Men's / Women's Extreme Weight Loss Stack

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In This Stack

  • Trojan Horse is a powdered, non-stimulant fat burner, designed to help you burn fat and lose weight, without the jitters that come with stimulants.
  • Carnitrim is a stimulant-free energy and weight loss support supplement.

  • SST-1: Kit SST-1 increases and develops new muscle. A revolutionary IGF-1 precursor.
  • Paraburn is a potent thermogenic supplement, designed to burn fat, suppress the appetite, and boost your energy levels.

  • Viper X is an intense thermogenic that will help you torch calories while bringing with it mood enhancement and laser-like focus.
  • Arson is a high-potency thermogenic fat burner scientifically formulated to deliver extreme fat burning and accelerated weight loss.