Eat fat, Build Muscle



The low down on fats and bodybuilding:

Let’s take a step back to the 80’s. When fats were demonized and we were told all the world’s problems could be linked back to this evil little macronutrient. Luckily, we have learned much since this time. For those who don’t know, the body requires fatty acids for many metabolic processes within the body. From regulating hormones to building cell membranes to transporting fat soluble vitamins, fats play a key role not only in health but building muscle as well. There is a time and place of course to play around with them in a dieting phase but this is not sustainable long term by any means. Fats are an essential nutrient! 

Now it is very easy to over do it when it comes to fats. Fats contain 9 calories per gram. Compare that to protein and carbohydrates that both carry 4 calories per gram. Having double the calories per gram can make this essential nutrient dangerous for your waistline. But when used appropriately, can provide the body with the building blocks of the muscle cell membrane and help facilitate the much needed hormone production required to get leaner and build muscle. We have only scratched the surface on the importance of fats. Some other benefits include 

 All fats however are not created equal!

As a fitness minded person who is focused on physique enhancement we want a good amount of mono-unsaturated (omega-3) fats. This one should take precedence and priority. The mono-unsaturated Omega-3s will provide many of the health benefits stated. Poly-unsaturated (omega-6) and saturated fats provide benefits to muscle building but their intake should be calculated and intensional. Poly-unsaturated Omega-6 coming from animal sources will provide the muscle with the arachidonic acid needed for regulating localized muscle inflammation. Saturated fats in moderation, being a precursor to many hormones will help keep sex hormones more regulated and in favorable levels conducive to muscle building. 

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