Letro XT: The Secret to Estrogen Control



By PJ Braun

Letro Xt by Blackstone Labs is a potent, irreversible aromatase inhibitor that inhibits estrogen biosynthesis by permanently binding and inactivating aromatase in adipose and peripheral tissue. It is used to control Estrogen synthesis.

Whoa! Ok so what the heck does this mean for you and me?

When cycling any Testosterone boosting supplements there is always the risk of some of it converting to estrogen. Now this doesn’t just happen overnight, but it can start as some extra water retention and bloat, turn into fat storage, and, in the worst case scenarios, gynecomastia which is the development of female breast tissue, aka MAN BOOBS!

The reason we affectionately call this the Man-Boob Killer is because the results occur so fast the risk of man boobs is reduced to close to zero. I tested this product on myself before we released it and was blown away by how fast I tightened up. I had not been taking any aromatase inhibitors so my estrogen was a little higher than it needed to be and I was holding some water. Not only did the scale go down and my definition start to really pop, but my mood was elevated because having too much estrogen can make you depressed and moody and I had not even realized it at the time! Who needs that?

Because I was so curious, I doubled my dose to see if more was better and then had my blood work done. I was shocked; I had actually dropped my estrogen too low, which lead to me being tired and fatigued. As Bodybuilders, it’s common to get caught up in a “more is better” mentality, but in this case, less was more.

This is such a potent fast-working product that it can be used in emergency situations like puffy swelling of the nipples, or to combat “envelope pushing cycles’. However it can be used as a stand alone, or PCT product to balance your bodies hormones out and ensure your odds of being Testosterone dominant are great.

The only time you wouldn’t really benefit from this product would be… Well, if you were taking another great anti aromatase product like Blackstone Labs Eradicate, which is tried and true Arimistane. The main difference between the two is that Letro XT works fast and aggressive, where Eradicate is a slow and steady build. If you’re in a pickle and worried about Gyno you will be hard-pressed to find anything more effective, but if you are not worried about Gyno and still want to keep estrogenic water bloat and fat storage down add in Letro XT to keep your gains clean and dry! 

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