Braun Explosion Stack

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Maximizing your gains is a function of maximizing your workouts, and the Braun Explosion stack has everything you need to boost your intra and post-workout experience. Perfect for men, women, novices, or experienced lifters, this stack will enhance your energy and focus during your workout, and ensure that your depleted muscles get the carbs and quality protein that they need to grow post-workout, and fast.  

In This Stack

  • Glycolog is a nutrient partitioning agent that directs the carbs you eat straight to the muscles, so that those pre-and post-workout carbs get directed to muscle gains, and not fat.
  • BCAA Resurgence is a branch chain amino acid powder made to promote recovery, energy production, and mental acuity.
  • Isolation is a 100% whey isolate powder, designed for easy mixing and lightning fast absorption.
  • Formula 19 is a carbohydrate-based post-workout supplement, that will boost your recovery and growth rate by replenishing glycogen, activating protein synthesis and halting catabolism.  

Stack and save, with the Braun Explosion Stack.

Braun Explosion Stack - Dosage Instructions

The Braun EXPLOSION Stack, by Blackstone Labs.

Contains 1 bottle each of Isolation, Resurgence, Glycolog, and Formula 19.