Ultimate PCT Stack

For those who are a bit more aggressive with their supplementation, the Ultimate PCT stack is a powerful post-cycle regimen, designed to get your body back in equilibrium after an aggressive cycle. These are the supplements that will not only restore balance, but will also help you keep those lean gains coming.

In This Stack

  • Eradicate is a strong, arimistane-powered estrogen inhibitor.
  • Gear Support is a vital organ-support supplement, designed to protect and purify your body’s systems while on an aggressive supplement cycle.
  • Apex Male is a natural testosterone production booster.
  • Recomp Rx is an anti-catabolic formula powered by ursolic acid, that will help you simultaneously burn fat while building muscle, helping you to change your body’s composition, naturally.
  • PCT V is a post-cycle support supplement, designed to preserve gains made during an aggressive supplement cycle, while restoring the body to homeostasis.

Stack and save, with Ultimate PCT.