Glutathione: What it Does and Why We Could Use Some

The functionality of our bodies is important to productive athletes, especially bodybuilders. In order to compete and have hopes of winning any sort of competition, our bodies need to look and act the part of a champion. To reach the pinnacles of perfect builds and heightened strengths, we pump our bodies full of supplements and eat certain types of foods. The end results typically look pretty stellar; exactly what we wanted, right? All of this is well and good, but the reality is that our organs and the inner workings of our bodies tend to suffer from what we ingest – particularly the liver. Remember: Everything we consume is processed through our bodies.

This past week, I had the opportunity to speak with Craig Fuller, a 15 year firefighter and paramedic who doubles as a Glutathione specialist for LiquIVida Lounge (able to administer Glutathione intravenously to customers). Through Craig, I learned much about the benefits of taking Glutathione, a master antioxidant for the body that helps prevent damage at the cellular level. A combination of three amino acids, Glutathione provides positive results for those who take it (unless they are allergic). Below, we’ll examine the benefits and potential problems of taking Glutathione and why it could be an extremely helpful substance for improving our overall health.

What is Glutathione?

Outside of being a mouthful to say, Glutathione represents something that not many other substances can: an overall positive approach to staying healthy. Low levels of Glutathione can cause immune system issues, often leading to chronic illnesses. If you’re one who is always sick, Craig said, there’s a good chance your Glutathione levels are too low. So what benefits can taking Glutathione – a substance that is only available via a shot or IV – provide?

As far as the negatives of taking Glutathione, you’re really limited to just one:

Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? That’s because it is. After speaking with Craig and doing some extra research, the negatives of Glutathione – outside of maybe costing you a pretty penny here and there – is that you can have an allergic reaction. While not trying to downplay allergic reactions (they’re serious and should be cause for concern), Glutathione has not been shown to contribute negatively to the body.

How do we get some, and why may costs be elevated?

LiquIVida Lounge offers IV drips and shots for Glutathione, for one, with offices spread throughout the U.S.A. Do some light research where you live and find out who offers Glutathione boosts. Should you not wish to pay for the IV or shot, you can naturally improve your levels by consuming green vegetables (like spinach, asparagus, avocado, broccoli, etc.), as well as carrots and grapefruit. Vitamins C and D provide a boost, too, along with green tea, fish oil, and milk thistle. Despite taking these, you won’t notice a worthwhile gain in Glutathione levels.

Reasons for elevated costs are pretty clear, too. No preservatives are put in Glutathione, meaning after 30 days, the product must be thrown away. Keeping preservatives out of Glutathione means you’ll be receiving a healthier dose during each visit. When asked about price, Craig mentioned that the cost has dropped significantly over the last decade, meaning more people have access to Glutathione, too.

As I already mentioned, the only two methods of actually boosting Glutathione significantly are via an IV drip or through a shot. To this point, there is no pill or supplement that you can take orally, as we only absorb a miniscule amount of what we ingest. Here are the rundowns on both methods:


Glutathione is a pretty intriguing idea. As a school teacher who is often sick, I’ve since considered running blood work to see whether my Glutathione levels are low (and I’ll report if I do, indeed, do that). The positive results of taking Glutathione seem to massively outweigh the negatives and could provide some pretty incredible improvements to your overall well being. Consider the amount of supplements or chemicals your body consumes on your path to bodybuilding greatness and what sort of damage that could do to your innards. Glutathione may be an answer, or at least a significant assistance, to that problem.