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  • Improves gut health
  • Supports muscle growth
  • Supports muscle retention
  • Improves immune health

Glutamine provides benefits for protein synthesis, improves muscle cell volumization, and optimizes recovery in the gym. Glutamine, by Blackstone Labs, contains 99.5% pure Glutamine for muscle support.


L-Glutamine (5g) is one of the most abundant amino acids in the body. Research shows that glutamine provides various benefits in terms of immunity, muscle protein synthesis, recovery, and gut health. Glutamine actually supplies 35% of nitrogen to muscles to synthesize proteins. The benefits of maintaining a high nitrogen balance in the muscle prevents muscle breakdown, therefore retaining more muscle. This equates to a leaner you! A leaner you means you have less body fat, so, in essence, glutamine may help with the reduction of overall body fat.


As a dietary supplement, mix one (1) scoop daily with 4oz water post-workout. Do not exceed one (1) serving per day. Keep in a cool, dry place away from light.

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