HIIT Cardio vs Steady Cardio



Like all things related to fitness, cardio has found itself in the midst of a heated debate.

As it stands, there are two popular schools of thought when it comes to cardio: HIIT, which is High-Intensity Inverval Training, and steady-state cardio. One involves operating at a minimum of 90% of your body’s maximum capacity and then resting, while the other encourages a person to train at a moderate level for an extended period of time without resting.

In the end, the overarching goal is to burn fat and increase definition. So which is best? We asked our two resident smart people Bryan Moskow, AKA The Guerrilla Chemist, and IFBB pro Laurin Conlin, who holds an MS in exercise science. Watch as the two of them break down all of the information, backed scientifically, and decide which best suits your own needs.

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