Nerds in Training | Episode 1



The time has finally come. While Blackstone Labs is firmly a brand created by bodybuilders, for bodybuilders, it also has a number of the best and brightest working for them behind the scenes. We are proud of our diverse staff, a conglomerate of some of the finest writers (obv), IT professionals, graphic artists, videographers, etc.

That being said, some need all the help they can get in the lifting department. Luckily we have professionals like IFBB Pro Cody Montgomery available to share their extensive knowledge on the matter.

On the flip side, dudes like Cody are severely lacking in the video game department. Scrub status confirmed, Cody looks to Chris Herron, IT director and former Starcraft II pro gamer, for a crash course in arguably the most difficult game franchise in recent years: Dark Souls. Chris puts him through the ringer as he tries to coach him on his journey to Firelink Shrine. Seeing “YOU DIED” flash before him continuously, Cody Tries his damndest to find the endurance to achieve his lofty aspirations.

Everyone loves a fish-out-of-water story and this one is no exception. This was probably one of the funnest videos we’ve shot to date.

The struggle is real. See for yourself!

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Gym footage recorded at:
Power Sports Academy
South Florida’s Strongest Gym
Professional Strength and Conditioning