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Fire up your metabolic inferno with Arson!

Blackstone Labs Arson is a high-potency thermogenic fat burner scientifically formulated to deliver extreme fat burning and accelerated weight loss.

The synergistic combination of stimulants, mood elevators, thermogenics, and lipolytic agents deliver an intense, long-lasting boost in energy, focus, and fat burning that will make dieting seem easier than ever.

It’s time to put unsightly body fat to the fire with Arson.

Eria Jarensis supplies long-lasting energy and euphoria thanks to the bounty of PEA alkaloids naturally residing in the plant. Eria jarensis is similar to PEA in its mood-elevating qualities, but due to its unique structure, supplies longer-lasting energy, focus, and mood than conventional PEA supplements.

Caffeine Anhydrous stimulates the CNS for greater energy and focus while simultaneously suppressing appetite and liberating stored fatty acids to be burned for energy. Simply put, no fat burner is complete without a robust dose of caffeine -- it lays the “groundwork” upon which all the other fat burning chemicals in Arson can stand.

2-aminoisoheptane intense psychostimulant promoting dialed-in focus, intense energy, and relentless drive to keep you on the go, no matter how low your calories fall while dieting.

Theobromine naturally occurring in dark chocolate, theobromine offers smooth longer-lasting energy to support the fast-acting and intense stimulation of caffeine, 2-aminoisoheptane, and eria jarensis to create the perfect stimulant blend of intense, sustained energy that keeps you energized all day long. Theobromine also improves insulin sensitivity and promotes vasodilation, supporting greater nutrient utilization and cardiovascular function.

Green Tea 98% Extract well-studied fat loss supplement noted to increase fat oxidation and energy expenditure during exercise and at rest. Green tea extract may also boost athletic performance (helping you train harder to burn more calories) as well as decrease body fat and waist circumference.

Citrus-Rx Lipolytic Blend contains a variety of flavonoids, polyphenols, and bioactive alkaloids from prominent citrus fruits that help enhance the breakdown of stored fats), suppress appetite and stimulate metabolism. The potent polyphenols naturally occurring in citrus have also been noted to combat body weight gain and insulin resistance as well as up-regulate PPARα

Capismax® patented, standardized form of cayenne pepper extract documented to boost thermogenesis and decrease appetite. Capsimax helps turbocharge your metabolism, creating a metabolic inferno that has the body burning extra calories all day long.

Yohimbe Extract supplies a trio of powerful fat loss stimulants including yohimbine, 11-hydroxy yohimbine, and alpha yohimbine, and. Together, these alkaloids stimulate the CNS, increase motivation, and (most importantly) inhibit the body’s natural fat-storage mechanisms allowing for increased fat burning and weight loss.

Grains of Paradise pungent spice rich in a number of fat mobilizing compounds, including 6-paradol, noted to boost energy expenditure, calorie burning, and brown fat mobilization encouraging faster fat loss. Grains of Paradise also exerts a prominent thermogenic effect supplying the intense heat wave you’ll feel when using Arson.

Black Pepper Extract standardized to 95% piperine -- the tongue-tingling alkaloid that gives black pepper its bits. Piperine improves the bioavailability and absorption of the other fat burning compounds in Arson and also exerts some fat reducing and lipid lowering effects.

As a dietary supplement, take one (1) capsule in the morning and one (1) capsule in the afternoon. Do not exceed two (3) tcapsules daily.

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Cenk A.
Australia Australia

Would highly recommend arson!

Think king cobra, meets rocket fuel! Does exactly as described. This hardcore stim is not for the beginner! Suppressed appetite for most of the day (atleast 12hrs) while giving ultimate focus, energy and thermogenesis. 1 week in,0 training and already down 3kg.week 2 included the training and proper diet down 5kg. I would highly recommend this product as it does exactly as it is meant to plus more!! Just as a warning. Prepare yourself if you up the dosage to 2. I like to think I am pretty accustom to most stims out there but 2 of these for me was very over whelming. So result 1 a day and more use out of each bottle! Blackstone you’ve done it again!

Alberto H.
United States United States


Great overall love the focus and energy totally recommend

Michael O.

Freakin Awesome Stuff! Love it!

Freakin Awesome Stuff! Love it!

Justin O.

Gamechanger for Contest Prep

I implemented Arson toward the end of my contest prep when the diet and the cardio became a struggle, when I needed to lose those last bits of stubborn fat. What I was expecting was an insane stimulant and thermogenic fat burner, but what I got was a supplement that elevated my mood, brought me back to life (from the walking dead!) and sustained me throughout the final weeks of ****. I will never prep again without it, and my wife and I frequently joke that it saved our marriage, as we were both extremely grumpy and irritable until we started taking it. Thank you, Blackstone Labs, for delivering such an incredible supplement to the market.

Roberto D.


Amazing day burner! Not only does it give me energy, but it also allows me to trim down pretty quick with a low carb diet.

David J.

Good product

Good product