to clump than many other brands I’ve tried.

Our favorite pick is Blackstone Labs Isolation Protein Powder!

Creatine is a great muscle-building supplement for women

Many women fear creatine fitness supplements because they fear “water retention.” When it is a monohydrate, you will experience minimal water retention, and that water is being used to fill your muscles. The water can improve muscle growth and create a perfect environment for nutrients to flow and create this new muscle growth.

Our favorite is Blackstone Labs Creatine Monohydrate Supplement.

BCAA’s are the best recovery supplement for women

BCAA fitness supplements help women recover, reduce soreness, and support muscle growth. They can be particularly beneficial for intense weightlifting routines. I love taking these during my workout and sipping on them.

BCAA Resurgence is particularly great for recovery because it is more than just BCAAs; it’s an EAA supplement with added vitamins to aid recovery and support lean muscle growth.

Check out Blackstone Labs BCAA Resurgence!

Omega-3 Fatty Acids, such as Blackstone Labs Fish Oil

Omega-3 fatty acids, especially fish oil supplements, will reduce inflammation, improve joint health, and improve heart health, all critical for women’s health.

Vitamin D3, such as Blackstone Labs Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is essential for bone health and improving your immunity. Most people and women don’t get adequate vitamin D from the natural sunlight they need, so using Vitamin D supplements as supplementation is often required for many processes in your body.

Collagen, such as Blackstone Labs Instantized Collagen Peptides

Collagen is for more than just a pretty face or great skin. Collagen fitness supplements promote joint health and connective tissue, help prevent injuries, and improve your ability to grow muscle.


Magnesium helps with muscle function, energy production, and relaxation, making it a great fitness supplement for performance and recovery. Some types of magnesium will also improve digestion, meaning better nutrient absorption.

Building muscle as a woman can be challenging. However, you can build lean muscle mass with proper nutrition and the right fitness supplements. These supplements can help to improve energy, increase performance, and overall well-being.

Need help figuring out where to start? Try adding 1 supplement at a time and watch how fast and how much better you begin to feel during your workouts. Or contact our product and fitness helpline for custom-tailored fitness supplementation advice.