Better Gains Using Glycolog




There are so many ways that Glyocolog can benefit your muscle gains, fat loss, overall health and recovery. Let’s focus on how to take Glycolog to maximize your gains around your workout. You’ve heard us talk so much about how beneficial Glycolog is for shuttling carbs straight to your muscles. How it acts as an insulin mimetic to keep your blood glucose lower preventing your body from storing fat. But do you know how to utilize Glyocolog around your workout to maximize your muscle growth? 


Boost Post-Workout Recovery Glycolog can help damaged muscle tissue get repaired in no time.

Reduce Body Fat By shuttling glucose in the blood stream away from the fat cells, Glycolog bring on a reduction in body fat. When you have lower body fat you will be healthier by lower risks for  heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Decrease Cravings & Hunger High blood sugar that can occur with eating carbs can cause cravings for more carbs or sugars and cause you to feel hungrier throughout your day.  

Reduce Fatigue High blood sugar levels at any time will cause you to feel tired and fatigued in your day and mostly after a hard workout.  Using Glycolog not only fuels your muscles but your body as well.   


Glycolog can be taken any time with a meal containing carbohydrates to improve insulin control and stabilize blood sugar levels. You should use it with all “cheat meals” and refeeds to prevent blood sugar spikes, shuttling glycogen into the muscle and lowering the likelihood of fat storage. However, we want to show you how to use Glycolog to improve your training, muscle growth and endurance.  Using Glycolog before your workout allows you more efficient carb loading to increase muscle glycogen levels. This will improve performance in endurance and resistance athletes. As a bodybuilder you will see more explosive pumps as a result. During your post workout window, your body has become very carb sensitive and is ready to absorb all the nutrients from your post workout “meal”.  It will also help with recovery by feeding your muscles and shuttling all nutrients where you need them most.  Our suggestion on a good workout stack that will Maximize muscle growth, fat burning, and recovery is below.

PRE For greatest benefit, I recommend taking Glycolog with your pre-workout meal 45-60 minutes before your session. Before your workout I would take Dust V2 and/ or Hype to maximize blood flow to the muscles for that added pump and focus.

INTRA Intra-workout, sip on BCAA Resurgence. This will ensure that your body has a continuous supply of energy throughout your workout

POST Post workout with your meal, take Glycolog once again. This shuttles your post workout carbs directly to the muscle. Improving growth and recovery. You can take 1 scoop Isolation and Formula 19.  These are fast digesting and easy on your stomach too. With Glycolog you will ensure all nutrients are shuttled directly into your muscles and no fat will be stored.