Don’t be afraid of carbs; embrace them with Glycolog. Carbs don’t have to mean fat; with the right nudge, your carbs can be used for muscle growth and repair instead of fat storage.

Enjoy less nutrient-dense with confidence.

Accelerate fat loss.

Increase muscle growth and recovery.

Natural ingredients.

Before and After photo of fitness progress of a person using Glycolog

A better way to lose weight & gain muscle

Losing weight can be tough; sometimes, your genetics aren’t in your corner. Chances are, you’ve tried various weight loss methods to help shed your extra pounds, but to no avail. You’re not alone; we’ve helped thousands of people with stories like you get in the best shape of their lives. When diet and exercise aren’t enough to shed the extra weight, you may need an ally likeGlycolog in your corner.

Changing your lifestyle to lose weight is hard, and you’ll quickly begin to miss (or cheat with) the high-sugar, high-carb meals you used to enjoy before your diet. Each time you indulge, you can feel like your goal is becoming further and further out of reach.

Luckily, you don’t have to make as many compromises anymore.

The goal behind Glycolog was to create a product that made it easier for the average person to slim down and bulk up, as well as lessen the blow that cheat meals and small mistakes in diet can make to their overall fitness progress.

Glycolog. May improve glucose metabolism. May aid in weight loss and muscle building. May help partition nutrients from food.

We’ve spent years putting together the perfect formula for improving how your body processes carbohydrates and glucose to make weight loss accessible to everyone.

Glycolog allows carbohydrates to assist more actively in muscle growth and fat loss and helps you gain more carb confidence to enjoy the foods you used to love responsibly. More importantly, Glycolog can empower more people (who have failed with other methods) to lose weight safely and effectively.

Glycolog coerces your metabolism to use carbohydrates more readily as energy, helps to regulate blood sugar more consistently, and convinces your body to use stored fat as an energy source more often. Thus, you can enjoy more energy, build muscle, and burn fat more effectively.

How does it work?

Understanding fat gain and loss within the body starts with one key component: insulin.

Insulin guides nutrients throughout the body, taking them where they need to be most. It directs glucose (sugar) into your muscles. This process helps to support muscle growth and gives your muscles the energy they need throughout your workouts.

But insulin also speeds up the creation of new fat cells, so how can you get insulin to work towards creating new muscle without creating new fat?

It all comes down to genetics, or really, what is called Muscle Insulin Sensitivity.

All of us know a friend who can eat whatever they want and they don’t gain a pound. We may wonder how he can do it.

The answer is that their muscle insulin sensitivity is high.

Their body efficiently processes glucose to their muscles instead of storing it as fat. If you have a low muscle insulin sensitivity, your food will be stored as fat instead of being shuttled to your muscles.

Glycolog helps increase muscle insulin sensitivity, making it harder for food to be stored as fat.

High muscle insulin sensitivity: after food intake, insulin quickly shuttles glucose into the muscles. Low muscle insulin sensitivity: after food intake, insulin slowly converts glucose into fat tissue.

What to expect from Glycolog

Use Carbs More Effectively

Glycolog redefines your body’s relationship with carbs. Carbs are no longer a liability to muscle growth and fat burn. Instead, carbs are more quickly processed and directed towards muscle synthesis and energy. Enable a more effective use of your daily carb intake with Glycolog.

Fuel Your Muscles More Effectively

Glycolog facilitates more efficient glucose transport to your muscles, supporting enhanced energy availability for muscle growth and repair. Prepare yourself for a noticeable difference in muscle growth. Make every workout count just a little bit more with Glycolog.  

More Consistent and Improved Energy Levels

Say goodbye to energy surges and spikes throughout the day. Glycolog can help stabilize your glucose levels, providing an improved and more consistent energy supply to keep you going stronger and longer, both inside and outside of the gym.  

Insulin Mimetic

Glycolog helps optimize the uptake of vital nutrients into your muscles, similar to insulin. Make sure your muscles get the maximum benefit from every meal and get better, faster results for muscle growth and recovery.  

Fat Burn

Say hello to a faster metabolism, which coerces your body to use stored fat instead of carbs or muscle for energy. This can help with weight loss and crafting a cleaner, leaner, more defined physique.

