Dust V2 vs C4 — No Comparison!



Editor’s Note: This article is about a discontinued product. Dust v2 has been replaced with Dust Reloaded

Selecting the right pre workout can be one of the most exhausting and mentally draining tasks. There’s literally thousands of options on the market all touting more or less the same slogans (“Massive Pumps”, “Laser Focus”, “Endless Energy”).

No doubt you’ve come across “the most popular” pre workout in America, C4, when perusing the supplements aisle at your local store. Now, claiming to be the most popular or #1 pre workout is pretty big talk, but, as we know, talk is cheap.

So, let’s take a little deeper look at the ingredients in C4 and see how it stacks up against Blackstone Labs own top-rated pre workout Dust V2. Then you can judge for yourself, which pre workout is actually a contender for best on the market, and which is a waste of money!

Dust V2 vs C4

Wrap Up

When you begin to compare other pre workouts on the market to Dust V2, it’s pretty easy to see why Dust V2 is one of the premier high energy pre workouts available. Better energy, better performance, and bigger pumps — you get it all with Blackstone Labs Dust V2!

Try just one scoop of Dust V2 and you’ll quickly realize what a true pre workout supplement is all about!