#BEATPJ 2019 Men's Hardcore Muscle Stack

If you are looking for explosive gains that will give you that competitive edge, then you are going to want to take your supplements seriously, and invest in prohormones that are as serious as you. The Beat PJ Men’s Hardcore Muscle stack features four products that will boost testosterone and HGH production,  while enhancing muscle recovery, mass, and strength, to bring maximum gains in minimal time.

In This Stack

  • Brutal 4ce is a non-liver toxic muscle gainer, that will boost testosterone and help you gain both mass and strength, fast.
  • Growth boosts your body’s HGH-producing potential, and helps you get better quality sleep.
  • Metha-Quad Extreme is a powerful prohormone stack, designed to bring on rapid gains in testosterone production and quality muscle. 
  • Chosen1 is a 1-DHEA-based supplement that will produce maximum lean gains. It will help you pack on the muscle, without the unwanted fat that sometimes comes with bulking.
  • Abnormal is the ultimate muscle builder, a 19-NorDHEA supplement that will dramatically improve muscle growth.
  • Eradicate is a strong, arimistane-powered estrogen inhibitor.

Stack and save, with the Beat PJ Men’s Hardcore Muscle Stack.