Less Stress Cheat Meals

Enjoy all your favorite high-carb meals (responsibly) without derailing your progress. Glycolog helps reduce the stress over cheat meals, so that you can take more from your meals, even when you are strategically indulging in not-so-healthy foods.

Maximize Muscle Growth & Conquer Carb Concerns with Glycolog

Blackstone Labs, the maker of Metha-Quad Extreme, introduces a revolutionary product that will change how you view carbs. As a powerful insulin mimetic, Glycolog helps your body use carbs to fuel muscle instead of fat.

Glycolog allows athletes and bodybuilders of all kinds to harness the full nutritional potential of their carb-heavy meals and turn them into cleaner and leaner muscle-building fuel while maintaining higher and more consistent energy levels throughout the day.

Redefine how you view your cheat meals with Glycolog; with better nutrient absorption, the bar of what a cheat meal is has just fallen lower.

Transforming carbs into muscle instead of fat

Efficient Carb-to-Muscle Conversion

Glycolog ensures carbs are swiftly shuttled into muscle cells, promoting energy production and growth.  

Elevated Muscle Fueling

Optimizes insulin’s role in carbohydrate transport, offering a sustained energy source for demanding workouts.  

Consistent Energy Supply

Glycolog eliminates energy dips and sustains your performance by stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Innovative Insulin Mimetic

This product mimics insulin’s effects to improve nutrient absorption, providing a significant boost in muscle building and recovery.  

Before and after photo of a customer using Glycolog

Combining nature’s best carb converters and glucose regulators in one supplement

By leveraging science and nature’s most potent glucose regulators and carb converters on the planet, Blackstone Labs has crafted Glycolog to be the ultimate nutrient partitioner. Make indulgences work more in your favor, and help shuttle vital nutrients to where they’re needed most. Glycolog convinces your body to use every calorie of fuel more efficiently so you can focus on what matters most.

What’s Inside Glycolog?


Helps accelerate insulin action for better blood sugar control, increasing energy consistency.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Boosts insulin’s function to help decrease blood sugar levels, improving insulin secretion rate.  

Bitter Melon

Acts as an insulin mimicker, which can enhance glucose and nutrient absorption into cells without insulin’s presence.  

Super Berberine

Helps reduce blood sugar and boost insulin sensitivity, pushing more amino acids into cells.

Cinnamon Bark Extract

Demonstrates insulin-like properties, enhancing glucose transport into muscle tissues.

Sodium R-Lipoate (ALA)

Can reduce blood glucose levels, and promote cell hydration and nerve repair.

Bioperine (Black Pepper)

Enhances the bioavailability of all nutrients and ingredients, maximizing the supplement’s effectiveness.  

What does Glycolog Do?

Optimized Nutrient Delivery & Antioxidant Protection

Glycolog harnesses the power of key nutrients and antioxidants such as Chromium, Gymnema Sylvestre, and Cinnamon Bark Extract to ensure that carbohydrates are transformed into fuel for your muscles instead of fat. This process enables more efficient energy production inside and outside the gym. Glycolog can also help offer protection against oxidative stress, safeguarding cellular health and function.

Shuttles carbs into your muscles: maximizing energy availability for intense workouts and muscle growth.  

Potent antioxidant protection reduces oxidative stress and promotes longevity and wellness.  

Enhanced Muscle Insulin Sensitivity & Comprehensive Fat Loss Support

Bitter Melon, Super Berberine, and ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) are critical in enhancing the body’s natural glucose uptake mechanisms. They help the body direct more glucose into muscle cells, where it can be used for energy and growth rather than stored as fat. Helping you burn more fat and build more muscle.

Enhances glucose uptake into muscle cells: Helps to ensure carbs are used efficiently for muscle fueling and recovery, contributing to better workouts and muscle gains.

Enables less stressful cheat meals, by ensuring excess carbohydrates are directed towards muscle synthesis instead of fat storage, allowing for less guilt over indulgence in your favorite foods.

Activates the body’s fat-burning processes: Super Berberine and ALA can enhance metabolic rate and encourage the use of stored fat for energy, boosting fat loss.

Elevates energy levels throughout the day: Eliminate the highs and lows associated with fluctuating blood sugar levels, and get more from your day, inside and outside of the gym.