For anyone even remotely interested in fitness or bodybuilding, there are 2 goals that stand out above most others: build muscle and increase strength.

While in the past we have developed a multitude of products to meet these ends, we have come to recognize that there are 2 important paths to getting there: increase testosterone, decrease muscle breakdown.

It’s an easy concept to follow, but the paths we end up taking can become misguided along the way.

No need to worry now. Blackstone Labs has gone above and beyond to develop a 1-2 punch to not only boost your body’s testosterone production, but also mitigate factors that inhibit new muscle growth. Behold: Epi-Test.

In order to increase testosterone levels, Epi-Test includes the adaptogen ashwagandha, a naturally-occurring herb which has been shown to increase the body’s testosterone production by 17%. Ashwagandha can also cause increases in libido and strength, which go hand in hand with higher testosterone levels.. Everyone knows that elevated testosterone levels directly leads to gains in size and strength, as well as increased intensity and aggression in the gym.

By providing your body with Green Tea Leaf Extract and Epicatechin, your body will begin to increase the production of follistatin. Elevated follistatin levels are known to decrease levels of myostatin, a molecule which is well known in its ability to inhibit muscle growth. Epicatechin is also known to show large increases in strength.

So we’ve covered to growth, strength, and development, but we also included a third weapon: Acacetin, a natural, potent aromatase inhibitor. Acacetin works by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, which indirectly affects overall testosterone levels. We have elected to include Diindolylmethane and fenugreek extract to further assist in regulation of estrogen and DHT.

There you have it, the total package in just one convenient container. All you need is just a single scoop per day to begin your journey into body recomposition. 



Epi-Test is an excellent natural testosterone booster, as well as a means to deliver epicatechin. To maximize the effects of Epi-Test, try taking Isolation or 3-Whey for lean, whey protein, or Formula-19 to maximize growth potential. 

Epi-Test | STACKS

Epi-Test has not been included in any of our stacks, but it would go nicely with some of them. Ordering a stack is a great way to get all of the products you will need to accomplish a goal all in the same order, while saving money on both the individual products themselves, but also shipping.

Take a look at the Braun Explosion, and Mr. USA stacks to gauge your fitness needs and how best to meet them.


Epi-Test by Blackstone Labs