#BEATPJ Women's Hardcore Muscle Stack
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$ 269.99

Some girls are just willing to be a little more daring with their supplements, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The Beat PJ Women’s Hardcore Muscle stack has four products that will enhance your weight-lifting efforts, by helping you to recover and build more quality muscle, faster. These are the supplements that will bring on some serious gains by boosting protein synthesis, while trimming excess body fat. With this stack, you will rest better and recover more quickly, too.

In This Stack:

  • Abnormal is the ultimate muscle builder, a 19-NorDHEA supplement that will dramatically improve muscle growth.
  • Growth boosts your body’s HGH-producing potential, and helps you get better quality sleep.
  • Anogenin is a non-hormonal muscle builder that will help you increase your muscle mass, decrease your body fat, and enhance your performance and recovery.
  • EpiCat enhances your body’s fat-burning and muscle-building potential, naturally.

Stack and save with the Beat PJ Women’s Hardcore Muscle stack.

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