Grains of Paradise: Ingredient Breakdown



In my younger days, fat burners were marketed in droves and I often found myself nearly falling for their hyperbolic and inauthentic testimonials. Advertisements and emails would spam my inbox or browser with new products at a rapid pace. Each one proclaimed theirs a “miracle” pill, verified by any assortment of random doctors. In my time writing for Blackstone Labs, I’ve learned a few things: Good products exist, there is no magical miracle ingredient, and a desired outcome requires effort. 6-Paradol, a compound in a spice known as Grains of Paradise (Aframomum Melegueta), is an ingredient with the chops to enhance the effectiveness of any fat burner. Continuing from here, we’ll go into what makes 6-Paradol so great and where among our products you can find it.

Nicknamed Grains of Paradise, 6-Paradol has an earned reputation. Originating from the ginger family, Grains of Paradise contains a few active compounds that help to increase energy expenditure in the forms of 6-Paradol and 6-Gingerol. Quite a few studies have been done on the effectiveness of 6-Paradol, and the results have been promising. 6-Paradol works through two mechanisms to help burn fat. By promoting the transformation of white adipose into brown fat, or brown adipose tissue, 6-Paradol effectively increases energy expenditure. To add to that, 6-Paradol also increases the burning of calories through the activity of the brown adipose tissue. In fact, by taking just 40 mg of Grains of Paradise, research shows that an increase of 400% of calorie burning can take place – in just 30 minutes, with users reportedly experiencing an approximately 6% metabolic rate increase. Additionally, 6-Paradol can help battle that pesky abdominal or visceral fat, making it an ideal ingredient in any fat burner.

Some users are turned away from fat burners because many ingredients in fat burners are stimulants. Jitters and increased heart rates are common side effects of fat burners and their ingredients, which are major deterrents to some consumers. Fortunately, 6-Paradol is a non-stimulant, meaning that you’ll be free of any of the aforementioned unwanted side effects. Many products, however, still include some form of caffeine or stimulant, so be sure to read the health labels and do some extra research if you should find yourself in such a predicament. With that said, it’s easy to see why 6-Paradol and Grains of Paradise are such beloved ingredients in fat burners.

Of course, an ingredient so potent deserves to be included in one (or more) of our products, and I’m happy to say that we have a couple products featuring 6-Paradol and Paradoxine (the premier Grains of Paradise extract). The first product in our lineup is the Cobra 6p. Boasting a lineup of ingredients headlined by 6-Paradol, Cobra 6p not only increases the energy and focus you’ll have for that upcoming workout, it helps reduce your appetite, which in turn should theoretically reduce your caloric intake and limit your cravings. Also included is a healthy dosing of 3,3 diiodothyronine (also known as T2), which is similar to T3 (the thyroid activator) but without the negative side effects. In other words, T2 won’t cause your body to become reliant upon it, thus avoiding a permanent thyroid shutdown. Capsaicin is also included in Cobra 6p, increasing your body temperature and speeding up your metabolic rate, which, when paired with 6-Paradol, will yield those sought after results (particularly when it comes to keeping your waistline in line). Theobromine and achyranthes aspera round out the ingredients of Cobra 6p, improving insulin sensitivity and reducing blood glucose levels (while stimulating the thyroid hormone) respectively. Cobra 6p is one of the best fat burners you’ll find on the market; test it out and see for yourself (this product is a stimulant).

Next up on our list of products that reap the benefits of 6-Paradol is King Cobra. Have you tried everything in your arsenal but still find yourself plateauing when it comes to weight loss? Looking for a fat burner that can put some pep in your step after all others have failed? The answer is more power. King Cobra, aptly named after the longest venomous snake in the world, is the king undisputed of our Cobra product line. Where Cobra 6p and Cobra 6p Extreme prove successful, King Cobra dropkicks your body into a full out fat burning rampage. Featuring Paradoxine – among many other intensely potent ingredients – King Cobra produces a fat burner unlike any other. Paradoxine, as we briefly mentioned, is one of the best extracts of Grains of Paradise, increasing energy expenditure and the use of brown adipose tissue. Be careful with this one; King Cobra is a stimulant fat burner and is certainly not for the faint of heart. For those ready to tame the beast and kick that plateau, this is the product for you.

When utilized appropriately, Grains of Paradise can kickstart an epic fat burning experience. As we lead this article, 6-Paradol is not a miracle pill, but with proper control of your diet and exercise regimen, you might find that it’s just what you need to get to your weight loss goals quicker than ever before.