Cody Montgomery Back Workout



We are back at it again with our rising star athlete Cody Montgomery!

We have been shooting A LOT of videos with Cody lately, and we just can’t seem to get enough of this guy! He never stops. Every single day we talk to him he’s back at the gym pushing harder than ever before. It really inspires us to push ourselves to this level of athleticism.

Cody takes us through one of his favorite routines for developing his back.

He starts with closed-grip pull downs to warm up his lats. We want to stress the importance of properly warming up before undertaking heavy-hitting exercises like this. Getting big and strong is great, for sure, but it is simply not worth it to risk an injury
that has the possibility to stay with you for a long time.

Cody takes us through the rest of his set, giving us the reasoning behind each exercise and why he does them the way he does, as well as how to properly execute each with his years of experience.

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