Five Common Tips for Staying Focused at the Gym



In fitness and weight training progression, self-awareness and focus are both key factors in maximizing your results. Fewer things are more likely to muck up your gains than a lack of focus during your workout. Here are some tips to keep your attention where it needs to be, for longer.

Stick to Your Plan

I’ve brought this up in many different contexts before, but it deserves to be repeated in this instance. Failing to plan is planning to fail, and you are definitely going to falter if you don’t have a plan from the get-go. By printing or writing down your planned workout, and then of course following it, you are more likely to stick to your routine, keeping your head focused where it needs to be. Consider your goals, and plan accordingly, and then execute said plan of exercises, sets, and reps for your workout.

Limit Any and All Distractions

This seems to be common-sense, but the fewer distractions you have during your workout, the more likely you are to focus on your workout. Don’t choose uncomfortable clothing that doesn’t allow you to perform at your best, make sure you pack your gym bag with all workout essentials prior, and, if you are a phone addict, consider using a simple MP3 player for your music, instead.

Fire Up a Bumping Playlist, to Pick you up When you Need it

Speaking of music, my personal philosophy when I get into the gym is Headphones on and world off. Listening to a playlist that moves and motivates you will not only rev you up and keep you going, but it will also block out external noises that may distract you. If your headphones are especially large and intimidating, that’s even better for keeping the gym chatters away.

Focus on the Form

Especially when performing new exercises, the temptation is always there to focus on ego-driven factors like the number of pounds you are lifting, instead of trying to perfect the movement for progression. If you don’t know what you’re doing, or going about an exercise all wrong, you’re more likely to either stop mid-set, or just give up entirely. Even worse, you can let your mind wander, as it does with doing any other sorts of chores, and end up with an injury. To prevent this, try to perfect the exercises you execute, honing in on form as something to focus on. Be mindful of your breathing, positioning, and alignment, as you perfect each set and rep.

Do What You Love

If you aren’t enjoying your workouts, then reconsider your workouts of choice. You are 100% more likely to keep your focus, if you love what you’re doing. Consider shaping your workouts around your interest and personality, and you won’t be tempted to let your mind wander.

Keep your head in the game and increase your self-awareness during your workouts, to stay focused, for longer.